“Oak Atlanta”: color features

Today, one of the relevant colors from which the furniture is produced is the Atlanta Oak. In this color, a variety of furniture items are made for any interiors, including for classical and modern. Most often you can meet in this color of all sorts of headset from LDSP, much less often – from natural wood. This is due to the fact that such objects of furniture are very expensive, and mostly acquire them to order. In this article, we will know more detail with the advantages and disadvantages of this color, we will find out with what other shades it is combined, as well as consider its application in the interior.

Pros and Cons Colors

Atlanta Oak externally resembles a warm milk color, to some extent even cream. It is a type of color whitewashed oak, which is obtained artificially with the help of various colors. Every year the popularity of shades of white oak grows. Atlanta Oak has a luxurious structure for which it is so often imitated on a variety of surfaces, especially often on kitchen facades, tables, cabinets and other furniture items.

The advantage of this color is also the fact that it will successfully fit into any interior. Of course, the most relevant of all oaks to use in classic design, but it is also perfect for both modern interiors.

With the help of light furniture, you can visually expand the room by adding a special charm and delight. Furniture in the color of Atlanta Oak for a very long time retains its original appearance, especially if it takes time for it in a timely manner. It looks very presentable, bringing a note in the interior.

Of the minuses, of course, you can mention that the light shade is quite brand. It will see any pollution, especially if the dust will not wipe. If the color is imitated on a natural oak, then the price of such products will be very high. But natural wood in this shade can always be renovated if flashes appeared on it.

Combination with other shades

It is known that the white oak shades are perfectly harmonized not only with a bright color scheme, but also with dark. They can be successfully combined not only with the usual black and white color, but also with blue or gold. Atlanta’s oak perfectly harmonizes as clear color. The most successful is a combination of choosing for the hallways of the rooms or living rooms. Also, such a color can be successfully used with a dark tint of wenge. Such a combination is suitable for kitchens, hallways and bedrooms. Today, many manufacturers offer cabinet furniture with such a combination of colors.

Atlanta Oak can be combined with pastel gamut shades, namely – with a violent tinge, gentle pink, beige, blue and mint.

Successful combinations are not excluded with dark shades, especially profitable furniture in the color of the Atlanta Oak can be originated with dark wallpaper or any other contrast finish of walls and floors. NSRisk of a successful combination of close shades to the Atlanta’s oak, you can create a unique and unique interior, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Use in the interior

To date, the use of furniture in bright colors is gaining momentum in all countries. Texture of natural oak in a bright shade recommended designers from around the world to arrange not only apartments, but also houses, various mansions. Light tint of oak with its correct use will always be appropriate and everywhere.

Many top designers use the color of the Atlanta Oak in the interiors of bedrooms. Especially often in this color, not only one-piece bedroom headsets are purchased, but also separately luxurious dressing tables. The winning color looks in the Scandinavian style of the interior, classic, country and Provence. Also in this shade choose written tables for two children in the nursery. You can successfully combine with the bed in the room or the sofa in the bright shade.

We recommend paying attention to the table-transformer in the shade of Atlanta Oak.

If the room is small and there are already bright furniture or light panels on the walls, possibly wallpaper, it is extremely undesirable to add even more light tones to such a room, Namely – use the color of the Oak Atlanta. So you can get the effect of a sterile hospital. In such a room, it is unlikely to be cozy.

Light sleeping set in the color of the Atlanta Oak in the bedroom of the girl you can successfully beat textiles. As accents, you can use the curtains of a dust pink shade, gray or silver plaid for bed, as well as a gentle pink or purple carpet. Finishing materials in the room at the same time it is not necessary to be dark or contrast. Winning in the interior of modern kitchens looks straight and corner headsets in the color of Atlanta Oak. We also recommend paying attention to the combined options for headlights of the Atlanta Oak with Color Wenge.

What does “oak Atlanta” look like, look next.

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