Oak Antique: Color Characteristics

Domestic and foreign manufacturers with an artificial way to make wood to make separation materials in the style of “antique”. Modern designers embody in the interior of the trends of those who have gone. Fashion trend touched oak. In this way, the woodworking enterprises began to produce massive boards, dialing parquet, other elements.


The aged oak elements in the ancient style decorators are considered universal. Their appearance is most often classic, traditionally brown. Of the modern solutions, the color of oak antique was popular, since the samples have texture with artificial irregularities, bitch, processing traces. Colors are offered in an extensive assortment: from light tones to expressive-dark wenge. All oak products are distinguished by a luxurious structure.

Each of the shades is a place when creating interesting and rich interiors. Strong, from nature solid wood is not amenable to rotting, when processing, it gives the surface, repulsive dust. In the complex the durable interior details are obtained. Tinting of the surface, the coating of varnishes in production ensure reliable protection of products from burnout, the appearance of small scratches.

Natural heat wood, its natural comfort is complemented by modern methods of surface treatment of oak products.

Combination with other shades

Manufacturers have developed shades from white to dark brown. There is a lot of golden, grayish tones, which are perfectly combined with classic brown. The main colors of oak antique:

  • White with shades: white, dairy, ash, pearl, vanilla, cream;
  • golden;
  • stained.

Each of the colors has a lot of her shades. In nature, white wood is only in young trees, they do not go into processing. With age, wood darkens, which allows manufacturers or consolidate a natural hue, or give it others using different methods of processing.

Various technologies of whitening different types of wood give materials interesting, expressed distinctive shades. Designers combine bleached oak with sunny-yellow, light lilac, gray, emerald. Interesting contrasting solutions – white combinations with dark, brown, severe gold. Golden Tint – The closest to natural having a light straw shade. A rich golden tone is obtained by coated with varnishes of different colors. In the interior, they successfully combine with warm hive tones. This straw, light and dark brown.

Dark tint oak antique attaches nature. Wood can be any dark tone depending on the variety of wood. Light wood breeds bring to production to different shades of dark by heat treatment.

The most wonderful is the moon oak. In nature, it becomes such if for many years breaks in water. Modern production has developed an artificial way of a filling, which gives wood a wide variety of shades. Artificial waken will help get the smoky shades, so love to decorators of the premises. In the interior dark varieties of oak antique look good with velvety orange, swamp.

Black trees grow in African tropics, jungle. But black shades give wood and artificial formation, seeking natural dark chocolate tone. In the design of the premises, the combination of black oak antique with dark brown, gray tones looks perfectly. Interesting solution – contrast combinations of black with light gray, beige shades.

Modern trend – to enter the color gamut of the Oak shade “Splashes of champagne”.

Use in the interior

Decorators high appreciate the natural aesthetics of wood cutting. Natural large circles created by nature drawing, extensive color gamut of antique style allow you to create inimitable interior views. From oak antique today perform:

  • Parquets;
  • stairs;
  • Interior doors;
  • Plinth.

Oak fuel to different ways of processing makes it possible to achieve an interesting texture, beautiful wood patterns, rich color solutions Even in one embodiment. The diversity of colors and shades of engineering board, LDSP, MDF is an interesting range of combinations of different oak antique in one interior. Most often, the oak antique is used by decorators in the styles of Chalet, Tudorovsky, High Tech.

In the classic and folk interiors, the kitchen decoration, the hall is complemented by decorative elements.

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