Porcelain stoneware: Features and advantages

Throughout the history of mankind, the tree played the role of reliable, environmentally friendly material. The abundance of modern options does not exclude the use of wood in the construction of housing, finishing works and furniture manufacture. In the desire to get a material that can combine the natural beauty of the tree and strength and durability of the stone, managed to create a porcelain stoneware.


Features and advantages of porcelain stoneware related to the technology of manufacturing this material.

Cerambrants from natural source materials are performed:

  • Some clay varieties;
  • Feldspar;
  • Committed to medium fractions quartz sand;
  • Various minerals as dyes.

This mixture after the complex processing process turns into a material that exceeds some natural stones in its properties. Products made of porcelain stoneware are most often produced in the form of tiles, diverse in size, texture and color.

The mixture is processed according to special technology, then disappears into powder. After intensive stirring, it turns into a homogeneous substance with uniform painting, then subjected to two-stage pressing at high pressure.

At the first stage, the material of the necessary forms and sizes is obtained, the required amount of pigment is applied on the second, which gives porcelain stoneware. It remains for a long time without losing the original shade.

To obtain porcelain stoneware, the material undergoes firing in the furnaces at 1,300 degrees. The molten mixture, stirring, enters into internal reactions and forms a completely new material. The outdoor porcelain tile obtained in this way is then polished, high-quality control passes and only after that comes on sale.

Such products have a number of features:

  • Their homogeneous structure without voids, cracks and extraneous enclosures;
  • Do not pass and do not absorb moisture;
  • Withstand any temperature;
  • Durable and wear resistant;
  • Porcelain tile under the tree can be framed by any pattern;
  • Parquet stoneware reserves its properties much longer than natural parquet.


The technology of production of porcelain stoneware allows you to get different options for tiles, including under the tree:

  • Polished ceramographic – its surface is processed to a mirror glitter. Polishing process Long and expensive, but unrivaled beauty glitter and original texture justify all expenses. But polishing can open minor pores and it will be necessary to take measures so that they are not filled with dyes and pollution;
  • Technical porcelain stoneware similar to natural granite. Plates from it serve for many years, it can be used in places with a large stream of people;

  • Glazed – Beautiful and durable, but its surface is less wear-resistant.
  • Matte ceramographic – non-compared material;

  • Structured. The special technology is formed a relief surface. So you can imitate a wooden parquet, aged tree, form the desired decor. Can be decorated with fabric, skin, with interesting embossed patterns and coated with other decorative materials;
  • Satinized It has a brilliant, as if a soft surface. Such tiles are used in decorative purposes;

  • Lappathed – with double texture, semi-paste, semi-polished. Translated from Italian means “Pretty”. This is know-how from Italian manufacturers. Widely used in places of large cluster of people;
  • Doublefall. With this technology, the upper layer of 3 mm is performed from materials defining color, and the main layer is made from an unpainted material.

Color solutions

Getting Started to repair an apartment, you must pre-present a color gamut of the room space and take into account the possibilities of applying porcelain. At the end of repair, the floor, walls and ceiling should look like a single design solution. Manufacturers try to produce whole collections in which the tiles are well combined with each other. Buying porcelain tiles for a tree, on his tone and caliber need to pay special attention to avoid inconsistencies with a conceived design.

The color of individual components in combination with the tone of the entire interior can affect not only the general view, but also on the psychological state of the person. Color of porrong details for a tree can make the room darker or lighter, make ease or drain the situation, change the space room.

There are several color solutions for various wood species:

  • Larch. Light tones from light to saturated, aged;
  • Ash. The rich texture of a dense solid tree, tone – from a fresh carboard to the old parquet;
  • Oak. The most beautiful dark shades, from a young cut to a condensed dark tone;
  • Beech. Porcelain tiles for this tree are made in the form of a plate of different shapes, different shades, of which mosaic floors and walls often collect.

Buy material with a reserve 10-15%. If it is not enough calculated volume, then it will be almost impossible to find the same tile on the tone and caliber.


Porcelain stonewares are produced in tiles of different sizes, square or rectangular shape. In addition to standard dimensions, it is possible to obtain any other forms and sizes using a hydroabrasive cutting.

Size range is very wide. Elements may be the following dimensions: 20 x 60,30 x 30, 45 x 45, as well as 15 x 15, 30 x 45, 15 x 60, 15 x 90, 120 x 40, 20 x 120.120 x 30, 40 x 40 cm. For facades, a 120×360 cm tile is used. For mosaic calculation, you can purchase samples of 5 x 5 cm.

What to take into account when choosing?

The main criterion when choosing a porcelain tile under the tree should be the quality of the product. The cost of any batch of this material is high enough, and some collections are only available for the circle of people who are not accustomed to consider the cost of beautiful things. In any case, you need to try to protect yourself from poor quality goods and fakes.

The goods must be purchased from reliable vendors who work with proven dealers. Must be documentation confirming the quality of goods, addresses and contacts of the brands represented. Contact experienced specialists in the selection of the entire collection.

Inspection of the end slice of the tile should show a proscure across the depth. The marker trail is easily washed off with water tiles, since the porcelain stoneware has no pores and microcracks. High-quality tile will not crack and will not break even when dropping and does not miss moisture.

The demand for these and other similar materials has increased significantly, as the number of enterprises that have mastered the release of this product. As follows, manufacturers have emerged, launched production of similar products on lightweight and reduced technology. Such tiles do not meet the requirements of strength and durability, so the choice should be thorough and careful.


In many countries, high-quality clamographic production technology has been mastered, many well-known manufacturers represent the market excellent samples of these products.

There are among them and the company of Russia who can successfully compete with foreign In the release of porcelain stoneware under the tree in terms of strength and durability, yielding only in external criteria. Brand producers give the porcelain tiles under the tree the type of larch, oak, ash. Quality goods ensure reliability, durability and beauty.

From European countries who have achieved the greatest success in the production of very high-quality porcelain stoneware, it is necessary to allocate Spain and Italy. Manufacturers of these countries follow global standards. All stages of complex technology, control of the source materials, compliance with heat treatment regimens are carried out strictly and require high costs. Therefore, their products are valued much higher than many other.

The value of the tile affects not only the brand producing it, but also many other factors. The quality of drawing pattern to the surface increases the price of the tile. The famous moraine tree of Italian production is more expensive than the same product without drawing.

Belarusian porcelain stoneware, according to reviews, will not yield to the strength of Italian, And its use in the place of stay of a large number of people is much more profitable than buying any foreign products. For solid firms and rich apartments, of course, the elegant Spanish polished porcelain stoneware with a rich drawing under the expensive tree is suitable.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Porcelain stoneware under the tree in the bathroom can surprise your guests. Interesting effect produces TERRAGRES ALLEN tile, which is made with a matte anti-slip surface. The beauty of expensive wood is very subtle here.

Decor made of porcelain stoneware in the style of the British pub or old port tavern will be appropriate for the kitchen or dining room in a country house, a cafe, a bar. Fans of original simplicity often use this style.

Arlington Tile – Contemporary, Laconic, Elegant. Elegant decor with proper geometry can be the center of attention in the interior of the house. It looks good in this option and in the hallway.

For Patchwork style tiles from Italon. This porcelain stoneware is widely used in the bathroom, as an apron of kitchen, with zoning, it creates a good atmosphere in many household and commercial premises.

Palace or dialing parquet of porcelain printing makes it possible to perform various techniques. A set of ornaments is almost unlimited, right up to a complex mosaic in an artistic style.

Artists, designers, designers create really palace ensembles, using the fantastic features of the stone under the tree and its combinations.

You can use porcelain stoneware in the bathroom. By placing the tile diagonally, you can achieve a stunning effect of expansion of space. And in order to maximize the height of the ceilings and the length of the walls, it is recommended to use white tiles.

Tile is an excellent finishing material successfully replacing wood. Wealth of styles, a huge selection of colors and shades, profiles and sizes, the possibility of mechanical cutting put this material into a promising series in construction and finishing. The demand for porcelain plate will only increase, decorating all new apartments, houses and mansions.

Overview of porcelain tile under the tree See in the following video.

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