Primer Knauf Betokontakt: characteristics and advantages of application

Primer Knauf Betokontakt is used in working with internal and external decoration. Its composition allows you to apply a product on any reasons having different surface density and smoothness indicators. Main components – polymers and quartz crumb. They increase the chain of the coated surface, waterproofing and fire-resistance walls.

Primer Knauf Betokontakt: characteristics and advantages of application

The main tasks of the primer Knauf Betokontakt is the clutch of plaster with smooth surfaces and creating a reliable durable coating. It is functional, simplifies many stages of work related to the preparation of surfaces and dismantle the previous coating.

If earlier it was necessary to use several different compositions, now just one soil Knauf Betokontakt.

Usually this primer is used in working with construction materials that have the following characteristics:

  • big density (concrete);
  • moisture resistance;
  • Smoothness (glass, ceramics).

    But experts note that concrete contact has the following properties:

    • strengthening weak loose bases (drywall);
    • improving adhesive properties;
    • stability to alkaline compositions;
    • Alignment of the surface;
    • elimination of base microcracks;
    • Coupling with any material.

    These qualities of the primer Knauf Betokontakt expand its range of use. It is perfect for preparatory and draft works before applying plaster on the surface of concrete, cement, drywall, various metal structures. The soil fits tightly to the base and forms a rough film to the touch, which provides a high degree of fixation of the subsequent coating.

    When the premises of the premises concrete contact allows you to skip one of the required steps of repair – dismantling of the old coating. It is easy to apply on the walls painted by oil and alkyd paints, enamel surfaces and on the old tile. Knauf Betokontakt will cope with any challenging task.

    Manufacturers have created a universal composition, the primer Knauf Betokontakt is used by experts in working with wood, metal parts, decorative polystyrene elements. The stability of the soil to alkaline compositions makes it possible to use plaster based on lime and gypsum.

    General information about the soil Knauf Betokontakt

    Primer Knauf Betokontakt is a mixture of pink shade, fully prepared for use. Available in 5 kg capacity and a bucket of a mass of 20 kg. Shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture, Open product stored for about 6 months in tightly closed container.

    The product has pronounced adhesive properties, It is applied on the surfaces of a complex nature – weakly, smooth, dense. Used to strengthen concrete bases, drywall plates, in the preparation of metal structures to further work (putty), during the installation of ceramic tiles, fastening the parts of polystyrene stucco, plaster, polyurethane. Conconokontact simplifies construction work and reduces the number of additional consumables due to its strengthening properties. Primer Knauf Betokontakt levels surfaces, eliminates small base defects, microcracks.

    Working with the soil of the brand Knauf Betokontakt requires compliance with a certain temperature regime. It cannot be used at a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius and below, in the frost, as well as with the thermometer indicator above + 26-27 degrees Celsius.

    The coating is applied in two layers, each time of drying is about three hours, but experts recommend continuing work after 12-20 hours. Make sure in drying can be touched by hand, the base should not be sticky.

    The Knauf Betokontakt primer is two species – with mineral particles with a size of 0.6 mm and 0.3 mm. The first species is used in roughing and coating outdoor surfaces, the second is used for more delicate works and before shtchelivation.

    Holding the consumption of the required material, it is worth considering several factors:

    • degree of moisture absorption of the foundation;
    • surface type;
    • number of layers;
    • Method of application.

    With a smooth surface, such as paint and ceramic, soil consumption will be significantly lower than when applied to a concrete slab. The minimum consumption is approximately 200 grams. on 1m², maximum – 350 gr.

    Manufacturers produce a mixture in a state, fully prepared for work. Specialists allow the dilution of primer Knauf Betokontakt with a small amount of water for better application mechanically.

    When manually applying the maximum amount of water for dilution – 50 ml per liter of primer. With the mechanical splashing method used dilution 2: 1 – two parts of the soil one part of the water.

    One more option is also offered a soil dilution, with this technology, the consumption of material is reduced, but quality remains at the same level. The coating is applied in 2 layers. The first layer consists of a mixture of concrete contact and primer deep penetration. Second – Knauf Betokontakt in pure form.

    Before starting work, the mixture must be thoroughly stirred so that all microparticles will be distributed evenly throughout the area. When processing the surface, you can use any tools – brush, roller, mechanical sprinkler. Pink color will help to see the blurred areas.

    Technical properties and characteristics

    Specialists have long and widely used the products of the brand Knauf, the primer Knauf Betokontakt did not exception. Its unique abilities to glue materials of different density and smoothness make it possible to apply it in different types of work.

    The main properties of the primer Knauf Betokontakt:

    • durability;
    • waterproofing;
    • rapid drying;
    • alkalis resistance;
    • uniformity of application;
    • resistance to temperature drops;
    • resistance to mold and fungi;
    • High fire resistance;
    • Ecology.

    Manufacturers stated that the service life of concrete contact will be 80 years. After the surface damage can occur and its complete destruction. At the moment, these data are not confirmed, since the product has reached the market not so long ago.

    Thin durable waterproof film is formed on the treated surfaces, which increases waterproofing performance. This property is distinguished by concrete contact from other soil mixtures.

    During the development of the composition of Knauf Betokontakt, additives having a fungicidal property were included in it. They protect the coating from the occurrence of fungal diseases and mold. This moment is worth considering when buying additional finishing materials.

    The primer allows you to maintain the optimal air exchange rate between the room and the street, vapor permeability is not reduced. It can be applied to vertical, horizontal surfaces, floors and ceilings. The ability to clog porous bases and microcracks allows to reduce the consumption of materials, prevent the plastering or cracking of other subsequent coatings.

    The temperature range from -40 to + 60 allows you to use a solution for internal and external works. The composition is completely safe for humans and does not contain toxic substances. Soil acidity within the norm – pH 7.5-8.5. Average consumption indicators are 0.35 kg per 1 m².

    Natural components that are part of the soil Mixtures do not cause irritation, do not have an unpleasant odor, it can be used in closed rooms, without fear for their health. GOST meets Russian and international requirements.

    Preparation of the surface before applying

    Knauf Betokontakt primer application does not require professional training, which allows it to use it at home. Surface treatment is allowed in two ways: classic, carried out with brushes, rollers or spatula, and mechanized.

    First you need to carefully clean the base from dust, dirt, strangers of small particles. Wherein the old coating is not necessary if it is well preserved, it does not crack and does not crumble. Then the surface is degreased, inspect. Deep cracks and gaps pre-cement and leave 24 hours before complete drying. After that, surface surface. It is worth noting that the soil penetrates the layers of concrete base for several centimeters, hardening it.

    Buyers are positively responding about the soil mixture Knauf Betokontakt, highly appreciate Its quality, convenience and simplicity in applying, economy and fast drying.

    Knauf – Brand Time Vainted. This modern primer structure for construction work is popular among many specialists. Knauf Betokontakt guarantees quality and durability, it saves your tools and time.

    More details about the types of primers and subtleties of priming various surfaces are described in the following video.

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