Overview of HDMI extenders over twisted pair

Sometimes there is a need to connect a video excavation with a HDMI interface to video transmission. If the distance is not too big, an ordinary HDMI extension is applied. And there are situations that you need to connect the TV and a laptop computer when using HDMI to a long distance over 20 meters. An acceptable cord from 20-30 meters is expensive, and it is not always possible to pave it. Here will come to the rescue HDMI cable over twisted pair.


The HDMI extension in twisted pair will provide the last possibility in cases of the absence of a standard HDMI extension.

The signal extension or repeater is a set of devices that can be taken, recycle and transmit further digital information for considerable distances. With its own type, the device is a small-dimensional box with ports for cord. It is located in front of the receiver.

The device includes an equalizer, the function of which is to align and enhance the signal – this allows you to get information without deformation and interference.

If the extension in twisted pair has a size of 25-30 m, then you can use the simplest transmitters. They do not have an external nutrition, but non-airing, because inside them there is a chip, the feeding of which is at the HDMI extension.

The manufacturer identified the largest range of video transmission equal to 30 m. As practice shows, the product works using a cable relating to category 5E, on a plot up to 20 m, and if the size is greater, the signal is not felt. At the same time, if you believe the reviews of some users, even when the signal is transmitted to small distances, difficulty is formed.

Types and destination

If there was a need to use HDMI’s elongation along twisted pair, it is well used to use high-quality twisted pair of copper.

If you need to transfer video to a distance of more than 20 meters, the best will be the use of an effective HDMI on a twisted pair with an external feed. The manufacturer of this product is determined by the transmission of video 1080 P at a distance of more than 50 m, subject to use of twisted pair of 6 categories. As practice shows, the use of such a cable on a twisted pair of type 5e is functioning in a period of up to 45 m. Such a complete set of the receiver and the transmitter allows the transmission of the infrared signal from the DU device – this allows you to remotely manage the video source.

Another view of the cable has many distinctive features compared to the previous one. The manufacturer determines the distance to which the video signal is transmitted, equal to 80 m, applying tweezed a pair of 5 categories, 0.1 km – 5e categories and 0.12 km – 6 categories.

The transfer of information on such a distance is possible due to the fact that the extension enjoys the TCP / IP protocol. It should be remembered here that for the transmission of a signal to long distances should be used twisted pair of good quality. The one from copper, with a cross section of the vein more than 0.05 cm, makes it possible to transfer information to a distance equal to 0.1 km. If in 80 m to place a switch, the line to which the video will be transmitted by 2 times. In addition, this type of device makes it possible to transfer video from the platform to several reception devices using a local network where there is a switch or router.

Review models

Consider the most common models of HDMI extension cords.

  • Wireless HDMI extension per 100 m VCONN is a model that can transmit signals at a distance of 0.1 km without distortion and interference in the visibility zone. Activity is carried out at a frequency of 5.8 Hz. Wireless WHDI 802 Wireless Technology.11AC. You can get information on any display available: LCD, LED and plasma panels, projectors. During the activity, the device has no overheating. Blocks should be placed in such a place where good ventilation and there are no subject barriers that will weaken the passage of the signal. The kit includes: receiver, transmitter, IR sensor, 2 batteries.

  • 4K HDMI extension + USB KVM vita pair (receiver). To work to work, you should choose a suitable transmitter model. There are 4-bit switching to 16 channels. There is support for Dolby Truehd, DTS-HD Master Audio. Using the device, it is possible to transfer information to the distance 0.12 km. The optimal transmitter is HDCP 1.4.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a suitable HDMI extension cord in twisted pair, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • It is recommended to select the device of the average price category;
  • acquire a high-speed cord with Ethernet;
  • take into account the type of connectors;
  • The size of the cord should be a couple of meters more than required.

Observing these principles, you can purchase a suitable HDMI extendor over twisted pair.

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