Putkleka “VOLMA”: Benefits and Disadvantages

The Russian company “VOLMA”, which was founded in 1943, is a well-known manufacturer of building materials. Many years of experience, excellent quality and reliability are indisputable advantages of all brand products. Special place is occupied by shtquets, protruding an excellent alternative to plasterboard sheets.


Skaplanka “VOLMA” – high-quality material used to create a perfectly smooth surface. It is based on a gypsum or cement mixture, which is characterized by good viscosity.

Gypsum Splatlevka is presented in a dry form and is intended for alignment of walls manually. It also consists of other components, including chemical and mineral additives. The use of these additives is responsible for increased reliability, adhesion and wonderful moisture holding. These characteristics provide fast and convenient work with the material.

Thanks to the rapid drying, the shp can “VOLMA” allows you to perform the alignment of the walls quite quickly and easily. It is often used for decorative interior design of premises or used for exterior.


The company “VOLMA” is a popular manufacturer, since the quality of its products justifies itself. The company offers a wide range, which includes several types of mixtures.

All brand shlatops differ in the following advantages:

  • Environmentally friendly product. Building materials can be used to align the walls in different rooms, including a children’s room. It has no harmful components in its composition.
  • The mixture is air and plastic. Working with the shplatovka brings one pleasure because the alignment is carried out very quickly and easily.

  • Shpalanka gives the surface beautiful appearance. No need to additionally use the finish mixture.
  • After using building materials, shrinkage is not carried out.
  • The material is characterized by the ability to thermoregulation.
  • To align the wall, it is enough to use only one layer, which usually does not exceed the thickness of more than six centimeters.

  • The material is characterized by the ability to thermoregulation.
  • The mixture is distinguished by strength, it also quickly hardening, which has a positive effect on the durability of the coating.
  • Material can be used on different surfaces.
  • Inexpensive price for dry mixtures and long-term storage time allows not only to choose a budget version, but also use the residues of the mixture in the future.


The putty “VOLMA” has some drawbacks that should be considered when working with it:

  • In rooms with high humidity, you should not use a gypsum mixture for walls, since it does not have water-repellent properties. It should not be purchased for alignment of surfaces in the bathroom or in the kitchen.
  • The shp can reacts badly to sharp differences of temperature regimes.
  • Gypsum mixtures are unsuitable for street work, since they very quickly absorb moisture, which results in peeling.
  • Grinding walls should be made until the moment of complete drying, because after complete hardening the wall becomes very durable and unsuitable for grinding.
  • Spacelovka is represented as a powder, so before using it is worth it with water. The prepared mixture must be used for 20-40 minutes, after that it will clarify, and repeated water dilution will only spoil the solution.


The company “VOLMA” offers a wide selection of shplanies to create an ideal even base of both indoors and outside. She offers two main varieties: gypsum and cement. The first option is suitable exclusively for internal works, but the cement putty is the optimal solution for the work in the open air.


This velocity is cement, and additionally in its composition includes polymer and mineral additives. This variety is characterized by moisture resistance, it does not give a shrinkage.

The mixture “Aquabestard” is presented in gray. It can be used at air temperature from 5 to 30 degrees of heat. When applying a mixture, the layer should not go beyond the range from 3 to 8 mm. Prepared solution should be used for two hours. High-quality drying is carried out in a day or 36 hours.

AQUISTANTART mixture is designed specifically for leveling the base, which will later be painted paint or applied to apply plaster. This type is often used to eliminate cracks, grooves and elevation, but the allowable layer is only 6 mm. It can be used for internal and external works, as well as at low temperatures and at high humidity.

Cement attack “Akvastandard” can be applied to various types of grounds: foam and aerated concrete, slag concrete, ceramzite concrete. It can be used to work with a cement-sand or cement-lime surface.

The finish

The putty “Finish” is represented by a dry mixture. It is made on the basis of a gypsum binder component with the addition of modified additives and mineral fillers. This variety is characterized by increased resistance to crack formation.


  • Working with material can be made at air temperature from 5 to 30 degrees of heat.
  • The drying of the coating occurs in about 5-7 hours at a temperature of 20 degrees of heat.

  • When applied, the plates on the wall should be approximately 3 mm, and not exceed 5 mm.
  • Prepared solution can be used for one hour.

Finish shovels used for final finishes. Next, the wall can be coated with paint, glue wallpaper or decorate in another way. Stucco “Finish” Recommend to apply on the prepared, pre-dried base. Specialists advise to use primer before applying.

The seam

This variety of material is presented on the basis of a gypsum binder component. It is produced in the form of a dry solution that needs to be diluted with water before use. The putty “Sow” includes mineral and chemical fillers of excellent quality. The increased grip of the material allows you to even hold water. It is ideal for working on leveling grounds.

Main characteristics:

  • When performing work with a mixture, the air temperature should be in the range of 5 to 30 degrees of heat.
  • The base completely dries in a day.

  • When applied, the shp can make a layer of not more than 3 mm.
  • After breeding, the material can be used throughout 40 minutes.
  • The bag of the shtlock has weight 25 kg.

Shooting “Sow” is ideal for embedding seams and flaws. Her feature is that it can cope with irregularities up to 5 mm depth. It can be applied on the surface of various kinds.


This type of putty is represented by a dry mixture made of binding gypsum, modifying additives and mineral fillers. The advantage of the material is the increased adhesion and resistance to the formation of cracks. It can be used as start-up when leveling grounds.

“Standard” is intended for basic alignment of walls and ceilings. It is recommended to apply exclusively for internal works in dry rooms. The material will create a reliable and even base ready to paint, shook wallpaper or other decorative trim.

When working with putty “Standard” it is worth considering its technical characteristics:

  • At air temperature of 20 degrees, the material dries completely through the day.
  • The prepared solution becomes unsuitable 2 hours after the creation.
  • The material should be applied with thin layers of about 3 mm, the maximum thickness is 8 mm.


This putty is polymer and shelled, ideal for creating finishing coating. It is characterized by increased whiteness and superplasticity. Compared to other polymer brand plates, this specification acts as the most technological.

To prepare a solution for one kilogram of a dry mixture, it is necessary to take up to 400 ml of water. A cooked solution in a container can be stored 72 hours. When applied to the mixture on the base, the thickness of the layer must be up to 3 mm, while the maximum allowable thickness is only 5 mm.

Polyfin is designed for the finishing finish of various surfaces, but the work should be carried out exclusively indoors, as well as with normal humidity. Do not purchase this option for trimming a bathroom or kitchen.

Polyfin allows you to create a flat and snow-white surface under wallpaper, painting or another version of decorative trim. He burned perfectly. The finished solution is available for use in the container for 24 hours.

Polyfin shplanke is designed to work in dry rooms. When applied, the air temperature should be from 5 to 30 degrees, and the humidity does not exceed 80 percent. It is necessary to give preference to the tools from stainless steel when working with a mixture. Before applying the plaque, it is necessary to produce priming, while the roller must be squeezed very well to avoid the replacement of the putty after applying to such a wall.


One of the novelties of the company “VOLMA” is the shplanke called “Polyminix”, designed to create the most snow-white finishing ground leveling for further decorative design. This material can be used both for manual and machine application. Spacevka attracts attention to plasticity, which has a positive effect on the convenience of applying.


Spacel “VOLMA” is in high demand and has a well-deserved reputation. Not only consumers, but even professional professionals are preferred by the production of “VOLMA”, since it is distinguished by high quality and relatively low price.

The manufacturer allows the leveling of surfaces with its products independently. Each package presents a detailed description of the work with the putty. If you execute the recommendations described, then the result is pleasant for you to surprise you.

All mixtures of the company “VOLMA” are distinguished by softness and homogeneity, which has a positive effect on the process of applying.

The putty dries enough quickly, while reliably fixed with the base. The indisputable advantages of materials are reliability and durability. The company follows quality, and also seeks to provide the best product at an affordable price.

In the next video, you are waiting for instructions on the use of Polyfin Polyfin putty.

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