Rechargeable Sabel Saws: Features and Rating Models

The rechargeable saber saw is a popular tool and is widely used in different branches of human activity. The popularity of the device is due to the simplicity of operation, low weight and safety in use.


Sabelnaya saw on the battery is a modern cutting tool, externally resembling electric jigsaw. However, the power and operational capabilities of the saw is much higher than that of the jigsaw, which significantly expands the scope of its use, making the device from a frequently purchased tool. As a power source of battery models, lithium-ion and nickel-cadmium acb, one charging of which is enough for 1-4 hours of continuous operation of the device.

The main advantage of such models is their autonomy and mobility. And if the electroly saw requires a nearby power supply of 220 V, the battery products in sockets do not need and are able to operate in field conditions. Such instruments, in contrast to network, do not have an electrical wire, which makes it possible to use them when performing work in hard-to-reach places and limited spaces. Rechargeable saber saws have an extended shape and differ in compactness and streamlining.

Moreover, when sawing material in motion, only the cutting canvas comes, and no translational movements do not need to do the tool.

It is very convenient when cutting pipes or beams located closely with the wall, and it is advantageous to saber-shaped models from other saws. And it should also be noted that the deformation processes or heating of pipes in the process of sawing does not occur. This is one of the main advantages of the saber saw over the grinder, when working with a huge number of sparks, which can lead to fire. Another important advantage of saber saws is the ability to cut a bar and boards with nails and self-draws in them. The device easily copes with the metal, providing a smooth and smooth speech.

But like any other tool, rechargeable samples have their weaknesses. These include lower, in comparison with network devices, power, which somewhat limits the area of ​​their application, not allowing them to use them in working with particularly solid materials. The minuses include not too long continuous operation, limited battery time. The disadvantage also consider the weight of instruments exceeding the weight of the network electric saw. This is due to the presence of a battery, a significantly weight gain.

However, despite a number of minuses, the scope of using battery-saber saws remains very extensive. The functionality of the device is so wide that it effectively replaces such tools such as electronics, suchcores, Bulgarian, jigsaw, circular and chain saw. With it, they produce sawing wood, plastic, drywall, sheet metal, pipes, metal tiles and other roofing materials.

Therefore, the saw is often used in the implementation of carpentry, construction, sanitary and roofing works, as well as when performing repair and installation of windows and doors. Moreover, the instrument acts as an indispensable assistant to care for the garden, where it is used for trimming branches of fruit trees and shrubs. With the help of saber saws, the glass and tiles are figured cutting, and also use them when installing air conditioning and heating systems.


Sabelnaya battery saw is pretty simple: it consists of a durable plastic case with an integrated electric motor operating from AKB. In front of the device installed a support platform, called a shoe and made in the form of a small metal structure. The shoe is responsible for the accuracy of sawing and has an adjustment of an angle of inclination and departure, which allows you to set the depth for each specific material. In most models, the adjustment is carried out in an invincible way using a retainer.

Another important element of the saber saw is a cartridge designed to hold and fix the saw blade. In budget samples, unscrewing the cartridge for replacing the pink is performed by means of a hex key, in the expensive models – with the lever or side keys.

The fixation of the pink in the cartridge can be carried out in two ways: in professional devices, the canvas can be installed with teeth not only down, but also up, which allows you to perform complex technical tasks, while in household samples of the economy class can only be cloths down.

The principle of operation of the saber saws is as follows: the torque of the motor is converted into the progressive-return movement of the rod, which, in turn, moves the working facility forward and backward. Many saber models are equipped with a pendulum system that lies in the fact that during the reverse course of the stem, the working facility is slightly lifted over the material. Thanks to this feature, the peel in the process does not heat up and serve for a very long time. The amount of sawdust in the pendulum progress is significantly reduced, which allows you to contain a workplace in relative purity. Moreover, the pendulum system makes it possible to perform not only longitudinal sawing, but also curvilinear cuts in the transverse plane angle to 45 degrees.

The main operating parameters of the saber saw on the battery are the voltage and capacity of the battery, as well as the frequency of the stroke and the length of the working path.

  • Voltage AKB is a very important indicator and determines the power of the device. In professional samples, batteries with voltage from 18 to 54 V, while in domestic – more often cost batteries by 10.8 V. The capacity of the batteries is responsible for the duration of the tool on one charging, is measured in amps-hours and varies depending on the type of battery from 2 to 5 A. C.

So, especially powerful professional battery capacity from 4 to 5 A. h able to work without recharging up to five hours. Therefore, when selecting a tool, first of all, you need to focus on the type of battery. So, the best power sources include lithium-ion and lithium polymer models, not burdened by the “memory effect”. This allows you to exercise them at any stage of the battery discharge, without waiting for its complete discharge.

  • The frequency of the work canvase affects the performance of the device and varies from 0.3 to 3.5 thousand cycles per minute. Almost all models of saber saws are equipped with a travel frequency adjustment function, which allows you to set the value required for sawing a particular material. This approach avoids the formation of the jar and the effect of “torn edges” during cutting.
  • Length of working facility is also an important technical parameter of saber saw. The most convenient for work is the appendix of 16 to 24 cm. Usually such a length is enough to perform most of the joinery and construction work.


Classification of rechargeable sabers saws are made on the basis of their functionality, highlighting two categories of devices: industrial (professional) and household models. The first possesses a large working resource and are made of especially strong wear-resistant materials. This allows them to withstand large loads and work for a long time without breakdowns. Rechargeable batteries of such models are distinguished by high capacity and voltage, do not have a “memory effect” and equipped with overheating protection.

Household saws for high regular loads are not calculated, therefore, there are no particularly hard requirements for their manufacturer of making. During work, it is recommended to give them a short respite needed to cool the engine. However, in general, with work in the country area or in a home workshop, they fully cope, and when it is properly opened, it is capable of stopping up to 10 years.

Rating the best models

Modern market presents rechargeable sabers saws in a wide range. Among them are present both inexpensive models of little-known firms and branded devices of eminent manufacturers. Below is an overview of the most popular samples, compiled on the basis of consumer reviews and the popularity rating of online stores.

  • In the first place for recognition and demand is light Japanese mini model Makita JR105DZ. The device is equipped with a lithium-ion battery voltage of 10.8 V and a capacity of 2 A. h, capable of carrying out blanks with a thickness of up to 5 cm and weighs 1.1 kg. The saw has an electronic speed controller and LED backlight that allows you to work in a night time. The stroke frequency is 3300 cycles per minute, and the cost of the model varies from 5 020 to 5,800 rubles. 12 months warranty.

  • In second place, the American brand is located, produced In China, DeWalt DCS380M2. The tool is equipped with the function of the 4-position clamping of the climb, which allows you to cut in any direction, and is equipped with an open adjustable sole, which provides good device stability and a wide overview of the cutting line. Lithium-ion battery of the XR series has a voltage of 18 V and a capacity of 3 a. C. Replacing the working canvase is carried out in an invincible way, the weight of the device is 3.3 kg, the frequency of the stroke – 2950 cycles per minute. The cost of the unit is 27,170 rubles.
  • Next is located Brushless DeWalt DCS388N model, Designed for sawing wooden blanks, steel profile and pipes. Like all brushless saws, the device is distinguished by a long service life and a big engine life. The model is equipped with a lithium-ion battery brand XR FlexVolt with a voltage of 54 B, which gives it the highest power and performance. To work in darkened spaces there is a LED backlight. The depth of sawing wood reaches 30 cm, metal – 13 cm. The weight of the device is 3.6 kg, the cost – 19 000 rubles.

In addition to the obvious three leaders, saws of companies DEXTER, RYOBI, METABO and BOSCH, equipped with lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium batteries, which have high reliability and long service life are used by stable demand.

Subtleties of choice

Before you start buying a battery saber saw, you need to determine in which mode it will be operated. So, if the tool is purchased for professional activity, it is better to choose a model with a powerful lithium-ion battery with a capacity of at least 4 A. C. Such devices are capable of working on a single charge by 30% longer than their analogues with AKB in 2.5-3 A. C.

Lithium batteries do not remember the level of charge, in which they were put on the previous time for charging. Thanks to this, such devices, in contrast to nickel-cadmium, can be recharged during the work as needed. And also for the professional tool, it is desirable for the presence of a pendulum system that protects the working facility and allows the corner cuts to perform. It will not be worthwhile to pay attention to the frequency of the peel, remembering that the material being processed, the higher the indicator should be.

The ideal option will be a model equipped with a frequency regulator.

Another important condition for choosing profinstrument is its weight and ergonomics. It is desirable that the device is equipped with an anti-vibration system, had a function of incinless replacement of pylons and possessed a convenient non-slip handle. A pleasant profinstrument bonus will be the presence of additional functions. For the quality of work, they do not have any influence, but to improve the comfort and ease of use of saws will certainly.

Such options include the battery charge indicator, LED illumination, a thermal relay, disconnecting the device in case of overload, and a safety clutch. The latter does not allow the unpleasant return of the tool when the working canvas is encins. The presence of a smooth start, which launching the tool without sharp jerks and oscillations, as well as the brakes of the elegation, stopping the movement of the web immediately, as soon as the start key will be released. The last option does not allow random damage to the workpiece and increases the safety of the use of the tool.

When choosing a household model, strict criteria does not exist. The device is selected based on appointment, intensity of use and financial capabilities.

So, for trimming bits in the garden, a very simple budget model will suit, while to work in the home workshop, you should choose a model more powerful, with a capacity of AKB not lower than 2.5 a * h.

Tips for use

In order for the rechargeable saber saw to serve as longer as possible, and its operation was comfortable and safe, It is necessary to comply with a number of simple rules.

  • Before you start cutting, you need to clean the workplace from foreign objects.
  • Works should be performed using personal protective equipment: glasses and gloves.
  • The working blank must be reliably fixed with joiner. Metal products and need to clamp in vice.
  • If the work is performed together, it is necessary to monitor the partner’s hands are not closer than 20 cm from the cutting surface.
  • Working with a weight tool is strictly prohibited.
  • In case of clamping the web in the cutting tool, it should be removed in the horizontal plane on itself. Having a drink in the direction upwards already performed by the cuticle is prohibited.
  • You can not allow sawing from hand. It is also not allowed to place the device on the edge of the table (workbench) or at a sandy surface.
  • Use saws to persons under the age of 18 forbidden.

The next video will tell how to replace the rod on a saber saw.

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