Overview of Rubankov “Interskol”

Not only labor productivity, but also the safety of the master depends on the reliability and convenience of the joinery tool. Therefore, preparing for the acquisition of new tools, you should familiarize yourself with the review of the rules of the company “Interskol”.


Interskol was founded in Khimki near Moscow in 1991. In 1998. The company has united with the plant IMZ, and in 2002 built a new factory into a bull. By 2008. Total production exceeded 2 million tools per year. In 2009. The company was reorganized into the Russian-Chinese enterprise ICG, and part of its production facilities was transferred to the PRC. In the same year, the company bought the Italian manufacturer of joinery tool “Felisatti”.

From the products of most competitors “Interskol” are distinguished:

  • simplicity and reliability of the design;
  • low cost;
  • stanne of aluminum alloy;
  • ergonomic and minimalistic design;
  • a relatively small number of additional functions;
  • the possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner to the pipe emissions;
  • high mass (reduces vibration during operation, but makes it more complex and tedious).


Currently, Interskol company produces such models of electrical rules.

  • R-82/650 – Simple home handmade model with a capacity of 0.65 kW at a speed of up to 16,000 rpm. Planing width – 8.2 cm, cutting depth – 2 mm. Provide a quarter sampling mode.

  • P-82/710 – home option with a capacity of 0.71 kW, the speed of rotation of the cutting part – up to 12500 rpm.
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  • P-82 / 710m – Modernization of the previous model, which is distinguished by the starting current, by inclined with knives on the working part and the wedge mechanism for moving the front bed, which significantly improves the quality of the surface obtained, as well as the presence of smooth starting modes and maintaining revolutions.

  • R-102 / 1100EM – Domestic companking with a capacity of 1 kW. Rotation speed – 11000 rpm, stroke width – 10.2 cm, cutting depth – up to 2.5 mm. Supports the same regimes as the previous model, as well as equipped with overload protection.

  • R-110 / 1100m – manual option with a capacity of 1 kW at a speed of up to 16000 rpm and a width of cut into 11 cm (depth up to 3 mm). Supports a smooth start and restriction of the start current.

  • R-110-01 – semi-professional version with bed. Power – 1.1 kW, speed up to 16000 rpm, stroke width 11 cm, depth – up to 3 mm. Equipped with a V-shaped groove, side focus and smooth start mode.

  • R-110 / 1150EM – semi-professional manual model with a capacity of 1.1 kW. Characteristics are similar to the previous option. Additional supports start current restriction, random re-enable protection and rotation speed mode.

  • R-110 / 2000m – Powerful (2 kW) Professional shutter with a width of 11 cm and a depth of 3.5 mm. Supports a smooth start and sampling of a quarter.

How to choose?

When choosing it is worth considering such parameters.


The higher this parameter, the greater depth of the cuticle will be able to provide a device. Besides More powerful plans can be used to treat more hardwood wood:

  • from 0.45 to 0.6 kW – for soft wood density density less than 540 kg / m3 (pine, poplar, chestnut);
  • from 0.6 to 1 kW – used for wood processing with a density of 540 to 730 kg / m3 (maple, birch, apple tree);
  • from 1 to 1.5 kW – such a tool can be treated with any wood, including the hardest (oak, acacia, ash);
  • From 1.5 to 2 kW – semi-professional and professional devices intended for rapid processing of a large number of large billets.
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Drum speed

From the rotational speed of the cutter, the smoothness of the surface obtained after processing is depends on:

  • up to 12000 rpm – such plans are intended for roughing, the surface after them requires additional grinding and is covered with burrs;
  • from 12,000 to 14000 rpm – the average category of the instrument, provide a relatively flat and high-quality surface, are used in everyday life and construction;
  • from 14,000 to 18,000 rpm – finishing plates, provide the highest surface quality and apply in furniture production.

Width treatment zone

Another important indicator that defines the performance of the work is the width of the cut:

  • up to 10 cm – household models intended for home repair and construction work;
  • from 10 to 20 cm – semi-professional options for home-based workshops;
  • from 20 cm – professional sawmills.

Depth of propyl

This parameter depends on the power and features of the structure and determines the thickness of the wood layer, removed in one pass:

  • up to 1 mm – model for finishing and fit;
  • from 1 to 2 mm – household versions that are used in repair and construction;
  • From 2 to 4 mm – professional plans for processing a large number of large billets.

Additional features and accessories

When choosing it is worth paying attention to the package and the possibility of the instrument:

  • The folding shoe will save you from the need to keep the planer on weight for some time after the disconnection until the drum continues to rotate;
  • Smooth start will increase the safety of work immediately after launch, since the cutting part will accelerate more slowly;
  • Maintaining the speed of rotation will improve the quality of material processing and increase safety due to the fact that the plane will stop “accelerate” in areas with less hardness;
  • Quarter sampling mode – will allow you to perform in the workpieces of P-shaped grooves (such plans are usually completed with parallel focus);
  • fastenings for installation on the face – the plans equipped with this option can be fixed in the reverse position and used as a fugance;
  • V-shaped groove – allows you to shoot high-quality face chamdes;
  • Two-way sawdust emissions – allows you to choose the direction of waste disposal, which makes it easier to work with a tool in a limited space.
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We offer to familiarize yourself with the features of the work of Rubankov “Interskol” in this video.

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