Pistol for mounting foam: tips for choosing

Mounting foam is very often used during repair work. For high-quality and prompt application of this material, the ideal solution is the use of a special pistol. Today, manufacturers of construction equipment and tools offer a wide selection of guns for sealants. If you figure it out in the peculiarities of their choice, you can purchase a high-quality and reliable model for long-term use.

Features of the device

Today, the shelves have a wide range of tools, including attention attracts a gun to work with mounting foam. It allows you to easily produce the required amount of polyurethane sealant in the right places. Mounting foam is used to fill the seams when installing door frames, windows and window sills, slopes and swells, as well as various slots and holes. Pistol for sealant should have every wizard at hand.

Pistol advantages, in comparison with the usual cylinder sealant, quite a lot.

  • Economical flow. The tool is designed in such a way as to independently produce a dosage of outgoing material. This allows you to almost three times to reduce foam consumption. Uniform distribution of the means positively affects the quality of the seam.
  • Practicality and convenience. Pistol works due to the pushing. The mechanism is characterized by practicality, since foam comes out in small quantities, filling only emptiness. If you use only the sealant cylinder, it is difficult to cope with a large foam stream. It fills not only the seams, but also gets on items and walls.

  • Ease of work in hard-to-reach places. The narrow trunk of the tool allows foaming even to the places to which access is difficult. This is especially relevant to fill the slots in the ceiling.
  • Reuse of a cylinder with foam. The gun is characterized by the presence of special valves that are responsible for tightness. If the work has already been fulfilled, and the sealant remained in the cylinder, then the gun prevents its frozen, and in the future it can be used again. If you work only with a bottle of foam, then you can throw it out, because in the open cylinder foam quickly freezes.

The mounting gun will serve for a long time, if you know its characteristics and principle of work. Under the compliance with the elementary rules of use, the tool will serve much longer. Do not forget that the sealant is unsafe because it is distinguished by light ignition and can cause strong irritation when entering open areas of the body or eyes.

Before applying a gun, learning how it works:

  • To begin with, it is necessary to threaten a cylinder with a sealant, put it on a flat surface vertically and gently turn the gun on it, and the tool must be located at the top. When the cylinder will be tightly fixed to the gun, it is necessary to flip design. The gun must be located downstairs, it is its work position. It needs to hold hard for the handle.
  • Previously, it is necessary to clean the surface on which the sealant will be sprayed. For better adhesion, it can be low. It is desirable to work with sealant to be carried out at room temperature.

  • To increase the intensity of feeding the foam from the gun, you do not need to put pressure on the trigger with a greater force, it is enough to twist the control screw. The pressure contributes to the rapid output of the material, so it is necessary to pre-prepare the entire space where it is necessary to pour foam. This will allow you to perform work qualitative and competently organize the consumption of sealant.
  • When working with a tool, it is desirable to be in special gloves, overalls and safety glasses. If you need to remove the excess sealant from the surface, it is categorically forbidden to make it. For this purpose, you need to have a spatula or at least an ordinary rag.

  • To apply vertical seam, you should begin to start and climb up. It is such an order that will control the uniform filling of the void material. When the nozzle of the pistol will rise above, you can immediately see the result of filling seam. This will allow you to analyze and decide on the need to regulate the pressure.
  • After completing the work, the gun needs cleaning. To get rid of frozen foam, it is worth applying a solvent. Cleaning the tool after completing the work will allow to extend its life.

  • When working with a gun ceases even for a few minutes, the balloon should always be in a vertical position. It is worth excluding the direct rays of the sun, as well as to work with it away from open fire.
  • If after performing all the tasks in the cylinder, a foam remained, then the gun does not need to be disconnected because it will save the foam in the liquid state. To take advantage of the sealant again, you will first need to clean the nozzle of the gun, otherwise the tool can break.

Materials and designs

Before choosing a specific pistol model, you must first get acquainted with its constructive features.

The product consists of several separate items:

  • Case product. It can be made of plastic or metal. More qualitative are metal pistols with teflon spraying.
  • The trunk is an important element of the instrument because it is responsible for creating a jet of foam. There is a needle rod in it.
  • The pistol handle must be comfortable in hand. It is a trigger that is responsible for adjusting the sealant. Pressing the trigger, starts to move the exhaust valve.

  • Nozzle is presented as a tool tip. He is responsible for the amount of sprayed foam. You can use replaceable nozzles to create the necessary jet sealant.
  • Adapter or gearbox. His task is to fasten the cylinder with foam, since it is through it that the sealant in the instrument system begins. It has a valve that monitors the portion of the sealant.
  • Adjusting screw or retainer is located behind a pistol. He is responsible for the pressure of foam in the trunk of the instrument.

The material from which the gun for mounting foam is made, plays a very important role when it is selected, since the duration of the operation of the product depends on it.

Manufacturers use various materials in the manufacture of an assembly pistol.

  • Low quality plastic. Products are inexpensive and unsuitable for multiple use. They can be called disposable. The plastic tool will be used only for one cylinder sealant, after that it can be easily thrown. And not always the quality of work meets all the requirements, if you use such a tool.
  • Shockproof plastic. Products from this material are in demand, since shockproof plastic is distinguished by excellent quality and ease. Working with such a tool, the hand is not tired, and the quality of the work performed pleasantly surprises.

  • Metal. High-quality metal pistols are a classic choice. They are characterized by reliability, convenience when working and durability. They can be cleaned, and if necessary, even disassemble.
  • Metal with teflon spraying. Pistols from this material are professional and cost enough. The uniqueness of Teflon spraying is that the foam is not very sticking to it, so this pistol can be cleaned with ease after use.

Criterias of choice

To date, there is a huge selection of high-quality, stylish and durable guns for mounting foam, but you can also buy a fragile tool that, after the first use, you can immediately throw away.

To correctly make a choice, you need to pay attention to several criteria.

  • The popularity of the manufacturer and the selected model. It is worth familiar with reviews about this product.

  • Production of product. It is better to choose a metal model than from plastic. The trunk and valves must be made exclusively from high-quality metal, it will extend the life of the product. Your choice is worth paying collapsible design. If the tool is born with foam residues, then it will be possible to disassemble it for cleaning.
  • The quality of the handle and its location in hand. Performing work with a gun, the handle must be conveniently located in the hand, do not slide.
  • Product price. Cheap tools will last long, you should focus on the pistols of the average price category.

Specialists advise when buying a gun for mounting fluid immediately complete to take a special fluid for cleaning it. After all, the tool needs quality cleaning from the remnants of the sealant after each application of the product. The seller must necessarily learn about the warranty on the purchased product so that in the event of a tool malfunction it was possible to return back to the store. And, of course, complete with the product must be an instruction on its operation from the manufacturer.


Professional pistols are intended for regular work with sealant. They will help to perform huge amounts of work. The devices differ in a durable case, which is made from the metal of excellent quality. Some models have also teflon spraying.

All professional models are characterized by convenient access to the inner tube of the tool to clean the product from dried foam quickly and easily. All types of professional pistols have an excellent cylinder mounting system with sealant.

The cost of the product also plays an important role. The minimum price of a professional tool for working with a sealant is 800 rubles.

German equipment “Alloyetal” The Kraftool brand is a bright example of professional equipment. It is characterized by functionality and reliability, as well as convenience of cleaning after use. This model is equipped with a removable naval to create access to the cleaning of the inside.

Mounting under the cylinder with a sealant is made of brass, and the tool housing itself is from the copper alloy, which protects against mechanical damage. It is distinguished by durability. The tightness of the product prevents the sinking of the sealant inside, which allows the semi-empty cylinder in the future.

If we talk about the shortcomings of the pistol, then you can mark its high weight. If a long time to use the tool, then the hand starts to get tired. The product is characterized by a high price, but it completely pays off, as the tool can use about seven years.

Professional model Matrix 88669 German production attracts attention to a superproof metal case coated with teflon spraying, which prevents the foam fixation to the internal elements. Sealant feed tube cleaning quickly and easily, like other parts tool. After applying the gun, it is enough to clean the spout using a special nozzle and wipe it outside.

All parts of the model are made of metal alloy “Cam”, so it is characterized by reliability and durability. A comfortable handle has an additional protection against pinching a finger because there are two limiters on it. Thin nose allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places.

The disadvantages of this model include what needs to be kept in a separate case. If when cleaning, scratch teflon coating, then it loses its properties. Some buyers complain about the overestimated cost of the model, but very soon the tool pays off.

Model MateQus Super Teflon It is one of the most famous pistols of Italian production. The unique design of the tool contributes to the formation of plastic foam. Sealant, entering the inside of the tool, expands, which contributes to its plasticity.

The model is equipped with a 4 millimeter needle with a diameter, which allows you to cope even with wide seams in just one pass. The design of the product allows you to choose an economical sealant feed, which will make the installation of five windows using just one foam cylinder.

Ergonomic handle allows for a long time to work with a tool. It has a nylon coating, which prevents sliding. The gun can be easily disassembled for cleaning, since all connections are threaded. Details of the tool are made of high-quality metal and covered with teflon spraying, so the foam is slightly sticking to them.

Model MateQus Super Teflon characterized by durability. On the valves there are seals from high-quality rubber, which are not only responsible for the tightness of the product, but also perfectly withstand contact with the solvent. Single nose allows you to fill even hard-to-reach gaps.

This option is characterized by a high cost. Cleaning the tool must be made carefully not to damage Teflon coating.


If you do repair yourself and you need to use a sealent to install multiple doors or windows, then there is no need to buy a professional tool for one-time work. A wide range of amateur pistols is available on sale. They cost cheaper about professional options.

The magnificent installation of the mounting gun for lovers is the model Stayer Econom German production. It is characterized by a fortress, because it has a tube of feeding stainless steel sealant. It is impossible to remove it for internal cleaning, so to eliminate the remnants of sealant you need to use a solvent washing. For reliable fixation of the cylinder, the sealant performs a grip with a carvings made of aluminum. Tracker tool is also aluminum.

To use the tool repeatedly, after each use, the cleaning agent is made to process the barrel. This will avoid blockage tubes. The sealant feed system is characterized by the presence of a ball valve at the input and at the output of the needle mechanism.

Among the advantages of this model it is worth calling an acceptable cost, convenient handle, high-quality aluminum hull. The displacement of the tool belongs incentened design. Capture with carvings is suitable only for some cylinders with sealant. If you do not clean the nozzle after work, then after some time the foam will be very difficult to remove from the tube.

The cheapest gun to use the sealant is the model ATOLL G-116, But it can be used repeatedly, if you clean the device in time. The gun has a wide edge in the place where the cylinder fixation is performed. This allows you to quickly change the empty balloon to the new. The presence of a full thread allows us to secure the sealant for further use.

Indisputable advantages of the model ATOLL G-116 is convenience and ease. The tool body is made of aluminum, so it is characterized by simplicity in care. The disadvantages of the tool include the absence of a stopper before the church, which can lead to pinching fingers. Permanent use of purifiers over time negatively affects the tightness of the rubber rings located on the valves.

The leading brand of pumping equipment and electric tools in Russia is Company “Vorthern”. It produces high-quality guns to work with mounting foam using high-quality metal. Its products are designed for reusable, while it can be purchased at an affordable price. The thin trunk allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places. Comfortable handle promotes long work. Acceptable price and excellent quality are successfully combined in brand products.

BLAST EXTRA LIGHT – model from the Chinese manufacturer, which is in demand despite the fact that completely all parts are made of plastic. The main advantage of this pistol lies in the lightness of the design. It has a volumetric and comfortable handle, so even for a long time, working with such a gun, the hand does not get tired. This model is equipped with a needle valve that reliably holds foam.

To adjust the sealant feed, you need to turn the curved lever tool. Sealant feed blocking is also carried out by lever. It needs to be brought to a special groove.

To disadvantages BLAST EXTRA LIGHT models The fact that the tool should be immediately cleaned after operation, since the frozen foam is very difficult to remove from plastics. The presence of a wide clamp allows you to quickly replace the cylinder, but the gun will last long due to plastic design. It is necessary to avoid falling a pistol, because it breaks away from a strong mechanical impact.

Review manufacturers

Today, there is a wide selection of amateur and professional pistols for assembling foam. To purchase a quality product, it is worth paying attention to the fame of the manufacturer of the instrument. Popular brands have already proven themselves as the best manufacturers, and many reviews have been left about their products.

Rating of the most sought-after manufacturers of pistols for working with sealant.

  • German company Kraftool offers high quality tools that are characterized by universality and reliability. Tools are made of durable metal. They are superbly adjusting the flow of foam.

  • German brand Matrix offers stylish, high-quality pistols for real professionals. They are made from high quality and reliable copper alloy, teflon deposition contributes to lightness in cleaning tools. Accuracy and convenience are the strong sides of the products of this manufacturer.
  • Company Soudal He acts as a famous manufacturer of polyurethane aerosol and sealants, as well as equipment for professional masters. Its products are represented in 130 countries, and representative offices in 40 countries. Brand pistols have metal mechanisms with high-quality Teflon coating.

  • German brand Hilti is a manufacturer of construction equipment since 1941. Pistols for mounting foam are one of the best in the world.
  • Among Russian manufacturers of construction equipment, the company deserves “Varangian”. It offers professional pistols for working with sealants made of high-quality metal with teflon coating. Rubber handles guarantee convenience when working with a tool. Light case, proven mechanism and affordable costs made pistols from “Varyag” in demand among lovers and professionals.

How to check?

Before use, the pistol must be checked for tightness and hold of valves.

You can carry out such an inspection yourself at home:

  • Calm with solvent.
  • You need to attach flushing, unscrew the adjusting screw slightly and press the trigger several times until the fluid appears.
  • After disconnect the balloon and leave the tool for a day.
  • Next again click on the trigger. If there is a liquid spraying from the nozzle, it means that the gun is hermetically protected.

Useful recommendations

Before using a gun for mounting foam, you must carefully read the instruction that includes several important points:

  • Before use, you need all threaded connections to tighten a bit, because during transportation they can become weakened.
  • To check the valves for tightness, you need to pour cleaning fluid in the gun and leave it for a day. If then click on the trigger and the liquid is sprinkled, the mechanism works normally.
  • Before connecting a cylinder with a gun, you first need to shake it thoroughly for several minutes.

  • With each replacement of the balloon, the gun must be located at the top.
  • If a foam remained in a cylinder after work, the tool can be stored with a balloon, but at the same time the gun must be located at the top.
  • If, after the construction work, the balloon remained blank, then it needs to be removed, the gun clean and rinse with a solvent for further storage. It is strictly forbidden to leave a gun without cleaning, because it will no longer be able to perform its functions.

When working with an assembly gun, you must adhere to the councils of specialists:

  • All places that need to pour foam must be cleaned of dirt and dust and moiste with water slightly;
  • Work should be done in warm weather so that the moisture is spited slowly, the optimal temperature is 20 degrees;
  • working a gun, the balloon should always be at the top, otherwise only gas will be out of the trunk of the tool;
  • should be foaming the seams at the top when the cylinder with sealant is still full, then you need to work from top to bottom. Sews at the bottom fill in the last place;
  • If the cylinder is half empty, then work should be carried out from the middle and gradually move down, and after replacing the cylinder to a new one to blew up the upper seams;
  • If you need to work in deep seams or under the ceiling, a flexible extension can be reached into such hard-to-reach places.

When the work is done, the care and cleaning operations should be performed:

  • If the cylinder with foam is half empty, then it will be possible to take advantage later. You do not need to unscrew the sealant and wash the gun, on the contrary, it should only wipe the nozzle tool from the residues of foam with a cloth moistened with acetone or other solvent and put a pistol with a cylinder down for storage. In this form, the sealant can be used for five months.

  • If the balloon is empty, it should be unscrewed.
  • To correctly clean the tool, it is worth fastening a solvent can. Then skip fluid through the whole mechanism. This will avoid drying foam inside.
  • For the external cleaning of the gun, you can use a cloth moistened in acetone.
  • If the foam dried inside the gun, then you can disassemble it with your own hands and make cleaning inner parts.

How to choose a gun for mounting foam, look in the following video.

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