Rechargeable gun for sealant: selection tips

Sealant is an integral component of any major repairs. When working with it is extremely important to apply it accurately and carefully, which is not always possible with the lack of experience in repair business. There is something to help and comes a gun for sealant, which can significantly facilitate the procedure for applying the mixture, but only if you choose it correctly.

Different designs of pistols for sealant

Properly chosen gun for applying a hermetic mixture can make this procedure so simple that even the beginner can cope with it. However, in the same way, the wrong choice may complicate all the work.

In order not to make a mistake and make the right choice, it will be useful to know for a start, and what kinds of pistols exist.

All guns for applying sealant are divided into three types in their structure.

  • Open (skeletal). The cheapest and simple in its device. Comparatively slightly weighs, but most often has weakness of strength and convenience. Designed exclusively to work with silicone sealants in cartridges.
  • Semi-open (semi-dust). Enhanced skeletal pistol version. Their design and principle of operation are very similar. Like the previous version, only for cartridges. However, thanks to the metal chute at the bottom, the half-open pistol is more reliable, and the sealant laying in it is faster and easier.
  • Closed. This option has a solid closed pipe, and therefore is suitable for both cartridges and sealant in tubes. Compared to other options, closed models are much more powerful and more accurate in applying a sealing mixture.

According to statistics, most consumers prefers open pistols due to their low cost. Closed and half-rusty more often take buyers engaged in repair at the professional level.

In a separate group, you can make professional pistols. They are different designs and species. Them all combines increased strength and convenience, as well as high price.

Types of guns for sealant

In addition to separation by type of design, guns for sealant are also divided by a mixture.

There are four of their types.

  • Mechanical. This is the simplest design. When you click on the handle in motion, the piston is given, which squeezes the sealant from the package. This model requires serious physical effort and not so accurate as others. However, it is still in demand due to low price and availability.
  • Pneumatic. The most popular type of guns for sealant. They are convenient and do not require large physical effort when applying a mixture. Due to the complexity of the design, this model is positioned as a professional, but it will be good for domestic use.

  • Rechargeable. Perhaps the most convenient applications among all. They do not require any physical effort or complex configuration. Before use, the owner can independently set the power supply of the mixture, as well as, thanks to the shift nozzles, select the diameter. Despite all its advantages, rechargeable guns still did not understand much popularity among buyers due to relatively high prices.
  • Electric. This type is harder to find on the shelves, as it is produced exclusively for professional work. It has a device similar to rechargeable, but due to the design features is intended for working on an extensive area with a large number of sealant (up to 600 ml. ) than for small repair.

Each species can find their advantages and disadvantages, and which one to choose, ultimately, depends only on the buyer. Of course, it will be best to choose the most convenient and reliable, which will serve you for many years. But many will still scare away a high price.

Various accumulator guns for sealant

In addition to the design and type of supply of the mixture, the manufacturer can play great importance when choosing a gun for sealant. Today in the construction market there is a huge number of different firms and suppliers. Each of them offers products with their features, quality and materials.

Among everyone, they have proven especially high Makita, Igun, Bosch and Skil. Their products have been popular among buyers in many years: both professionals and newcomers. All these firms on the market has already been enough long ago, and therefore the quality of their products is checked for years.

Technologies do not stand still, every year all new models and firms appear. Many of them may look tempting and promise quality at times higher than that of competitors. But when it comes to repair, it is better to give preference to a reliable, proven tool that will definitely fail you.

Repair is a very responsible process, and therefore it is better not to save on it. Otherwise, the likelihood that after a while you will have to redo everything. The best choice will be a closed battery gun for sealant from a proven manufacturer. Let you not scare his price, because he faithfully will serve you for a long time. You will spend much more buying every time new, let and cheap, pistol. Buying such an important tool is a kind of contribution to the future, because you never know when he needs again.

The principle of the battery gun is clearly presented in the video.

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