Mounting metal siding

Among the many ways to finish, it is siding owns a big role. But this material is not always sufficiently strong, the exception is only a metallic coating option. It has several types of execution and must be mounted strictly according to a special technology that deserves a special review.


The use of metallic siding is designed not only to protect the facade from the destructive effects of the environment, but also provide a pleasant appearance of the surface. Siding coating allows the dwelling to stand at least fifty years, and in the process of working with it it is necessary to apply not only stripes, but also the challenges.

It is necessary to choose structures with rolling, because they are tougher mechanically and less dangerous in terms of injury.

  • “Shipboard” It is called so no coincidence, because its appearance is similar to the material that serves to cover wooden courts. The advantage of such a design, experts consider simple installation and facilitation of subsequent operation. The panels are not bad to resist the effects of flame and is environmentally safe, in length are up to 6 m. Source layer – lightweight vertical type frame.

  • “Block house” Outwardly resembles high-quality logs, and not only color and form, but also texture of natural material is reproduced. Unlike the natural cut, there is no need to process material with antiseptics or paint. Installation over the crate makes it possible to warm the design additionally; The design is lightweight and load on the wall, as well as the foundation relatively small. Installation is possible in any season of the year.

  • “Eurobrus” It is a metal analogue of the profiled bar and far exceeds it in terms of fire safety. You can put this type of blocks and vertically, and horizontally. Issue for individual orders helps save money because it is eliminated by cutting, adjusting panels for accurate dimensions and in vain recycling of cut parts.

  • Option “Crown” It is highlighted in an increased mechanical strength and excellent resistance to fire. It allows you to adjust any defects of facilities, and even when the weather is constantly experiencing the surface of the house for strength, the appearance remains very well.

Features of calculation

The most important feature of the calculation of the need for metallic siding is its greater complexity. It is almost always necessary to contact the specialists, since any measurements and miscalculate with the help of an online calculator are not reliable enough.

The most accurate workspace can only be measured after a doomeage is laid – it is then to count the length and height of the walls.

Necessary materials and tools

Components for mounting metal siding must be in full by the beginning of work. It is possible to replace the screws with nails, but steel options will not fit – only galvanized. The need to buy screws with sealing gaskets occurs only when sheets are attached to. Then the rubber will not give water to penetrate the location of the cut and the more leaning deep into.

It is recommended to select fasteners under the tone of the main material so that they are fully combined and formed an attractive view.

To paint a profile under a log or in another desired view, not all kinds of paints will be useful. The best solution is to purchase a decorative composition directly along with siding. In most cases, repair paint is sold in tanks 100, 200 and 1000 g – it is designed to paint small scratches or close the location of the cut. To apply such a composition you need a match, it can be replaced with a cotton wand. A special dye falls on a galvanized layer, and in addition, he opposes the ultraviolet rays; guides put in 0.4 m increments, so that counting their number is quite simple.

Montaja technology

Cutting metal siding on exact size should be made immediately at the time of its purchase. Despite the resistance to atmospheric influences, it is better to store this material under a canopy, but ideally – in a dry, well ventilated room. It is forbidden to put on the sheets even small and light items to avoid damage. It should be carefully checked as far as the surface for connecting blocks is smooth.

It is unacceptable to mount sheets and panels until it stops, because even a minor in general, thermal expansion can deliver unpleasant surprises.

Step-by-step instruction mount


Starting work with cutting material: strips and individual sheets. It is very important to prevent errors at this stage, because then it will be possible to apply siding economically and perform work as it should. Film from metal is leaning to shoot before installing. If it is exposed to ultraviolet, then the removal of the coating will be very complex. When working, you will need scissors either saw for cutting metal parts.

Bulgarian crop slats of siding can not – You can easily deform the protecting coating and provoke accelerated corrosion. Using the perforator, it is easy to do additional holes for fasteners. Using Punson, you can postpone the holes, bending the metal after it is cut. To attach the bands on the screws, use a screwdriver, and when using nails it will be needed hammer.

The need for a rivet pistol occurs only when the rivets are introduced into simple external angles.

It is also necessary to use drill nozzles to screw the screws with seal. Use brackets are not too rational, as experts consider them not enough reliable. To perform measurements, roulettes having fabric stripes are preferable, since the metal ribbon is capable of accidentally scratch the measurable panel – rust may appear very soon, and the sturdy general material will lose its qualities. It is advisable to apply long-length levels or laser tools – they are more expensive, but more convenient in work.

For the same reason as in the case of a tape measure, metal counterators are worse than plastic and wooden options. Own safety workers are ensured by protective glasses and gloves, because unprotected hands are very easy to damage the tool, sharp metal places and other hazardous objects.

Processing procedure Next:

  • starting strips;
  • Particularly complex angles, located inside or outside, complicated connector strips;
  • ordinary stripes;
  • Simple angles and connector;
  • soffit.

Both metal and vinyl siding are placed on the wall starting from the lower links and gradually move upstairs.


Such a subsystem as a doom, is designed to ensure the strength of the facial coating. In the interval between profiles often stacked materials protecting moisture and heat outdoor. The lamp is made of wood and metal, both types are characterized by their strong and weak parties. Since the involvement of specialists is quite expensive, it is better to study the problem thoroughly and perform work with your own hands. Wood is distinguished by environmental cleaning and makes it easy to install a metal plank easily, but it is not durable enough, so the invested funds will quickly fail.

It is advisable to take a timing of 5×5 cm in size, and the humidity of the tree is necessarily evaluated – it should not exceed 14%. Before the start of work, the responsible hosts or experienced builders always process natural material with antipirens and antiseptics. Metal frame is created either on HCL profiles, or on ventilated runs facilitating air pass inside. The definition of the gap is repelled from the specifics of the building and the type of siding: it is usually 30 cm, and only in single situations need to increase the gap to 0.5 m.

Reiki claws put on the lower and upper edges of the house, on the corners and on the joints of the walls. When installing siding vertically, the fastening step rushes horizontally. Where there are openness for doors and windows, rails should be mounted one to another so that the installation was correct and perfectly accurate.

Vaporizoation and waterproofing

Pieces of thermal insulation materials are put in gaps between parts of the profile or wooden boards. Over them is placed fiberglass in the form of a film, thanks to which the water will go out, but not to fall inside the insulation. A vapor barrier layer to a wooden frame joins the stapler, and the profile is glued. In this and other cases, the place of joints are covered with scotch. When working carefully, the insulating steam film is not tightened excessively and has not even aggregate; Only after the completion of the insulation works, the technology allows you to start mounting the facial material.


Collect the outer layer of siding start, as accurately defining the place where the source strip must be fixed. Looking for this place by setting the lowest point of the house with respect to the horizon line. At the construction level, they make a straight line by 3-4 cm above such a point – this will be the line for the bottom face of the first strip. Fix siding above the building basement can only be used by waterfront planks. Such designs are made to order, and the preparation of the sketch and the establishment of accurate sizes depend on the customer himself.

Docking can be made without a gap between the planks, close. The intensity of the thermal expansion of the metal is significantly less than even the best plastic and vinyl options. The only gaps that are executed are required for greater comfort workers so that they do not scratch the metal when installing and did not receive injuries. To work with complex good elements, it is proceed only after fixing the original plank. Self-tapping screw or nails are recommended to be mounted with a break of 20-30 cm.

The rapprochement of the fasteners is due to the fact that the structures of the design details are worse and more capricious. Only such a technique allows you to avoid a sudden way out of the walls and violations of the integrity of siding in general. It is recommended to find out in advance what the size of the angle in the products of a certain manufacturer – this will allow you to shoginate the blocks installed correctly.

It is advisable to use simple angles, because they:

  • relatively cheap;
  • Easily performed with your own hands;
  • No extra problems are replaced when the need arises.

On this phase of work, it is also necessary to sheathe the openings for doors and windows, using the slopes of the slopes or the combination of a platband with a slave. The width of the design is selected, taking into account the depth of the surrounding and how much the thickness of the crate. Tamble parts are placed at the bottom of the windows. It makes sense to collect a composition so that all the slats in different doors and windows are located at a single level, then the type of facade will become symmetrical and quite beautiful. The fasteners of the rank bands are done in the same way as in the case of vinyl panels: Each block next to height is coming to the prior until it clicks the lock.

To connect strips, specialists recommend applying complex n-bundles or simplified nicknames. But it is quite possible to abandon these two items when we-ded and put bands. Enhance the stability of the connection helps cutting the lock with one side of the siding block. Wood finish involves the use of only blocks with oval technological holes. Before the start of work, wood is treated with all the panties, which only maybe there will be no longer such a chance.

As a fastener, experts recommend using plate dowels. Cutting a metal siding electric jigsion need strictly on a flat string plane – only this condition will help to avoid deformation. It is best to install an adjusting handle in the first position at minimal speed. We need to use the saw for metal extremely carefully, without making sudden movements. It is advisable to take care that no one and nothing distract in the process of work.

    Observing these simple rules, you can choose the most appropriate type of metal siding and competently apply it by making an elegant facade for the house as soon as possible.

    More details on how to prepare the facade for mounting siding, you can see in the following video.

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