Naked Loupes: Features and Secrets of Choice

In the modern world, there are a wide variety of optical devices that help people in performing certain tasks. One of these things is a magnifier.

It is designed to help people with poor eyesight. For example, when reading or knitting, as well as when repairing hours and jewelry.

Advantages and disadvantages

The purpose of the magnifier is a visual increase in the image. Through it, you can see small details that are not visible without visual increase. Watchmakers and jewelers for convenience are commonly used lamps. Nepolid lups have a lot of advantages.

  • Freedom of hand. When fastening a magnifier on the forehead is free and can perform various actions, which is necessary for repairing any mechanisms.
  • Durability. This type of optics is made of wear-resistant materials. The product is not afraid of mechanical damage.
  • Light weight device. Does not give discomfort when used.
  • Small size.
  • Convenience in application. Reliably holds, there is an attachment on the eye.

If the product is backlit, it provides:

  • Good detailed review, you can consider the smallest elements;
  • Allows you to work in low light conditions.

The disadvantages of such optics can be low functionality and non-compliance with modern requirements, if the product is doubtful brand and very low cost.

High quality and stylish design possess the laid lups of only well-known manufacturers. The budget option is most likely not justifying expectations.

What happens?

Naked loupes are:

  • No backlight.
  • With backlit. In this device, the power of the illuminator occurs due to the battery. Backlight is carried out with white LEDs. The direction of light can be adjusted independently.

Assortment of naked devices is quite wide.

  • Binocular Lup. In this device you can adjust the height. The device is intended for use by masters that wear glasses.

  • With the Labo-Med Mount. Has a wide viewing field. Has good specifications. Lupu can use watchmakers who do not wear glasses. And it is easy to replace the lens.

  • With Fastening Labo-Clip. Practical device joining glasses. The advantages of this species – light weight and simple change of lenses.

  • Non Lupa, which is attached to glasses, has an excellent functional solution. This magnifying glass can be fixed on any rim. But not suitable for those who do not wear glasses.

How to choose?

Naked optical devices significantly facilitated the work of the masters, freeing both hands for better fulfillment of the tasks. When choosing an optical device, you need to deal with technical specifications.

  • Degree of increase. Very significant parameter.
  • Type of lenses. Monocular and binocular. As well as one more type – Magnifier with a triple lens coated against glare. She has a good viewing angle and high image enlargement.
  • Material. Lens can be made of glass or plastic, or plastic with aluminum with the addition of fiberglass particles. From what a lens is made, such characteristics, as the strength and service life depend on.
  • Optical power. Measurement value – diopter. So indicate the ability to refract the rays of light.
  • Design features. You can choose a magnifying glass on the head that is fixed on the handbook. Either the one that is inserted right into the eyeboard. Wide demand uses highlighted models.

The main characteristics for selecting an optical instrument are its weight, design size and range from the subject. They must be taken into account by masters so that the product serve longer. When choosing, you also need to pay attention to the brand. At the moment, a large selection of optical products is presented on the market, each buyer can choose the appropriate device. There are several manufacturers with pretty reasonable prices.

  • Swiss brand Horotec. This company produces optical devices. It is engaged in this type of activity since 1946 and managed to conquer the universal confidence of masters around the world. In addition to classic goods, the brand makes a magnifying glass with a thread mount, as well as plastic and aluminum types of rings, low-dimensional devices.

  • Swiss brand bergeon. Products are distinguished by reliability, possess high service life. Have light weight and clear, not blurred image detail.

  • German company Eschenbach. Takes into account all the needs of watch and jewelry masters. So that condensate does not accumulate in products, devices are made with air outlet holes.

Naked magnifier (binocular) backlit is presented in the video further.

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