Overview of “smart” takes

Earplugs have long been not limited to their main function. Of course, they successfully compensate for the harmful effects of sounds. But the survey of “smart” takes shows that these models have a number of other important properties.

What are you and for what you need?

The term “smart” earplugs hints that under their creation, modern innovative technologies are used. The cost of such products is quite large. Their developers assure that it will be possible not to be isolated from outside sounds, but also to create an individual comfortable environment. Announced the ability to extinguish:

  • snore;
  • Sounds in neighboring apartments and houses;
  • noise passing transport;
  • noises when moving a train or aircraft;
  • Loud music.

    The principle of work turns out to use active noise reduction. Microphone Calls Outside Sounds. The processor processes these noises and recognizes their features. Thanks to the special algorithm, the most effectively is selected, quickly “antihose”. Special speaker answers for their issuance.

    It is worth noting that the quality of quenching of foreign sounds is much higher than that of standard takes. But not always the electronics time to respond to suddenly appearing noise.

    But with monotonous sounds, especially rhythmic, the system copes well. According to expert research, modern samples are confidently working with sounds of different frequencies and volume.


    Electronic earplugs usually apply so that you can sleep calmly. They are used both at home and in hotels, on long journeys. Part of the devices are made with alarm clock, which allows you to additionally insure the desets and save money. Along with this, some models can apply:

    • Divers – reduce the harmful effects of pressure drops, and at the same time exclude water from entering the ear canal;
    • Swimmers – also block water from entering, without lowering audibility;
    • Motorcyclists, drivers of scooters, mopeds and quad bikes – for greater hearing safety;
    • Musicians – during professional and amateur performances, rehearsals;
    • passengers of aircraft – to prevent the feeling of the stuffy ears, often occurring at large altitudes;
    • Ordinary people – most often they choose earplugs of universal destinations.
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    Many budget category devices have foam execution. With its tasks, such an equipment copes well. However, it is unable to last long. Rubber models have to insert deep into the auditory passages, which gives discomfort and sometimes cause health problems. Solid silicone varieties are practical, and elastic more convenient, but relatively short-lived.

    Long employee sheet silicone is characterized by increased mechanical stiffness. Cleaning it easy. The advantage of silicone structures consists in their convenience and absolute indifference to the impacts that the environment is usually provided. Under the influence of sweat, ear sulfur and contained in the atmifer gases Silicon does not change its properties. Skin irritation is also eliminated, which is so often occurring when using other low-quality materials.

    Wax structures are comfortable and anatomic. Their structure allows nothing to push into a hearing pass. Such models can be used many times. And yet over time, the quality will deteriorate steadily.

    But when using wax takes, you can almost forget that they are, in general, there are.

    Top best models

    Hush Plugs – Excellent Hypoallergenic Device. Specially thought-out digital speakers allow you to simply fix it outside. Reliable protection is guaranteed from any noise volume more than 25 dB. In addition to playing pre-installed melodies, the use of the alarm mode is also available.

    During wearing earless, externally invisible.

    BOSE SLEEPBUDS Externally similar to standard headphones. Blocking external sounds occurs at the highest level. Also, as in the previous model, playing melodies or the use of alarm clock. There are three different sizes; Autonomous work is guaranteed until 6 hours in a row. There is a number of particularly soothing sounds.

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    Etymotic MusicPro Earplugs can be a good choice. But it is worth noting that the noise cancellation option is not too efficient. Distinguish the product from ordinary headphones only the absence of cables. Problems can deliver and the harness of a number of parts.

    With the loud music of the accessory, however, copes, but not to the end.

    Attention deserves and Kill Noise. In appearance, they are rather similar to the stepper earplies used by the musicians. With the help of the regulator, you can specify which sounds to skip. Possible setting for skipping votes, phone calls. You can simultaneously use two devices or only one (to better control what is happening around).

    Review at Bose SleepBuds in video.

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