Overview of the types of gas masks

Individual protection products – gas masks appeared at the moment when the first gas attacks were carried out in the history. These devices are used and still. During its functioning, they saved thousands of lives. The gas mask is able to effectively protect the person from hitting it in its body any malicious substances. Gas mask closes almost all head: eyes, breathing bodies and t. D. Not every person knows that today there is a wide variety of such protective devices. Today in our article we will look at the existing varieties of gas masks, as well as their distinctive characteristics.

What are the protection method?

First of all, it must be said that today there is a huge number of various classifications of gas masks, which are based on various characteristics of personal protective equipment data (SIZOD). Gas masks contribute to the human body do not penetrate the carbon monoxide, radiation, ammonia and t. D. According to the principle of protective action, the device is divided into several types as follows.


The design of this type includes a special filtering box (from here and the name of the category of gas masks), which protects the human respiration organs and retains the overall health of the body. So, Filter models are used in the event that there are substances in the air, the propagation of which can be suspended only by means of a mechanical filter or chemical reaction. Thus, a person who uses the filter protective agent continues to breathe atmospheric air that surrounds it.

However, before getting into the human body, this air passes a thorough and multistage cleaning procedure.

It should be borne in mind that the filter version will be able to secure a person far from all threats, so you should evaluate the surrounding environment in advance before you wear a filter gas mask. Besides, Filtering box, which is the main functional element, can effectively and correctly function only for several hours, after which needs a mandatory replacement. In the process of selecting and using a filtering gas formation, you should pay attention to the existing marking (it usually consists of numbers and letters). For example, the figure “1” indicates a rather low level of protection (the number of poisoning substances in the atmosphere should not exceed the figure of 0.2%).


In addition to filtering, there are insulating gas masks. Their main functional part is a special unit with a compressor box, due to which this specification is considered more modern and perfect. The insulating agent of protection is traditionally used if there is a certain disadvantage of oxygen. The model is considered universal. The main difference of insulating from the filter type is that in the first case (in contrast to the second), a person breathes not purified by the ambient air, and clean, which enters the body through the respiratory organs from a separate source.

At the same time, insulating gas masks are usually divided into 2 main types: autonomous and hose.

Autonomous gas masks are suitable if a person has its own compressed air compressor box. Hose gas masks provide access to a person from an external source through a specially intended hose. In addition, there are combined varieties that combine the characteristics of both species described above.

Classification by appointment

Another classification of gas masks divides the means of individual protection into several major categories, depending on the scope of their application. Consider the distinctive characteristics of the main of them.


Applied in the military gas mask are characterized by a high level of reliability and strength. Besides, According to its functional and constructive characteristics, they are universal. Such gas masks are compulsory included in the standard equipment set of a domestic serviceman. In addition to the military, this specification also uses representatives of other specialized structures: for example, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.


Such devices are used in case of emergency situations. Individual defense funds are issued to the civilian population (hence the name of the variety).

The distinctive characteristics of such gas masks include the fact that the process of their production does not require large financial costs, nevertheless, gas masks are distinguished by a high level of reliability and strength.

During the manufacturing process, low-quality materials are used (compared to the military).


Such protection means are applied by employees of the enterprise, which in the course of their professional duties in any way contact with poisonous or malicious substances.


Such gas masks differ significantly in size, as they are intended to protect the respiratory organs of small children. It should be noted that Several varieties of children’s gas masks stand out: For example, there are special models for babies, which are rubber masks with a metal basis.

Thus, Existing gas masks are divided into a large number of groups. It is very important to choose exactly the device that will be optimal for you in a particular situation.

Varieties of efficiency classes

When studying the classification of existing copies now, you must pay attention to the table of protective devices depending on the class of efficiency. So, This indicator will definitely indicate the corresponding marking.

  • The letter a” indicates that the gas mask will protect you from the vapors and gases of organic substances, the boiling point of which exceeds the rate of 65 degrees Celsius. These substances include cyclohexane, benzene, phenol and t. D. In the presence of color labeling you will see a brown tint.

  • Gas masks with marking “B” Used to protect human breathing organs from inorganic elements: chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, iodine and mn. Dr. Color designation is performed in a gray color.

  • Yellow designation “E” Inherent individual protection tools that are used if acidic gases and pairs are used in atmospheric air (for example, phosphine or sulfur dioxide).

  • Letter “K” – Marking of gas mask, which protects you from ammonia and its derivatives. Typically, such gas masks are made in green.

  • Designation “P” It is indicated on such personal protective equipment that are intended for use in the event that there are a large number of aerosols in the air (for example, smoke or dust).

  • Comprehensive designation “Ah” Indicates that, putting on this gas mask, you can feel safe about various forms of hazardous organic substances that boil at temperatures lower than 65 degrees Celsius.

  • English letter combination “HG” Normally leave on gas masks that are used to protect the human body from mercury vapor. Color designation in this case is red.

  • Letters “CO” and purple colors are inherent in gas masks that will protect you from carbon oxides.

  • Combination of letters “NO” And blue color indicate that the means of individual protection can be used if nitrogen oxides were found in the air.

    Thus, today there is a wide variety of gas masks that can protect a person from almost any malicious organisms.

    Terms of Use

    In addition to theoretical knowledge of existing types of gas masks, each person must have practical knowledge regarding their use. Wherein For the civilian population, filtering means of individual protection are usually intended, respectively, on them should be navigate. So, in the event of a danger, first of all, it is necessary to protect your mucous membranes, which means that you need to close your eyes and delay your breath. Next you need to remove a special gas stress.

    In order to put it on, positioning his fingers inside the gas mask (the exception is the big fingers to be left outside).

    Starting to wear a gas mask need from below, putting an individual means of protection for his chin. Now you need to exhale and sharp movements to pull gas masks on your face. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the folds do not formed, but if they are formed, they must be reinforced. After that you can open your eyes.

    When using a gas mask (regardless of its type), it is necessary to monitor its cleanliness and integrity. It is necessary and on a regular basis, wipe the gas mask lenses. Make sure that the functional elements of the gas mask (filter or compressor box) work correctly and efficiently.

    In the process of wearing a gas mask, it is necessary to ensure that in no case the sealing of the means of individual protection is not disturbed. Keep in mind that wearing a gas mask is uncomfortable, it can deliver great discomfort. When using the device, it is necessary to follow all the advice and recommendations of specialists.

    Thus, today there is a wide variety of types of personal protective equipment. For that In order for the protective agent effectively defended the human body from the malicious components available in the atmospheric air, it is very important to pay attention to the type of device. At the same time, pay attention not only to the nature of pollutants, but also their concentrations. Remember that your health or even life may depend on the choice of gas mask.

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