Original design versions of stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings are popular and actively used when interior design. Their original design options are able to decorate any room by filling it with sophistication and uniqueness. This design visually transforms the room, focusing on its uniqueness.


Modern stretch ceilings surprise their diversity. Their design includes the most extraordinary ideas that are successfully used in residential buildings and apartments, public visits. With this element of the decor, you can create a special atmosphere in the room, making it the most beautiful and cozy. Professional designers argue that it is stretching designs that are able to fill the room with a special atmosphere and make a certain highlight to the interior. Consider the main advantages of stretch ceilings.

Aesthetic appearance

These designs give the room modern, elegance and uniqueness. The material used does not lose its original view over long years, keeping the saturation of the color and beauty of the texture. It does not deform all the time of operation.

Long service life

Stretch ceilings can decorate the interior under 20 years old, which allows not only to save the budget, but also every day to enjoy the beautiful view of the ceiling.

Strength and security

The material from which stretch ceilings produce is characterized by excellent strength. It is completely safe for health, since it does not contain toxic substances. These designs are able to become a reliable protection against leaks from the apartment from above, withstand heavy loads.

Available cost

Compared to other finishing materials, stretch ceilings are characterized by an acceptable price, which is their big advantage.

The possibility of zoning space

These designs due to the pattern, size and location of the panel can be separated by space of the room into separate functional zones.

Wide range of

Order The model of the stretch ceiling can be in the catalog with a mass of ideas presented for design. Many design solutions contribute to the successful fitting data in the interior of any stylistic directions.

Easy mounting

Constructions provide two types of fastening to the surface of the ceiling. At the same time, both methods do not carry out for everyone, without resorting to the services of professional professionals.

Types of Ceilkov

Constructions in the form of stretch ceilings are a solid and smoothly stretched canvas, which is attached to the ceiling with a special profile. There are several types of product data that differ in the texture and external indicators.


It has a perfectly smooth surface, outwardly resembling painted plaster. It is invisible seams, there are completely lacks and turning light. Interior with such a ceiling looks elegant and beautiful.


It is often called mirror, since the surface of the canvase resembles a mirror. It is considered an ideal solution where there is a need to make the ceiling visually above. The smoothness independently of the color scheme well reflects all photons of lighting at any time of the day.


A feature of this option is the presence of a soft pearlescent gloss, which fills the space with a gentle shine. To create a calm atmosphere, contributing to rest and relaxation, this ceiling will fit perfectly.


Characterized by a simplified installation system without prior heating. Compared to other species, the tensioning structure from textiles can be safely used in cold rooms


Stretch ceilings of this type are distinguished by a clearly pronounced metallic glitter. Interior with a similar ceiling looks stylish and effectively, creating a special atmosphere in the room.


The material from which these variants of stretch ceilings can be combined with almost any texture. Designs with velvet, suede and natural stone. They perform the function of a bright element and the original decoration of the room.

With photo printing

Modern technologies allow you to apply any image to the surface of the canvas. Most often, these ceilings are presented in matte or satin design. The image is applied to the film and textiles. The difference lies in the width of the panels: In textile species, it reaches 5 m, so such a cloth has no seams. Each of these options is harmoniously combined with a common interior, thanks to a wide variety of colors and textures.

Design solutions

Stylish stretch ceilings are always relevant due to its exclusive and original design design. Enough courageous options can be found even in Khrushchev, where they look no less exquisite. These light and beautiful designs are functional and practical, which makes them popular when creating a unique interior. They are easy to care, because to update the surface it is enough to wipe it with a dry or damp cloth.

In order not to overload the space and create the most cozy atmosphere indoors, it is necessary to consider products with different design solutions. In rooms with low ceilings, mirror and glossy designs are beautifully looking, which allow you to visually increase the space. They can be monophonic and with drawing.

Many modern interior design styles are acceptable to use stretch ceilings with photo printing:

  • Gentle and attractive appearance have a model of stretch ceilings with a picture of flowers. Beautiful flower arrangements create an atmosphere of comfort and romance. Properly selected lighting makes the ceiling brighter and saturated.

  • Interestingly looks like products with a certain ornament. The ceiling in such designer decoration gives the room the mystery and creates a feeling of peace.
  • Stretch designs with marine theme design fill the room with freshness. They can be represented in the form of cloths depicting sea waves, ships.
  • For long years, stretch ceilings imitating the starry sky do not lose their relevance. In such an atmosphere, it is always nice to dream, immersed in the pool of memories.

A wide variety of design decisions in which stretch ceilings make up, allows you to choose the most suitable option, based on the type of room, as well as individual wishes of buyers. The use of additional materials in combination with the stretched canvases has the type of art of art.

How to choose for different rooms?

When choosing a suitable version of the stretch ceiling, it is recommended to take into account all the features of a particular room. Each room in the house has its own purpose, so its design must fully comply with this.

Living room

The living room is considered the center of the house, so it should be the most spacious, bright and cozy. The ceiling decoration plays an important role in creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere. When choosing a stretch ceiling in the living room, it is necessary to take into account the fact that this design should be a beautiful continuation of the overall interior, and not look like a separate design element. An excellent solution will be a matte or glossy version of white, which is considered a classic and harmoniously combined with almost any items of decor. Universal canvas creates a feeling of lightness and allows you to visually expand the space.

Correctly selected model of the stretch ceiling allows you to hide the explicit flaws of the base, makes the living room as cozy. The interior in strict style harmoniously complement one-standard fabric variations. Luxury atmosphere will give a two-level stretch design, complemented by a modern backlight system. With it, it is advantageous to emphasize the functionality of each zone, without violating the common idyll. Color selection directly depends on the size of the room and its design.


The bedroom is a room intended for rest and privacy. Designer project of its design must fully comply with this. Beautifully here looks like a fabric stretch ceiling, it contributes to the creation of the atmosphere of coziness. Satin ceiling with a delicate silky surface facing full-fledged relaxation. It is not recommended to use stretching structures of bright and aggressive colors. An ideal solution will be white, cream, light green and blue shades Blinds and drawings. If there is a need to create an atmosphere of passion and fire in the bedroom, it is worth choosing red and black print options.


Children’s room can be the perfect place for the most bold designer experiments. Each child will be delighted, seeing the starry sky on the ceiling, rainbow or characters from favorite cartoons. Bright canvas with glossy surface are appropriate here. Image selection is carried out, based on the age of children, as well as their hobbies. Fabric stretch ceiling with applied photo printing will be the original decoration of the room and the bright element of the entire interior, as it perfectly complements the general idea of ​​design and causes positive emotions.


The kitchen with the stretch ceiling will look beautiful and functionally. Due to his practicality, this product will be the perfect solution for standard kitchen space and modern kitchen-studios. By placing the ceiling by stretch design, you can visually divide the area into several zones, each of which will look in its own way stylish and attractive.

Professional designers recommend choosing the color of the ceiling, taking into account the color gamut of the kitchen headset. Such a combination will allow you to create a good mood and make the interior as stylish as possible. For the kitchen of the stretch ceiling is the most practical finish option, you can hide irregularities on the surface, wiring and even pipes. This type of ceiling decoration is characterized by incomparable resistance to moisture and pollution, which is a big advantage during operation.

The corridor

The corridor often has an insufficient level of natural lighting, a beautiful stretch ceiling with additional illumination will allow you to easily eliminate this problem. A good solution will be the use of a design with a mirror blade, which will noticeably transform space, fill it with comfort. Memorical specimens, varieties with different images are appropriate here. Color gamut depends on the overall interior and personal owners preferences.


Special importance is the level of room lighting. It is necessary to create the most correct system of additional lighting. For this, point lamps are ideal for this, which can be distributed not only around the perimeter of the stretch design, but also in the zigzago. Stretch ceiling, supplemented by these elements, looks attractive and concise. An interesting design approach to interior design allows you to regulate the level of lighting, based on the time of day, as well as individual needs.

If you decorate the ceiling in the built-in backlight, you can get the illusion of realistic and volume. For a special effect, you can create a drawing on the canvas of the built-in LED ribbon. You can decorate the stretch design in different ways. At the same time, if the basis take diode light sources, you can combine them with wall trim. For example, a successful solution will be the highlight of the stretch design with the transition to the wall. At the same time, the lamps can be arranged around the perimeter of the structure.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Modern technologies allow you to produce a wide variety of stretch ceilings models, each of which looks in its own way stylish and original.

Beautiful stretch designs in combination with other elements of the interior fill the atmosphere with comfort and comfort. Special expressiveness and attractiveness they give chandeliers, floor lamps, as well as LED backlight systems. All this noticeably transforms the room, making it the most beautiful and unique.

The unusual and original interior decoration serve stretch ceilings, made in design for mosaic. Properly selected color scheme design allows it to organically supplement almost any style of room design, emphasize attention on certain elements of the interior.

Gorgeous and effectively look two-level stretch ceilings. Especially they are relevant in the premises, where you need to visually lift the height of the room. With their help, you can implement the most ambitious solutions, creating unique design compositions.

Aristocratic interior will help to give fabric stretch ceilings, The texture of which can transmit natural skin, suede and other materials. The composition of such products includes a special polyurethane impregnation, which contributes to the preservation of the original quality of the material over the years. The presence of painting or beautiful drawings makes fabric designs truly unique and unique.

Each model of the stretch ceiling, regardless of its design, will become a decent decoration of the room decorated in a classic style and modern direction. For successful design it is important to choose the right drawing, material and texture.

A little more about tensioning ceilings See below in the video.

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