Punch lubricants: what it is, how to choose and apply?

Perforators require gentle care during use. For their long-term work, different types of lubricants are used. Formulations may be mineral, semi-synthetic, as well as synthetic. Minerals are made from petroleum products, therefore rather quickly lose their operational features, and they have to change quite often.

It is very important to choose such a composition that will be suitable for the selected type of perforators.

What it is?

Lubrication is a viscous substance that reduces the friction coefficient between the tool items. The performance of the perforator is associated with a huge number of different rotational movements, which increases the degree of wear of structural elements.

During drilling, quite a lot of dust stands out, which significantly impairs the operation of the device, which is why it requires periodic grease.

What details need lubrication?

According to its physico – technical parameters, the lubricant for a drill, piston, drills, as well as gearboxes and other elements is almost no difference from lubricants of all other types. This is a rather viscous substance of the oily structure, it is used to reduce the friction force of rotating parts, due to which reduces the wear of the existing mechanisms.

Lubrication only reduces the wear of the mechanisms, but does not eliminate it. But significantly extend the period of their operation is quite real.

Over time, lubricant is impregnated with dust, which is formed when drilling, grinding and crushing – this leads to a change in its degree of viscosity. In this situation, friction, on the contrary, increases and the wear rate increases, so the lubricant should be updated from time to time. In order for the perforator to serve longer, it is necessary to clearly understand which details can be lubricated and how often it is necessary to do.

The device has a complex structure that includes several complex nodes:

  • housing with anti-belly protection;
  • Horizontal or vertically located electrical engine;
  • piston system;
  • cartridge;
  • The gearbox in the form of the body – it contains cylindrical conical and worm gears;
  • The coupling required to stop the rotation;
  • Working nozzle (Drill, as well as chisel, peak or blade).

Almost all mechanisms of perforator are subject to lubrication.

  • Reducer. This is a mechanism that is responsible for the speed of rotation of the main working nozzle. It protects the parts inside, from dust and dirt, so equipped with a protective coating. When working a tool, its part is experiencing huge loads due to the ever-increasing friction between them, which, in turn, leads to a rather rapid wear.

In most devices, the gearbox is offset initially, however, inexpensive products are most often lubricated with materials a very dubious quality, so they must be lubricated again immediately after the acquisition.

  • Cartridge. In addition to the gearbox, it is necessary to lubricate the cartridge, as well as the landing site of replaceable nozzles. Initially dry chuck, so follows after buying, lubricate a plot in it in contact with the tail part of the nozzle – it is in this place that the maximum friction occurs. If it does not reduce it in a timely manner, then the degree of wear increases sharply, which quickly leads to his damage.
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  • Tailing plant. This item is worn under the influence of the drum forces, which, when heated, increases its erasing. Shanks need to be lubricated every time installation, but before this you need a napkin to wipe dust and remove all pollution.

If the device works in intensive mode, then you should visually hold the amount of lubrication on the working nozzle under control.

Depending on the features of operation, perforators can work in different mode – some use the tool daily, others – only from time to time, so a clear answer about the lubrication frequency of the working parts of the tool is not. Usually in operational instructions, the order of lubrication of parts is clearly prescribed.

It must be remembered that the details of the design, which are not listed in it, do not need lubrication.

When deciding on the replacement of lubrication is focused on the moments:

  • the frequency of using the perforator;
  • Tips set forth in the user manual;
  • Warranty service life.

If the perforator is still on warranty service, it is necessary to use only certified lubricants that are listed by the tool manufacturer. Otherwise, when the service center is founded, the service center has the right to refuse to fulfill all warranty obligations.

Features of the choice of oil

One of the main parameters that is taken into account when buying a lubrication is the viscosity of the oil. High quality products are usually expensive, but in this case you do not need to save. The perforator refers to expensive tools, so it should be taken care of. Usually, lubricant types are listed in the instructions, but if there is no information, you can always seek advice from the manager of the serving service center or a trading point in which the device was purchased. Specialists will select the optimal composition for the perforator.

There are also universal compositions that can be lubricated different types of drills. Graphite lubricants have been very popular in recent years, Because they have good viscosity and high quality levels.

Experienced specialists confirm that Many brand mixes differ much lower quality than mixtures produced on the basis of graphite. In addition, they have a fairly democratic cost, so many people confidently make a choice in their favor.

For perforations, such substances such as solidol and lithol should be taken. Litol – 25 – high-quality long-term material, which has a low cost. Therefore, it is very popular with the owners of the power tool.

Do not forget that such mixtures can cause a slight braking of rotating structures, and can also significantly increase the heating of the tool during operation.

If we talk about specialized lubricants, it should be noted that for lubrication of various parts you need to use oils that are suitable for them. For example, oils are unsuitable for lubricating the bers, which are used for processing gearbox.

BUT To lubricate the gearbox, more liquid composition is required, which must fully cover the contacting parts, filling free cavities. And here If there are plastic parts in the gearbox, the lubricant can only be silicone.

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The transmission mechanism can be lubricated and plastic compositions, but not any technique can function without interruptions when applying funds with similar confinement.

To reduce the degree of wear of the tail nozzles, more dense mixtures are suitable. Usually on the package it is indicated that they are designed to handle drills.

If there is no necessary tool at hand, you can stay on its graphite counterpart, although it is much worse thanks heat, rather than specialized oil.

For cartridges you can use silicone lubricants. Lubricants are branded, which are manufactured by manufacturers of electrical tools, for example, Hitachi or Metabo, as well as AEG, Bosch or Intercol. They can also be produced by enterprises specializing in the release of lubricant mixtures.

The most sought-after stamps are:

  • Bosch – produces oils for lubrication with reducer and tail nozzles;
  • Makita – purchased for drills;
  • Lubcon Thermoplex – produce products for gearboxes;
  • TurmogRease – universal lubricants;

  • Nanotek – used for shanks;
  • Interskol – optimal for drilling drills;
  • PRORAB – represents the composition used by the processing of seating areas of tail parts;
  • Kress – Apply for lubrication the promissory of the drills.

Bosch and Makita use the greatest demand of users.

How to lubricate details?

When it comes to lubricating the perforator at home, as a rule, implies an independent replacement of lubrication on its individual details. First of all, the gearbox should be lubricated – this mechanism is quite simply disassembled, but has a complex structure, so all actions should be carried out in a strictly defined order.

To begin with, you should prepare the necessary materials:

  • Dry clean fabric – rag;
  • Locker tools that are necessary for assembling gearbox;
  • Lubricant itself.

In most cases, manufacturers with world names, such as Bosch and Make, in the instruction manual indicate the entire order of disassembly and assembly of instruments and issue important recommendations. The owners of the perforators who are first faced with such work, following these advice, can master all manipulations rather quickly, spending the minimum effort.

But if there is no such guide at hand, it follows to a specific algorithm.

  • The tool should be rid of dust and pollution.
  • When disassembling and subsequent assembly, the drill and perforator need to be as soon as possible to memorize the order of all functional parts so as not to confuse them when disassembling. It is better to use video phixation.
  • All works related to lubricant parts are performed only after a certain time after stopping the drill. It should cool, otherwise the cooled lubricant can lead to interruptions in the operation of the power tool, if it falls into the hot sections.
  • After you get all the basic parts, including the gearbox, they are washed with spindle oil or gasoline, and then thoroughly dried from excess moisture. Special attention should be paid to the reducer.
  • Every detail of the device should be inspected as carefully. There are no lubrication in some areas – it means that it is not necessary to apply a new composition.
  • After applying the composition, the gearbox is gently assembled in the reverse order. If this is done correctly, the perforator can immediately be used in operation.
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In addition to the gearbox, it follows and the bur. In this case, the tail part of the mechanism is the same as in the first case, is washed with gasoline, cleaned and sucked and only after that it is neatly disassembered by specialized oils.

Simultaneously It makes sense to handle with your own hands and cartridge gland, This will significantly increase the period of its service, as well as protect against dust penetration. However, it should not be overlooked that lubricate it only when a system with an open-type cartridge is mounted on the perforator. If the system is closed, then the need for lubrication disappears.

Useful advice

The owners of drills and perforators are often asked about the frequency of lubrication. Determine the time frame problematic, but On average, the optimal term for oil replacement is the period of 12 months In case the tool is operated in the mode of average intensity.

Lubrication of many modern devices is significantly simplified by the introduction of a number of useful improvements. For instance, Popular brands often make special holes in the technique, which simply poured lubricating, and the need for his disassembly and subsequent assembly disappears.

Typically, such systems are arranged very correctly – in addition to holes for oil pouring, there are and outputs through which the drained lubricant is carried out.

There are special marks on the surface of the device, which directly indicate which volume of lubrication is needed to maintain the functional operation of the power tool.

The only thing that will be needed in this case is to produce a hole as intensely intensively before use. To do this, you can use the compressor, and then wash the hole with gasoline.

Lubricant shortage often becomes the main cause of serious perforator malfunctions. In the crushing mode, the lubricant is waste in a significant amount, and if there is too little lubricant on the gearbox, it is often overheating all the instrument.

At the same time, it is not necessary to cherish – if too many oily composition is applied, the speed of rotation of the drill will be reduced, and this also impairs the operational features of the instrument as a whole. In addition, the excess lubricant will be on the working surfaces that are difficult to clean.

About how to lubricate the perforator correctly, look in the following video.

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