Overview of Rubankov Dewalt and customer tips

Dewalt has a solid reputation and can offer a lot of interesting products. That is why it is so important to any home master Get acquainted with the review of the Rubankov Dewalt. But it is still necessary to pay attention to the selection advice that professionals give.

Features of power tools

Describing the planer Dewalt even briefly, it is difficult to abandon such a characteristic of their properties, as High surface treatment. That is why the products of this company are popular.

Designers took care so that the chips are removed at once from two sides. Management was significantly optimized by using rubberized handles.

Chamfers are removed better due to the presence of 3 grooves.

Reviews note:

  • The fitness of the dewalt electrrucks to the long-term (up to 6-8 hours in a row) work;

  • strictly professional execution;

  • absolute reliability;

  • high strength;

  • The main construction worked out over many years;

  • A well-thought-out system for protecting operators from shock.

Review models

An attractive model of Dewalt equipment is D26500K. The power of this Rubanka is equal to 1.05 kW. Internal knives are made of selected solid alloys. Special adapter for vacuum cleaner. The package includes a special guide, with which it is easy to choose a quarter. Effort developed by the motor is quite enough to handle the harden rocks of the tree. Front handle Allows very thin (with a pitch of 0.1 mm) adjust the planing depth. Other parameters:

  • 3 grooves for work with chamfering;

  • weight of 7.16 kg;

  • Rotation speed of the shaft 13,500 revolutions;

  • Sound volume when working not more than 99 dB;

  • output power 0.62 kW;

  • Quarter sample to a depth of 25 mm.

As for the model DW680, then its electrical capacity is only 0.6 kW. Planing depth can be 2.5 mm. Packing weight – 3.2 kg. Typical knife in width reaches 82 mm. Still worth noting:

  • Volume with no more than 97 dB;

  • electric motor rotating at a speed of 15000 revolutions per minute;

  • Drive output power 0.35 kW;

  • meals only from the mains;

  • a sample of a quarter to a depth of 12 mm;

  • lack of a smooth start.

Network planer D 6500K plasted to a depth of 0-4 mm. The magnitude of the knife, as in the previous case, 82 mm. Pleases the guide of parallel type. Ejector sawdust works right and left equally efficiently. It is also worth noting the sole of 320 mm long and 64-mm drum. There is a Dewalt in the assortment and reliable battery rules. We are talking about a modern brushless model DCP580N. It is designed for voltage 18 in. Motor develops speed of 15000 revolutions per minute. Other parameters:

  • Sole with a length of 295 mm;

  • Supply without batteries and chargers (they are purchased separately);

  • Choosing a quarter to a depth of 9 mm;

  • 82-mm knives;

  • Total weight of 2.5 kg.

How to choose?

As with the choice of equipment of other brands, first It is necessary to decide whether the electric network or rechargeable ruble is needed. The first type is suitable for an ordinary private house, an urban apartment or equipped workshop.

The battery device is used in dachas, in country houses and in other places where no power supply is. But it can also become a temporary assistant when turning off the current.

Yes I about increased mobility forget not. Main characteristics should be studied carefully. Of course, The device performance must comply with the needs of the owner. Power in everyday life may limit 0.6 kW. All that is more powerful 1 kW, is suitable sooner for a small workshop. The engine speed indicates how fast the tool will cope with the same amount of work.

Ideally, it is necessary to focus on the plane with knives of the same or slightly greater widths, like boards that will mainly process.

If it is immediately known that it is necessary to work with the blanks of a very different width, it is better to buy several devices than to suffer with one product.

Mass of household electruruck does not exceed 5 kg. But for industrial needs, you can also take a tool from 8 kg. Still worth considering:

  • Ergonomic design;

  • degree of electrical protection;

  • time of continuous operation;

  • Reviews of a specific model.

Overview Electrureanka DEWALT D26500K See next video.

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