Plywood ceiling: pros and cons

Many buyers pay attention to the ceilings from natural plywood. Material is available at a price, has a smooth surface, which is popular with builders and finishing. Plywood ceilings will look great in private houses, they will become an excellent alternative to more expensive coatings, such as plasterboard designs.


Before deciding on the design, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the material, find the best option for registration, to figure out what the ceiling liner is.

Made Phaneur from thin sheets of veneer, which glued together. Figure on the surface of the material depends on the tree of wood. In the manufacture of plywood, coniferous trees and birch use more often.

Plywood from Birch will please the variety of color shades, which will make the ceiling outwardly attractive. Such products are characterized by high strength.

For use in premises with high humidity, it is better to purchase Fanoire from coniferous trees, it will not appear fungus, mold and rot.

Plywood varies in thickness, this parameter depends on the number of layers that were used. The minimum number of such layers is three, there are more multilayer options.

With self-finishing ceilings, preference to thin sheets, They will not be weighting design, convenient to work. For the ceiling, the material is suitable from 3 to 6 mm thick, thick options can be attached much more difficult. When installing plywood on a frame, choose a product with a thickness of 3 mm.

When choosing plywood sheets, you should carefully examine them, they can be smoothly polished or untreated. Rough and untreated sheets do not suit the premises. You can choose the option where the surface is grinding only on one side. Such plywood is quite suitable for interior design, since the inner side will not be visible.

Plywood – combustible material, so the operation of such surfaces should be approached with caution.

Plates that do not have a polymer layer are not used to finish some premises, they are deformed with high humidity.

When choosing products, pay attention to the marking:

  • FK – Product moisture resistant, can be used indoors.
  • FKM – moisture-proof product, but contains a melamine resin, used with caution.
  • Fof – This marking indicates that the material has a special coating, can be used for the manufacture of furniture.

The advantages of plywood include the following properties:

  • mechanical strength;
  • good heat and sound insulation;
  • the possibility of using indoors with high humidity;
  • high decorativeness;
  • a small weight that will reduce the burden on the ceiling;
  • Environmental safety.

The coating is made of natural materials, which is an undoubted advantage.

Plywood sheets can be used in residential premises, they are not harmful to children, elderly people, animals.


Plywood does not accidentally be very popular when making a residential interior. With it, you can create an original, beautiful ceiling covering without a large cash investment. Plywood ceiling with proper installation almost not distinguish from more expensive wood coatings.

Choosing Phaneur, you should pay attention to its thickness: the thinner of the sheet, it is more convenient to apply it to perform decorative elements. With a thin sheet of plywood, not only smooth ceilings, but also dome, curvilinear surfaces. This material makes it possible to make original scenery elements. From plywood make curly cuts, such a carved ceiling will become a real decoration of the room.

In the manufacture of decorative panels cut the sheet of plywood of the desired size. On paper draw a sketch of the ornament and transfer it to the material. With the help of a drill drill holes, the electric jigsion is carried out the final stage of the work.

This original decor decorate not only the ceiling, it is used for the design of walls, furniture.

How to do?

Before starting work on finishing the ceilings with your own hands, the preparatory stage is carried out:

  • The concrete ceiling is cleaned from the previous coating, close up the slots using a mixture of cement with sand.
  • From a polished coating remove the remnants of dirt and dust, ground.

If the ceiling is plywood, the preparatory work is not carried out, sometimes applied to the coating of the antiseptic. In order to rinse the plywood ceilings, you can use several options.

To one of the most simple and rapid ways, you can attribute fixation on the surface with glue. Installation on glue will allow the premises height. With your own hands you can shelter the ceilings in small rooms, where there are no temperature drops. This method takes a little time, you should only apply glue and press the material to the surface.

If there should be a place between the ceiling and plywood surface, make an installation on the corner.

With this installation, the finish is carried out in a certain order:

  • Apply markup.
  • Retreat from the corner the required distance and outlines points for installing fasteners.
  • Using a screwdriver and self-tapping screws, the walls are installed on the wall.
  • The sheet of plywood is placed on corners and pressed against the wall.
  • The latter leaf is cut by a jigsaw.

If the sheets of plywood will perform a decorative function, then perform mounting on the suspensions. For crates use aluminum profile or wooden beams. Calculate how plywood sheets will be placed on the ceiling, their edges should be attached to the crate, which eliminates the sagging and peeling the material.

Plywood sheets should be fastened from the center of the room, the fragments that have already cut off.

The crate is fixed in this way:

  • On a concrete ceiling frame fastened fast installation.
  • On the wooden ceiling, the crate is fixed with screws with a length of more than 40 mm.
  • The finished doom looks like a bars, which are in parallel in the ceiling.

For smooth and prepared surfaces use mastic. When covering with the use of mastic, the height of the walls does not decrease, while the work itself does not take away a lot of time.

Operating procedure:

  • Apply markup on the surface.
  • On the reverse side of the plywood applies epoxy glue, sprinkle with sand top to ensure the reliability of the attachment.
  • After drying, the mixture is applied mastic. For work use a curly spatula.
  • Plywood leaf attach to the surface.

This is a draft stage of work. After the laying is finished, carry out the finishing finish to hide the joints, remove small defects, cracks, close indents from the wall and t. D.

    The ceiling of a wooden house can be fermented in various ways and materials:

    • process the vengeance and open with varnish;
    • paint;
    • use stencils for design;
    • wallpapering;
    • Use structural plaster.

    When choosing the first method take a roller or brush, they apply a sampling on the Faneur and leave to dry. After the plywood dried, it is necessary to cherish roughness, for this there is a sandpaper or grinding machine. Varnish is applied to the prepared surface using roller, brushes or sprayers.

    Water-dispersion paints are best suited for painting plywood ceiling. The surface is applied to the surface, after it drying, putty close the gaps, eliminate irregularities and bumps. Then follow the seams of sandpaper. Preparatory work is completed, you can paint the surface, it is better to use a roller, and spaces near the walls are painted with brushes.

    After painting the surface, the screen drawing is applied. To apply the drawing, it should be attached to the selected areas of stencil and paint its paint other color. Then carefully so as not to lubricate the drawing, remove the workpiece.

    Before sticking, wallpaper should carefully prepare the surface so that when working does not break them. Glue apply only to wallpaper, working with fliseline products, scrub and ceiling. For plywood ceiling it is better to use liquid wallpaper.

    You can separate the ceiling with the help of structural plaster. Apply the material with spatulas of different sizes. Putty finishing will not be cheaper, but this option is the most durable.

    Ceiling casing with plywood will give the opportunity to create an interesting design that will harmoniously look indoors. In addition to plywood, OSP uses during repair. With such plates it is easy to work, you can cut them, glue and paint glue and paint for wood. OSP can compete with plywood products, the thickness of the sheet allows the use of material for the walls of the walls, the roof crates, as the basis for tile, slate. OSP are fixed to lags, they are designed for roofing surface flooring.

    Tips and recommendations

    Despite the fact that new materials for cladding cladding today appear on the market today, many masters are still recommended to use Fane. Finishing with this material will significantly simplify the installation and spend less money for the repair of the room.

    When working with plywood sheets, the correct technology should be observed and accurately perform work:

    • Initially, it should be declared where one-piece plywood sheets will be located so that there are no savings after the end of work. Using the lineup, pencil and roulette make markup on the crate, while it is taken into account that the edges of two adjacent plywood sheets will be located on one bar.

    • Applying a sheet to the crate is necessary so that the edge is located precisely in the center of the bar. To fix it is enough one screw. The first sheet must be well centered to the rest of the crate, only after that the sheet is fixed using the rest of the screws. The distance between the screws should not be less than 20 cm.
    • After all the one-piece sheets are installed, you should consolidate the cutting fragments on the edges. Hide seams between sheets can be hidden using baguettes; they should be placed on glue and fix.

    Beautiful examples in the interior

    To understand whether it is worth making a ceiling of plywood, just look at a few examples from the photo gallery. They will help to determine and choose an acceptable option.

    Very nice and unusually looking ceiling using stencil.

    The carved ceiling of plywood will become a real decoration of any interior.

    Stained glass windows and unusual chandeliers will make the room unusual and original.

    About how to make a clipping from plywood on the ceiling with their own hands, see the following video.

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