Orbital grinding machines: features and tips for choosing

For repair work, manufacturers offer a huge selection of eccentric grinders. These tools are used to process various materials. Orbital grinders are two types: electric and pneumatic, they are very comfortable, practical and powerful.


Eccentric grinder is designed for finishing different surfaces, such as metal, stone, plastic and wood. These devices are distinguished by grinding the highest quality. The surface without any deficiencies becomes absolutely smooth.

Orbital Machine – Comfortable, Reliable and Easy Tool. The device has a small weight in the range of 1-3 kg, it will not be necessary for a large pressure to work. The power of ESM varies from 300 to 600 W. With low power, the device performs high revs, and with high – low. The main characteristic of the orbital car is the amplitude of the movement. Middle Indicator 3-5 mm.

Maximum disk size – 210 mm.The optimal interval is 120-150 mm. Orbital machines for cleaning plastic, wood and metal planes are used. As well as orbital instruments are used in auto repair shops and furniture enterprises. Simple users also choose similar devices.

Owners often use grinding machines for “garage” workshops. For the “tough” surface cleaning, maximum turns are suitable. For the “fine” plane processing, you need to select the minimum speed.

Principle of operation

The tool is used for final polishing and surface treatment. Orbital grinder has a flat sole. With the help of fastening or velcro on the sole, discs are fixed. For dust removal, perforation is provided. Included there is a dust collector, engine, extra handle, rod and removable network cable.

On the handle of the grinders there is a starting button. In this device there is a regulator controlling the number of revolutions. And there is a switch that changes the course of eccentric. When connecting the apparatus, the sole is spinning around its own axis.

Eccentric machines and reciprocating, and rotational motion, which resembles the movement of the planets in orbit. Because of this, the device and acquired the name – orbital.

What are there?

Today manufacturers offer many different modifications of orbital grinders. Eccentric machines are very popular among all devices intended for processing materials. Orbital grinders high quality handle metal surfaces, wood and plastic, polish surfaces. As already mentioned, appliances are used in auto repair shops for polishing cars and to prepare a car body to paint.

In stores you can see orbital grinders of two types: pneumatic and electric. Differences of the devices from each other are that electric runs from the network, and pneumatic – from compressed air supplied by the compressor.

Basically, the pneumochetal grinding is used in production. Compared to electrical grinding, pneumo-bit has its superiority:

  • Its weight is significantly less, and due to this, this tool is easily used to level the ceilings and walls;
  • Pneumatic grinding can be applied in areas with increased explosion hazard, where the use of an electrical tool is strictly prohibited.

However, for the owners, this device is not so convenient as electric. There are several reasons for this:

  • Extra costs for repair work, purchases and maintenance of the air compressor will be required;
  • Under the compressor you need to highlight place;
  • To use pneumatic machine in another place, you need to move it and the compressor;
  • Continuous sound from the compressor.

Pneumo-core grinders are used in auto repair shop, where there is another special equipment and a powerful compressor. And the rest of users acquire models with electrical drive.

This tool works from the network, very convenient, it is easier and easier to transfer. Electric grinders are connected to a simple outlet, so electrical models are dominated on the market.

What to choose?

When choosing an eccentric grinder, you need to carefully examine its characteristics specified in the document. The main parameter is the power of the device. The main range of models has power from 200 to 600 W. The more powerful grinding, the more it can do the turns. Collect objects with a huge area by applying tools with a capacity of 300-500 W.

The following parameter for selecting the grinders is considered the speed of rotation of the disk. In general, the interval varies from 2600 to 24 thousand turns. For furniture factories, car services and “garage” workshops, models are suitable in which the speed of revolutions ranges from 5 to 12 thousand. And also when buying a device, users consider weight and sizes. Most orbital machines weigh from 1.5 to 3 kg. There are heavier and light grinders.

The size of the grinding disk varies from 100 to 225 mm. Other models use discs of different diameters, for example, from 125 to 150. Select the instrument must be selected depending on the area of ​​the processed products. We need to consider the presence of your own dust collector or the possibility of connecting the vacuum cleaner.

To make the selection of a particular model, you need to decide on the appointment of the device: whether it will be used for woodwork or for body repair. If the workshop is a pneumocompressor, then it is better to purchase a pneumatic device. In other cases, it is better to choose a model with an electrical drive.

Choosing eccentric pneumoshlifmashins, you need to pay attention to air consumption, the number of revolutions and working pressure. The number of turns directly affects the performance of the equipment and the purity of the area processing. The higher this indicator – the more efficient the operation of the pneumorbital machine.

Rating models

Power tools massively apply in construction work. They are needed to perform grinding, polishing and enrollment of concrete, wood, metal and plastered surfaces. Without grinders hard to do. One of the most running types of these devices is orbital (eccentric) grinding.

To date, experts amounted to an overview of the eccentric grinders, which included exclusively proven and practical models.

  • The leader of the rating is Eccentric functional grinder Festool ETS EC 150 / 5A EQ. Its minimum weight and small size with a capacity of 400 W provide rotation to 10,000 rpm. Disk diameter – 150 mm. In the set there is a plate grinding, brake and dust collector. And the development of the EU and high quality assembly contributes to the durability of the grinders.

This device is a high-quality tool that is convenient to work in any position without effort. The quality of grinding always remains at the highest level. It is worth such a model 44 625 p.

  • The second line of the rating occupies Mirka Ceros 650CV grinder with very modest sizes. The power of the device is 350 W, and the speed of rotation up to 10,000 rpm. Disk diameter – 150 mm. This grinding machine is very convenient and reliable, easy to operate in close space. Thanks to the small weight and low vibration, the device can be controlled by one hand without difficulty. Aggregate can be purchased for 36 234 p.
  • Closes the top three leaders Grinder Bosch Gex 150 Turbo. The main superiority is 600 W power with the speed of rotation to 6650 rpm. This unit has a dust collector to which a vacuum cleaner can be connected. Bosch GEX 150 Turbo is a rather complex device, but it is considered one of the most productive grinders. Power tools noisy, but ergonomic and practical, nice to use in work. Such an orbital grinder costs 26,820 p.

  • The fourth place went to the shlifmashin also by the famous German company Bosch Gex 125-150 AVE. This model has a solid capacity of 400 W with a maximum frequent rotation of 12000 rpm. Disc size – 150 mm. Included there is a dust collector and handle. With permanent operation, the VIBRATION-CONTROL system protects hands from the negative effect of vibration. Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE – Undoubtedly Powerful, High Quality and Practical Grinding Machine. The tool well supports turnover, not clogged and practically does not heat. The price of the model is 17,820 rubles.
  • The fifth line of the rating is lightweight, modern grinding with good technical indicators RUPES ER03 TE. With a capacity of 450 W, the device issues from 6000 to 10,000 rpm due to adjustment. Disk diameter – 150 mm. There is a dust collector and comfortable handle. The device can work long and practical thanks to the engine ventilation system. Worth such a device 16 727 rubles.

Operating tips

Applying orbital grinders for work in workshops and furniture workshops, Users must comply with a number of rules for the operation and safety of this equipment:

  • do not use power tools in explosive rooms;
  • Do not expose the tool with wet conditions and influence of rain, as water can damage the device itself;
  • gently handle the electric shower;
  • Gently attach a dust collector to the instrument;
  • Before turning on the product into the outlet, you must check the ON / OFF ON / OFF button, which must be in the “Off” state;
  • When working with grinders, it is necessary to reliably keep the balance;
  • When working with the device, you need to use safety glasses, respirator, safe boots, headphones or hardware;

  • The user must well refer to the tool, it is strictly forbidden to apply worn or torn grinding sheets;
  • For ease of use, the device has an extra handle; need to follow the purity and dryness of the instrument handles;
  • regularly clean orbital grinders each time after use;
  • Store power tools away from children and people who do not have the skills of working with the device.

Grinding orbital machine – powerful, practical tool with modern design. This device is used for grinding various materials. Manufacturers offer a wide range of devices from famous firms. Users are satisfied with the tool, as it can be used for both homework and production.

In the next video you are waiting for the review and test of the orbital grinding machine Makita BO5041K.

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