Putaits “Students”: species and their characteristics

Various mixtures for alignment of surfaces make up a significant part of the building materials market. Among the best products of this category, no first year is called the putty “prospectors” from the Russian manufacturer, in which high technical specifications are successfully combined with accessibility and simplicity.


Putty “Students” – domestic product with European quality. The formulation of the preparation of leveling mixtures is the standards proven standards in conjunction with the latest modern developments.

Modern putty of this manufacturer have the following specifications:

  • Operating temperature – from +5 to + 30 ° C;
  • Consumption (with a layer thickness of 1 mm) – 1.1 kg / m2;
  • Proportion of kneading – 0.3-0.36 l / kg;
  • The viability of the diluted mixture is from 1.5 to 24 hours (depends on the type of solution);
  • adhesion – not less than 0.25 MPa;
  • Frost resistance – 30-35 cycles.

Indicators may vary slightly depending on the type of mixture, but always meet the highest requirements and standards.

The composition of putty from “prospectors” (also depending on the variety) includes:

  • normal or most often white cement;
  • Natural fillers;
  • polymeric and modifying additives;
  • reinforcing fibers;
  • Antiseptic.

Due to its composition, the putty of this manufacturer is distinguished:

  • Plasticity. They are easily applied to a uniform and thin layer on the ground surface. In this case, the solutions “do not slip” and do not form roughness.
  • Good adhesion to unprotected surfaces.
  • Waterproof. It becomes possible due to the fact that when drying, the putty does not form pores.
  • Ecology. The material is completely safe and does not highlight toxins even when heated and burning.
  • Versatility. It can be used for both interior decorations and alignment of facade walls. She lies perfectly on the base of stone, wood, bricks and other materials.

  • Resistant to external negative factors, including natural phenomena and ultraviolet.
  • Ability to rapid drying. At t about 20 ° C putty dry no longer than a day.

At the same time, even a thick layer of material does not crack after drying and does not shrink. Thanks to this feature, it can be used to align significant flaws and drops on the walls.

In addition, such a putty is easy to grind, after which it turns out perfectly smooth surface.

The composition is implemented in durable kraft bags of 20 kg, packages of 5 kg or in plastic buckets of 7 and 15 kg. In buckets, putty – ready, in packages – in the form of a dry powder, which must be diluted with water according to the instructions. The shelf life of the mixture is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

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Types of putty and their composition

Currently, the market presents a wide variety of shuttle mixtures “prospectors”, which Divided by specialists into several categories:

  • basic;
  • polymer;
  • Gypsum.

In each category there are several mixtures options, which allows you to choose the most suitable option for each individual case.

To date, the assortment of “prospectors” are presented:

“Putty Superfinish”

Ready composition of white, based on which polymer binders and fine-grinding fillers (fraction up to 60 microns). As additives used reinforcing fibers, modifying additives and antiseptic substances.

Such a putty can be used in indoor rooms with normal humidity. Applied on the walls and shelves, plastering plaster, plasterboard or glass cholester.

Forms a smooth surface to which you can apply the coloring coating or wallpaper.

“Facuded-finishing mixture”

Cement putty, supplemented by natural filler and all sorts of modifying additives.

Suitable for outdoor and internal works in rooms with different humidity with concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces. Equally applied to plastered walls and ceilings.

Can be used under painting, decorative plaster, various types of wallpaper.


Consists of white cement in combination with modifying additives. Has light beige color.

White facade putty is designed for interior and outdoor work and can align the surfaces of various concrete bases (aerated concrete, foam concrete and other), used on brickwork and cement plaster.

It has increased frost resistance – up to 50 cycles and is applied with a layer to 10 mm.

As a variety of this type of mixture in the company’s assortment, a gray facade putty is presented. The latter is different in exceptionally color – in all other parameters these types of building materials are identical.

Basic white and basic gray

For the variant of the mixture, which includes cement and all sorts of chemical additives that give putty improved characteristics.

It is used for finishing facades and interior with any degree of humidity. It is easily easily and high quality plaster, brick, concrete, zb-concrete and cellular concrete blocks. Suitable for alignment of vertical and horizontal surfaces in almost any finish.

“Finishing – fast-hardening leveling mixture”

Consisting of plaster and modified additives. Used in interior with ceilings and concrete walls, concrete, plasterboard, and also on plaster and cement plaster.

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Not suitable for rooms with high humidity.


The fine natural filler in combination with modern polymer additives allows you to use a putty for finishing the inner walls and ceilings in rooms with normal humidity. Best falls on plasterboard and plaster plaster, but it can also be used on concrete and reinforced concrete grounds.

As an finishing finish on such a coating, you can apply texture and thin wallpaper or paint.

“Finish plus moisture resistant”

Polymer-cement variant of the leveling mixture that forms a smooth coating with a thickness of 0.3 to 3 mm. Used both on the street and indoors of any degree of humidity. Provides high quality alignment of concrete and plasterboard walls, as well as drywall surfaces.

“Gypsum leveling”

Used to prepare concrete, brick or plastered walls and ceilings under painting and pasting. With it, you can easily close the joints between GLK, scratches and cracks on drywall, fill the seams of prefab concrete structures and elements.

In a row of putty from the company “Students” there is a ready-made composition based on PVA in packages of 15 kg. This composition is suitable for any surfaces preparing under pasting or painting. Can only be used in inner dry rooms.

Cooking and appliances

Before putting the base, it must be carefully dry and prepare. Do not even try to put a putty on the old paint or wallpaper – this repair will not last for a long time. In order for everything to be done qualitatively and without unnecessary losses (both time and finance), it is necessary to handle the whole old finish. After which the base is purified from dirt, dust and degrease. Walls and ceilings from strongly absorbing materials, it is necessary to further project.

How qualitatively, neither the leveling mixtures, the final quality of work depends on the correctness of their preparation and application. The main rule here is to comply with the clear proportions indicated by the manufacturer, and the technique of kneading.

Professionals recommend diluting the compositions in plastic cylindrical capacities with a smooth inner surface (buckets are well suitable for these purposes). Such a container will easily wash back before breeding in it another portion of putty.

Small amounts of leveling solution can be mixed manually. However, much more effective will be the use of a mixer. Especially when it comes to large volumes, whine which without special equipment is unlikely to succeed.

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When kneading, the dry mixture suits into the water, but not vice versa!

The amount of solution should be calculated at the calculation of the amount of work that the repairman will have time to perform in an hour and a half.

Important! Putchal must be mixed twice. For the first time it is stirred when the dry mixture is sued. It is necessary to mix everything so that all dry lumps are good wet. After that, the composition is left for 3-5 minutes, and then stirred again.

Another important point – application technique. This is especially true of newcomers who have no experience with putty mixtures.

Everything will be much easier if you adhere to certain rules:

  • In the paper it is necessary to use two spatulas one – for a set of mixes, the other – for the main work on the distribution of putty. To capture the composition from the container, use a narrow tool with a width of 80-100 mm. As for a wide spatula, its size must correspond to the area of ​​the surface of the surface.
  • In order for the mixture to be as soon as possible, it is necessary to choose the right combination of spacing thickness, the angle of inclination of the working tool and pressing force.

  • Most putty mixes are applied in two layers. At the same time, the second places only after the first drying. With normal humidity, the process of drying takes up to 24 hours. Before re-applying putty, the surface should be rejected.

After all the work is completed, it is necessary to depart the walls (ceiling) and you can start the finish finish.


Numerous positive reviews of professional builders and those who have no construction skills have been talking about the high quality of putty blends from the company.

Buyers celebrate the optimal combination of price and quality. This is very important, given that in addition to putty for repair, it is necessary to acquire a large number of various building materials. In addition, professionals note that when diluting water powders, they do not form dry lumps, particles of cement are not felt and do not interfere in creating smooth coatings.

Those who are taken for repairs for the first time, prefer finished putty and celebrate their easy application, which makes it possible to significantly reduce the time to carry out repair work.

In this video, you are waiting for a master class on breeding spitels “prospectors”.

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