Paint for the walls of Tikkurila: Features of choice

In addition to the design of walls with the help of wallpapering in the interior, coloring is often used. Paint for walls provides freedom of choice by its diverse color palette, ease of application to the surface and the possibility of fast repainting in another color. In the Russian market, a special place among paints and varnishes is the company Tikkurila.

Features of choosing paint for the walls of Tikkurila

The quality of the result obtained, the view of the interior in general and service life depends on the selection. Such important features, as the resistance and safety of coloring substances, are primarily caused by its composition. Depending on it, several main types of paint ticcury with different characteristics, based on which the required option occurs.

  • Water-emulsion composition Popular in the market of building materials due to its valuable characteristics. Its advantages include light and reliable staining of different types of surfaces, no reaction to alkali and fire safety. In addition, the finish coating with proper painting has a wonderful appearance, and the price pleases buyers. Poly-emulsion paint ticcuril can be applied only on the wall, previously painted by a similar composition or a clean surface, which is a small disadvantage.
  • Alkyd composition Tykkurila colors are divided into enamel and oil. But the latter do not apply for wall decoration due to the presence of oils in them. But the enamel variety is suitable for these purposes due to the resistance to UV – rays and high dried speed. Especially well, it shows its characteristics on wooden surfaces.

  • Silicate paints have many specific features that allocate them among other species. First of all, it is resistance to fungus and mold, heat resistance and water repellent. Unfortunately, due to the presence of alkali and a poor palette, the work and selection of flowers becomes complex.
  • Adhesive group The fiscal and at the same time the lowest resistance to humidity. It is characterized by simplicity of application and environmentally friendly. But it has a significant drawback: mold is formed in a bad ventilated room on the painted surface.

In addition to the specific features discussed above, several main criteria can be distinguished, which are required for paint:

  • Easy application;
  • quick-drying composition;
  • No sharp odor;
  • Resistance and long service life.

Fortunately, these characteristics correspond to all modern paints offered in the construction market, including the Tikkurila brand. Therefore, attention should be paid to such criteria as the possibility of using in the apartment and the possibility of harmonious color selection.

Opportunity to use in the apartment

Any building materials must necessarily comply with safety standards, especially if they are used for the interior decoration of the apartment. All types of Tikkurila paints and varnishes are environmentally friendly and harmless. In addition, their assortment contains such types, paints as latex, PVA and acrylic. They are considered the most suitable for use in residential premises due to their secure composition and vapor permeability.

The property of vapor permeability ensures maintenance of comfortable humidity, Therefore, such finishing materials can be used in bathrooms. And the safe composition involves the use of harmless components. Tikkurila’s paint does not provoke allergies in adults and children, which is confirmed by numerous tests.

Before buying, you need to make sure that the paint will cause long-term operation in the apartment, that is, stealing the effect of ultraviolet rays and weak mechanical effects. In addition, the surface must be cleaned, and therefore it must be resistant to detergents. Tikkurila EURO PESTO 10 perfectly copes with frequent wash. The resulting washable surface is not subject to even power to clean.

The choice of finishing materials does not last depend on the type of room. The bathroom needs moisture-resistant, for kitchens – heat-resistant, for bedrooms – safe and vapor-permeable, and for entrance halls – wear-resistant materials.

Tikkurila’s paint can satisfy any need for buyers:

  • Euro 3 is perfect for children’s and hospital institutions;
  • Remontti Assa is used in those places where constant cleaning is needed, for example, in the kitchen;
  • FINNGARD is often used to dye the walls of stores and supermarkets.

Decide with the purchase will help and the type of surface you are going to paint. For example, Harmony shades group can cover wooden, concrete and brick wall surfaces. The type of foundation also affects the consumption of material. This is especially important if the crash paint is used. Because it will be difficult to choose the desired shade.

Recommendations for the selection of wall color

Tint of the future coating – another criterion of choice – determined depending on the degree of illumination of the room. On the one hand, bright rooms need special protection from sunlight. On the other hand, it is possible to use a different palette: from white to graphite. And vice versa, poorly illuminated small rooms are better painted in bright warm tones. And with good artificial lighting, the choice of color is not limited to anything.

The choice of color also affects the style of the interior and the general purpose of the room. Brown shades in the bedroom give comfort, comfort and calm. Yellow accents in the kitchen are charged with cheerfulness and raise the mood in the morning. Neutral tones are often used as the main one, with them the easiest way to combine other colors.

An important criterion about which is often forgotten – this is the presence of shine. Glossy paint looks spectacular and able to reflect the light, thereby making room lighter. But, unlike her, matte hides the irregularities and roughness of the walls. Professional designers are able to harmoniously combine these two opposite characteristics and create an interesting design.

Here are examples of goods of Tikkurila, which meet all the above recommendations and have excellent reviews:

  • Siro Mat refers to the matte coating, which contains in the ruler mainly light shades;
  • Taika collected gold and silver shades with a glossy effect in his palette;
  • Magnetic is used for decorative staining in a matte deep gray color;
  • Joker uses for coloring plastered walls in saturated bright colors.

In conclusion, it can be noted that you should not save when choosing paint for walls, but also no need to overpay. It is best to contact a specialized store, where you will be helped with any question. After all, the competent selection of this product will allow you to enjoy the view of the room for a long time.

About how to combine paints for the walls of Tikkurila, you will learn in the following video.

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