Pink ceramic tile: beautiful ideas in the interior

Ceramic tile at the moment is one of the most sought-after finishing materials. It has not only good operational qualities, but also a large range of colors and designs. Now its use is not limited to the bathroom. It was widely used in the decoration not only the walls, but also the ceilings, and also do not forget about the kitchen aprons, where its use is due to heat-resistant and ease of cleaning.

In the interior, the ceramic tile looks stylish and expensive, but only if it is correctly selected and harmoniously combined with other elements of the interior. Our article will talk about pink ceramics.

Benefits of material

The stakes of ceramics include the following features:

  • resistance to wear and long service life;
  • ability to carry out heat;
  • high fire safety class;
  • Ease of use, easy to clean;
  • Environmental and hygienic qualities;
  • does not fade and is not deformed during operation;
  • the ability to choose almost any design.

Ceramic tile does not lose its properties during operation, not erased and not deformed from external factors. The service life on the floor reaches 50 years, and on the walls even more. The tile is produced in various shapes and sizes, it can be glossy, embossed, matte, textured. Modern technologies allow you to combine all these types of design in one tile.

Color features

Pink color is always associated with a gentle and romantic style. And long enough use was limited to the interiors of the rooms for girls. However, now everything has changed, designers introduce this color for the interiors of the bathroom, as well as bedrooms, living room, kitchen. He has a large number of shades and halftone. It is perfectly combined with other flowers and looks great in different interior solutions.

But do not forget about the sense of measure. Too much pink color will not emphasize the highlight of the interior, but will fully respond to itself.

Combination with other details

When choosing a pink tile, you should turn your attention on how it will be combined with the rest of the room and the elements of its filling. Pink color perfectly harmonizes with all the shades of white, whether it is snow-white, ivory or cream. Dilution and combination of these colors will help create a harmonious space in which it is pleasant to be not only the ladies, but also male faces. Combining such a tile with light tones of furniture, accessories, gender and ceiling, as well as preferring the snow-white plumbing, you will be able to achieve a wonderful effect.

If you choose a pink tile, you should pay attention to pastel and nude variations. In this case, you will not get too bright spots in the interior. If you like very saturated and bright shade of pink color, then do not rush to get upset. Combining it with lighter shades of the tile of the same manufacturer, you can get an interesting result.

The combination of pink with shades of green can add freshness to your interior. But combinations with orange, blue and yellow is better to avoid. This applies not only to wall decoration, but also selection of accessories for a bathroom or another room and textile color, which will then be used.

Use in the interior

If you decide to use pink tile in the interior, it is better to pay attention to glossy models. Gloss allows tiles to look more elegant, but at the same time gentle and spectacular. If you are planning to combine tiles with staining of the walls, then you should pay attention to the matte paints. In combination with glossy pink tiles, matte coloring will give an additional highlight to your interior.

The choice of tiles with ornament or monochromatic is influenced by other factors. The size of the room is played here, the area covered with tiles, the size of the ornament and its drawing. In each case, the choice will be individual.

  • Classic light pink Hue creates a noble and elegant interior. The combination of it with white and gold colors will help create an expensive bathroom image. Combining shades and halftone, you can achieve an exquisite effect with minimal use of decorative elements.
  • Light pink Will look great in the interior weathered in the style of Provence. This is a great solution for designing a kitchen or dining area. The combination of pale pink tones with white and the color of young grass will give a feeling of freshness.
  • Bright pink most appropriate in combination with modern style. In this case, it perfectly harmonizes with white, shades of brown, especially chocolate, black and olive flowers.

How to choose a tile, look in the video below.

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