Mounting foam Makroflex: pros and cons

Construction work often lead to the need to connect certain elements consisting of various materials, climbing slots and holes, fixing panels to surfaces. For these purposes, a mounting foam was invented, which ensures not only fast fixation of materials, but also reduces the costs of building procedures. Among most manufacturers, the Macroflex Macroflex mounting foam is highlighted, which has high technical characteristics.


More than 30 years of professional activity, as well as the connection of the company with the German concern Henkel, has begun to build production capacity of the company. Today, Makroflex’s foam has proven itself from a positive side in Europe and the countries of the former CIS.

Makroflex mounting tape is also called polyurethane sealant, produced in cylinders of various volumes. Macroflex foam consists of a prepolymer and propellant (oscillating gas). When leaving, interacting with air, the prepolymer freezes. Thanks to this frozen, the gaps and holes take place.

MAKROFLEX mounting foam is designed for:

  • Self-metation of slots, holes;
  • filling air emptiness in materials;
  • Compounds of special materials;
  • thermal and sound insulation surfaces indoors.

Foam for domestic use has a facility in the form of a plastic tube, which joins the balloon. The release of foam material occurs through it. Professional variation represents a design that has been specialized for connecting a construction pistol. The professional version of the foam has much more output of finished products, unlike domestic foam, but also cost more.

Pros and cons

Advantages in the use of foam Macroflex:

  • Foam is ready-made products. For work not required preliminary preparatory work.
  • Superviversal foam can be used not only when laying materials, but also for their gluing and sealing of seams and cracks.
  • Easy and ease of use.
  • Products are characterized by affordable price.

  • Due to its composition, foam provides reliable protection against moisture.
  • The solidification of the material is faster than the hardening of the cement mixture.
  • Foam Macroflex has the ability to use with various materials: wood, stone, concrete, metal coatings, PVC, chipboard.
  • The temperature range of work with a special mounted mixture varies from -5 to +35 degrees.
  • Working with mounting foam eliminates the formation of dust and various contaminants, which allows to reduce the time of cleaning the room after construction procedures.


  • Under the influence of ultraviolet rays, the foam destruction occurs over time. To protect the material, color-based painting products based on aqueous emulsion, the composition of the sealing of a special material, a mixture of cement, gypsum.
  • Installation is made only with special protection means. Mounting ribbon affects breathing organs, skin, mucous eye.


Manufacturer Macroflex produces a large range of products not only by mounting Pen, but also various types of sealants and adhesives.

Macroflex mounting foam includes the following varieties in its production line.

  • Macroflex Shaketec All-season.
  • Macroflex Winter– This is a foam used in dry and cold conditions. Applied at temperature modes from -10 to +25 degrees with a special tube applicator. Such a mixture can create excellent noise insulation of partitions, fill the emptiness in the roof systems, mount window and doorways.

  • Macroflex Premium – Professional mounting foam made of polyurethane. When used, increases in volume by 2 times. Premium-class foam applied with a gun. An excellent clutch with wood materials, metal, concrete, stone is formed. It is allowed to use foam with wet coatings. Macroflex Premium foam volume is 750 ml, when the product exits, 25 to 50 liters of foam material is formed.
  • Macroflex Premium Mega represents a professional winter mounting foam. Such a mixture can be used at a temperature of -15 degrees, thereby ensuring reliable and durable adhesion to building materials from wood, concrete, metal. Due to the fact that the material is self-disruptive, accurate dosage of the mixture when exit.

  • Makroflex Pro Applied by a special device, the exit is about 65 liters of finished products. It has good adhesion with many construction materials. The mixture of this variety of foam does not contain organic substances in the form of chlorine, fluorine and carbon. Due to this, it is used when specifying windows, doors, filling void. Also sealant is used as insulation.
  • Mounting foam Makroflex Whiteteq is the production of a new generation. White polymer foam is made according to the WhiteTeQ method, which is based on the ideal cleansing of components included in the mixture. As a result, a crystal and snow-white shade of foam, microporous Quattro structure and resistance to the effect of ultraviolet rays. There is a special ball inside the spray, which provides uniformity of elements when mixed. The installed valve in the cylinder ensures the safety of foam quality. It is used in many construction work (insulation, filling emptiness, fastening of materials).

  • Macroflex Foam Cement. Products of this variety can replace a large amount of heavy bags with cement, auxiliary tools, as well as water. With the help of a foam, you can without much effort and in a fairly short time glue various building materials and blocks. Also, the foam cement is used in the installation of panels to walls, staircase steps, window sills. It is forbidden to apply a solution on the surface of foam concrete.

Many consumers stop their choice on this product for the reason that the mixture does not contain chlorofluorocarbon compounds. It is possible to carry out work with this product even at negative temperatures (not lower than -5 degrees).

MacroFlex sealants – a separate type of product, to which the following types of materials belong.

  • Makroflex TA145 – high-tech-resistant sealant, which is intended for use in rooms with large temperatures or sharp drops of temperature modes (wind wardrobes, ceramic kitchen tiles panels). Solidification of the solution occurs due to air humidity.

The composition of the adhesive does not contain solvent substances and does not have a specific smell. The opening time of the glue on the coatings is 15 minutes. Glue drying time varies from 24 to 48 hours.

Comparative Research Reviews showed that the grade sealant Macroflex has a big advantage over ordinary sealing solutions. When foaming, foam burns without cracking, through which smoke and poisonous substances can pass. The time of applying glue on the surface is about 15 minutes. Withstand temperatures from -65 to +315 degrees.

  • Macroflex AX104 – Supervice silicone sealant intended for the self-metation of building materials both with internal and external work. It has good adhesion to materials made of glass, ceramics, aluminum. The composition contains substances that prevent the formation of mold and fungus, and has high resistance to daylight lighting. The temperature range for mounting is from +5 to +40 degrees, but it is also necessary that there are no moisture and ice on the surfaces. The shelf life of silicone sealant – about 18 months.

  • Macroflex NX108 – this is an indifferent silicone sealant. It has good adhesion with wood coatings, glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, concrete. The sealant is resistant to rust formation on metal coatings and to the effects of UV rays. The main advantage of such a sealing mixture is that it can be applied in rooms with high humidity (bath, bathroom).
  • Macroflex FA131 – This is superffective frost-resistant polyacryl sealant. This type of sealant is used to close the seams and cracks both indoors and outside. To the dignity of sealant can be attributed to the fact that it is highly resistant to freezing and thawing during storage and transportation. It is possible to stain in the sealant acrylic painting products. It is not recommended to use material indoors with high humidity. It is used for seams of seams and cracks in coatings made of concrete, brick, wood, tile, gypsum.

  • Macroflex SX101 – Sanitary silicone sealant intended for use in premises with high humidity (bathroom, bathroom). Due to the composition of a mixture containing fungicides, it is resistant to the formation of mold and fungus. Sealant can be white or colorless. It is not recommended to use sealant to seal aquariums, because the composition contains antiseptic substances. When interacting with stone surfaces, spots can be formed. Installation is performed only at a temperature of +5 to +40 degrees.

  • MAKROFLEX MF190 – the strongest white glue glue, the basis of which is water dispersion of polymers. Used for gluing plastic and wooden materials of internal and external construction works. Quickly and firmly glues building materials from wood, chipboard, PVC, plaster, plastics, plasterboard.

The composition of the adhesive does not contain solvent substances and does not have a specific smell. The opening time of the glue on the coatings is 15 minutes. Glue drying time varies from 24 to 48 hours.


MAKROFLEX mounting foam consumption depends on the size and shape of the seam. With rectangular section, consumption is calculated by the formula: Mg x sh, where M-depth of the seam (mm), W-width of the seam (mm). For example, if the width and depth of the seam are 5 ml, the flow rate will be calculated as: 5 x 5 = 25 ml per 1 m. seam. In the case of a triangular seam, the calculation looks in this way: ½ W x. If the width and depth are 10 ml, then the flow will be: 5 x 10 = 50 ml per meter seam.

To ensure maximum foam yield, you need to cut off the cartridge tip at an angle of 45 degrees.

Drying time

The drying time of the mounting foam depends on many factors: air humidity, the temperature of the mounting mixture and the environment, the volume and type of the applied material. At a temperature of +20 degrees, the foam dries over 2-3 hours, but the final frost will only appear after 12 hours. At a smaller temperature, the mixture will dry within 24 hours. During the initial pouring of the mixture (2-3 hours), you can trim it, put off, paint. The time of frosting foam can be accelerated by moistening, which also acts on adhesion to building materials.


Many experts recommend to stop their choice on the Macroflex manufacturer mounting foam, because it has numerous Positive feedback feedbacks that are based on the merits of the mixture:

  • ease and practicality in use;
  • short term of frozen;
  • acceptable price;

  • A huge range of products macroflex;
  • reliability and durability;
  • Extensive area of ​​use.

Like any building material, mounting foam has negative feedback from consumers. Basically, they proceed from those who used the mixture not according to the instructions, without observing the safety regulations when using foam.


Recommendations of specialists on the use of mounting foam Macroflex:

  • Before using foam, you need to hold at room temperature for about 12 hours, it is necessary for the total warming of the mixture.
  • Mounting work with MacroFlex products can be carried out only after one hundred percent blasting of the can. During application, the canopy must be kept upwards, regardless of how foam coating (manual method or with a gun) occurs.
  • Before applying an assembly solution on the surface or coating, they must be cleaned of dust and various contaminants. Metal coatings having pollution in the form of an old sealant are easily cleaned using White Spirit. Also for better adhesion, it is recommended to clean the surface with water using a special sprayer.

  • If there is a need for a breakage of construction work (more than 15 minutes), before renewing the use of a mixture, the channel and the tube must be cleaned from the foamed mixture.
  • Foam stains that have not had time to harden, they can easily be cleaned by specialized cleansing agents. The frozen mixture is only a mechanical exposure (cutting from surfaces).
  • Apply macroflex is recommended in filling the slots and seams with dimensions from 0.5 cm to 8 cm. In the narrow slits, the mixture may not penetrate the necessary depth, as a result of which emptiness may form. Wide seams and cracks will not be able to withstand a heavy mass of the solution.

Safety on installation work with Makroflex foam:

  • You can not allow the finished mixture into the skin and organs of vision, strong irritation may occur. If this happened, immediately need to wash off the composition from the skin or rinse the eyes with warm water.
  • In no case, do not remove the balloon from the gun that is not fully utilized. You can only replace a blank balloon.

    • Construction work with mounting foam is performed only in rooms with good ventilation. When spraying the mixture, malicious substances come out that affect the respiratory organs. It is recommended to use protective equipment.
    • It is forbidden to inflict foam material on hot surfaces and old electrical wiring. The interaction of foam with hot coatings can lead to an explosion. Unreliable wiring can contribute to the sudden appearance of sparks, which will lead to sad consequences. Also can not smoke near the sealing solutions.

    About the pros and cons of the Makroflex mounting foam, see the following video.

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