Mounting Siding on OSB-Plates

Montage of siding on the OSB-plate is one of the most simple ways of exterior decoration, suitable for the protection of facade walls of buildings and structures. All work is performed in a short time and without too much effort, you can cope with them yourself, without helpers. However, questions about whether it is possible to mount siding directly on the OSB without a crate and with it, there are often enough, which is why in how to put the house with your own hands, it is worth understanding before the start of installation.


Siding – metallic or made of polymeric materials, produced in the form of profiled slats attached on the surface of the walls. Installation on the OSB-slab in this case differs little from other ways to cover buildings. But there is a certain specificity associated with the features of the panels themselves. Initially, high-quality OSB has impregnation, providing her protection against rotting, a set of moisture, the influence of atmospheric factors. But its properties are preserved only in the absence of damage in the structure of the slab itself.

In the event that there are holes from the screws or chip in the design, the moisture can get inside the sheet. In addition, savings on construction materials also plays a role.

In most cases, cheap OSB-1, OSB-2, designed to use inside buildings, are not too racks for atmospheric influences.

It is worth adding to this the ability of metal: accumulate condensate on its back surface, and the result will be disappointing. In just 1-2 years, the surface of the plate under such a trim without a crate and the ventilation gap will be ferrous from fungus and mold.

In an option with vinyl siding, everything is not so definitely. If there is no need for a ventilation gap, direct installation of the material of the plating on the slab is also possible. The lamp will definitely need if there are high risks of condensate education. In addition, with its help you can quickly align the wall curves. Siding will hide all defects.

Selection of siding

When the walls are trimmed from OSB, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the materials used. Frame structures are not distinguished by significant bearing capacity, so siding is becoming the best finish option. Among his varieties, the following options can be distinguished.

  • Plastic. For the manufacture of facade panels of this type, acrylic or vinyl polymers are used. Finished products are resistant to moisture, not demanding in care, have a long service life. The strength of the planks depends on the thickness of the siding, the ribbies of the profile. Vinyl and acrylic panels are mounted with a small gap to eliminate the distortion of their geometry when temperatures drops.

  • Metal. Siding this type has an outer polymer coating painted in different colors. Produced elements from galvanized steel. For plates of OSB, metal-triping vertical type, minimizing the load on the framework. Walls with such a coating necessarily require additional insulation and noise insulation, self-tapping screws are used in combination with rubber gaskets.

  • Ceramic. Siding this species is made of clay with additives and plasticizers. In terms of its properties, he is as close as possible to ceramic tiles. Panels are available in various designs, most often in the form of imitation of brick, stone masonry.

  • Fiber cement. The optimal version of the siding for buildings from OSB-plates, along with vinyl. Finished panels have a relief structure, most often imitate wood. The material is suitable for staining, has a middle weight, does not overload the wall design.

In addition to these species, today there are combined OSB-plates on sale with a layer of decoration already applied to the surface. It uses a decor similar to fibrocement. The rough panels can be easily colored in any colors, they do not require additional creation of crates for mounting.

Methods of fastening

When erecting frame houses with the OSB wall cover, siding can still be attached directly to sheets, provided that they are covered with a layer of waterproofing, vaporizolation or membrane materials. Without a crate, it is possible to seize with their own hands even a large building in a very short time. That’s just further success of operation will depend solely on compliance with all important recommendations. The order of installation work will be such.

  1. Calculation of materials. It is necessary in order to eliminate downtime in work.
  2. Preparation of walls. They are covered with protective compositions, align. In the absence of a crate, any problems with the geometry of the construction will immediately be well noticeable. If outer insulation is required, it is produced at this stage.
  3. Fastening planks on external and internal angles, platbands on doors and windows. Only so you can avoid problems with their subsequent installation.
  4. Performing markup. Denotes the level line for which you need to navigate when fixing the planks.
  5. Fastening the starting profile. It is located at the lowest point of the wall. Fastened by self-drawing.
  6. Fixation of the rest of the profile. It is carried out with the help of a lock connection.
  7. Installation of fair slats near window, doorways.
  8. Connection of angular elements. Fastening of decorative planks.
  9. Installation of the finish panel under the cornice.

The trimming of the frontone or the whole house, performed correctly, even without a crate will not increase the risk of condensate formation. That’s just this method fits exclusively for vinyl siding. Metal can be mounted exclusively on the crate. It can be metallic or wooden.

When mounting a hinged profile system based on OSB, rakes are fixed with a thickness of 20-30 mm required to create a ventilation gap. Pre-executable and markup, the walls are released from any protruding elements and foreign hinged equipment. Horizontal and vertical profiles fasten with a step of 30-40 cm, the choice of a suitable option depends on the method of laying the decorative panels themselves.

Guide supports should be perpendicular to siding.

On the installation of siding on OSB Plates See in the video.

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