Overview of Network Filters and Extenders APC

In the conditions of an unstable power grid, it is important to reliably protect the device-consumers from possible power drops. Traditionally, for this purpose, network filters are used, combining the extension functionality with the electrical power supply unit. Therefore, it is worth considering the review of popular models of network filters and extension cords of the famous APC company, as well as familiarize themselves with the tips on their choice and correct use.


The rights to the APC brand belong to American Power Conversion, which was founded in 1981 in the vicinity of Boston. Until 1984, the company specialized in solar energy, and then reproed to develop and release the UPS for PC. In 1986. Firm moved to Rhode Island and significantly expanded production. Gradually, the range of firm was replenished with different types of power electrical equipment. By 1998, the company’s turnover reached 1 billion dollars.

In 2007, the firm was absorbed by the French industrial giant Schneider Electric, which retained the brand and production facilities of the company.

However, a part of electrical equipment under the APC brand has since started produced in China, and not only in American plants.

APC network filters have such differences from most analogues.

  • Reliability and durability – APC technology has a rich history and for a long time was considered the standard of quality in the field of protection of equipment from voltage surplus. After changing the leadership of the company’s position in the world market, it was slightly staggered, but in our days the company can boast the highest quality of products and the long service life. The APC filter is almost guaranteed the safety of your technique even in the most unstable power grid. The warranty period for different models of filters is from 2 to 5 years, however, when it is properly operation, they are able to work without replacing up to 20 years. Depending on the length of the cord, different models protect the area from 20 to 100 square meters.
  • Available service – The company has a wide network of partners and certified SC in all regions of Russia, therefore, the warranty and aged service of this technique will not be a problem.
  • Application of safe materials – production is used by plastic of a new generation, which manages to combine fire safety and resistance to mechanical damage with environmental purity. Thanks to this, APC filters, unlike models of Chinese companies, do not have a pronounced “plastic smell”.
  • Modern design and rich functionality – Products of the company follows fashion trends both in ergonomics and in ensuring the current needs of modern users, so many models are equipped with USB sockets.
  • The complexity of self-repair – To protect against unauthorized access and ensure the safety of users, screw connections in filters are made with a calculation for disassembly in a workshop, so it is very difficult to repair this technique.
  • High price – American-made devices can be attributed to the premium market segment, so they will cost much more expensive than Chinese and Russian analogues.
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Review models

Currently, the company produces two varieties of goods intended for the protection and switching of electrical appliances, namely: stationary network filters (in fact, adapters for outlet) and extension filters. “Ordinary” extension cords without a filtering unit in the range of companies are missing. Consider popular in the Russian market model of the device produced by the company.

Network filters

Currently, the most popular such filters of the APC Essential Surgearrest series without extension core.

  • PM1W-RS – Budget version of protection, which is an adapter with 1 connector inserted into the outlet. Allows you to connect a power to 3.5 kW with a working current to 16 A. Provides protection against bursts with instant current of up to 24 ka. The LED on the housing signals that the output characteristic of the power grid does not allow the filter to ensure the protection of the device included in it, so the power must be temporarily disabled. Equipped with a reusable auto stitch.

  • PM1WU2-RS – option of the previous model with 2 additional protected USB connectors.

  • P1T-RS – option PM1W-RS filter with an optional RJ-11 standard connector, which is used to provide telephone or modem communication lines.

Extension cords with filter

Among the extension cords of the Essential Surgearrest, such models are most popular in the Russian Federation.

  • P43-RS – Standard Filter “Classical Design” with 4 Eurores and Switch, as well as 1 m long cord. Maximum power consumers – up to 2.3 kW (current up to 10 A), maximum peak interference current – 36 ka.

  • PM5-RS – differs from the previous model by the number of connectors (+1 EUROPART rosette).
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  • PM5T-RS – Option of the previous filter with an additional connector to protect telephone lines.

From the semi-professional SurgearRest Home / Office line, such filters are most popular.

  • Ph6T3-RS – model with original design, 6 Eurores and 3 connectors to protect telephone lines. Maximum power consumer 2,3 kW (current up to 10 a), peak current surge 48 ka. Cord length – 2.4 meters.

  • PMH63VT-RS – differs from the previous model the presence of connectors to protect the coaxial data line (audio and video equipment) and Ethernet networks.

Professional Surgearrest Performance Series is represented by such extension cords.

  • PMF83VT-RS – model with 8 Eurores, 2 connectors for a telephone line and 2 coaxial connectors. 5 meters cord length. The maximum power of consumers is 2.3 kW (at a current of 10 A), maximum peak overload up to 48 ka.

  • PF8VNT3-RS – Differs in the presence of connectors for the protection of Ethernet networks.

Choice rules

To choose exactly the model that is best suited for your conditions, it is worth considering such characteristics.

  • The desired nominal power It can be estimated by having losing the maximum power of all possible consumers, which should be connected to the filter, and then the dominant value obtained on the stock coefficient (about 1.5).
  • Defense efficiency – To find the desired model, it is worth assessing the likelihood of overvoltage in your electric grid, as well as amplitude and frequency of noticeable high-frequency interference.
  • Number and type of sockets – It is important to know in advance which consumers will connect to the filter and which plugs are used in them. Also worth deciding in advance whether you need a secure USB port.
  • Length of cord – To estimate this parameter, it is worth measuring the distance from the planned location of the device to the nearest outlet.

It is worth adding to the obtained value at least 0.5 m, so as not to lay the Wire “Dash”.

User manual

When installing and using protective equipment, it is worth adhere to the recommendations set forth in the instructions for its operation. Basic precautions that should be adhered to, such.

  • Do not attempt to install a filter if a thunderstorm rages on the street.
  • Always apply this technique only indoors.
  • Follow the indoor microclimate restrictions installed by the manufacturer in which the device is used (it cannot be used under conditions of high humidity and temperature, as well as apply to connect equipment for aquariums).
  • Do not include electrical appliances in the device, the total power of which exceeds the value indicated in the filter.
  • Do not try to independently blame broken filters, it can lead not only to the loss of warranty, but also to the exit of the instruments connected to them.
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In the next video, it is described how to choose the right network filter.

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