Multifunctional grinding machines: features and subtleties of choice

Multifunctional grinding machine or renovator is an indispensable tool during construction work, and in everyday life it is often necessary. This device helps to minimize the processing and polishing efforts of various surfaces. But the key to any quality work is a properly selected tool.

How to choose?

When choosing a multifunctional grinding machine, a number of important features should be considered. Usually the choice of the tool is carried out, based on the specific type of work, which will be done to perform. But this grinding machine is because it is called “multifunctional”, because due to the presence of various nozzles, it can be performed a wide range of building and household work. Therefore, such a tool is universal and extremely in demand.

With the help of multifunctional grinders, it is possible to carry out polishing, stripping material from rust and paint.

Choosing a tool, you need to pay attention to some indicators.

  • Food. Standard models of grinding machines work from the mains, that is, from the usual outlet. But access to electricity during construction may be difficult – in this case, you should stop the choice on the accumulator models of the grinding machine. These models have a power supply that is charging from the network, so the tool can be used in the absence of electricity.
  • Power. For standard grinding, it is quite enough power from 200 to 350 W. For this tool, the speed of revolutions does not play a big role. But if a very careful cleaning of the surface is needed from a large amount of rust or paint, it does not hurt the high power tool.

  • Function “Smooth Start”. To date, many manufacturers provide their tools with this feature. It makes the grinder more convenient and increases the level of security, since even a tool with high speed will gain the speed gradually. Together with this function, a revolt stabilizer is usually installed – useful quality to pay attention to when choosing a typewriter. In this case, you can independently adjust the speed of turning tool depending on the type of work or material that should be processed.
  • Convenience. The key to high quality and safe work is the convenience of operating the tool. Choosing a multifunctional grinding machine, you need to make sure that the tool is well lying in hand. Also an important aspect is the weight of the device. Heavy and overall tool hardly work for a long time, and perform weight tasks – especially.
  • Mark. In the modern market there are a large number of different manufacturers of multifunctional grinding machines. But not all manufacturers were able to establish positive. Below is a review of the best models of grinding machines, their main advantages and cons, and most importantly – the rating was made up on the basis of revitalized customers who marked the pros and cons of various models.


In the first place there are grinding machines of production Firms Hammer Lzk. Motors of grinders of this manufacturer have different power and low weight. Most buyers celebrated a whole to List the positive qualities of this tool, among them: the convenience of use, high power, which is combined with a low level of energy consumption, affordable price and durability.

It should also be noted that even with long work, the instrument does not overheat and does not fail. With polishing and grinding, this model copes 100%.

On average, the tool sufficient power from the manufacturer Hammer costs 2000-2500 rubles.

The second place was divided by manufacturers Grinders “Interskol” and Makita. Both instrument brands effectively cope with careful processing and stripping surfaces, have sufficient power. At the same time, the domestic model “Interskol” is extremely low weight (less kilogram), which makes it very convenient in circulation and allows you to work for a long time. Reviews from buyers of data stamps tools generally good.

Among the minuses, purely personal preferences are noted by convenience, and with the main task, both brands cope well.

Also, the domestic brand “Interskol” pleased many owners of their affordable pricing policies – the instrument costs less than 2000 rubles. But a competitor Makita costs about 4000 rubles.

But in third place there are grinding machines manufacturer Bosch. In general, the owners noted that the tool copes well with the work. Some users among the cons. Moreover, the price of data from foreign grinding machines is not small, so they do not use in great demand.

Fourth place is located ENGOR TOOL. The big plus of this grinder is its high power and low cost. It is for the admissibility in price Many users forgave the manufacturer with small disadvantages. Among them, it is worth noting a high level of noise when working, tangible vibration and a short cable for power grid.

So, analyzing the reviewers of various grinding machines, it should be said that each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For some, some minuses will be completely insignificant, and someone because of them will not be able to work with a tool. Therefore, the choice of grinding machine should be carried out according to personal preferences, but learning the above indicators should still be.

It is important to remember that for working with any tool, a huge role is played by the safety technique: it is necessary to keep the device tightly, it is necessary to protect and avoid high humidity, because the grinding machine works from electricity, and check the insulation of the cable before work should be quite carefully.

In the next video, you will find overview of the Bosch PSM 1400 Vent Multifunctional Grinding Machine.

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