Mounting foam at minus temperature: rules of application and operation

Without mounting foam it is impossible to present the repair or construction process. This material is made from polyurethane, connects separate parts between themselves and insulates various structures. After applying it is able to expand with the filling of all wall defects.


Mounting foam sold in cylinders with a propellant and a prepolymer. Air humidity allows the composition to harden with the effect of polymerization (the formation of polyurethane foam). The quality and speed of acquiring the necessary stiffness depends on the level of moisture.

Since in the cold season, the level of humidity is lower, the mounting foam freezes longer. To use this material at minus temperatures, special components add to the composition.

For this reason, several types of mounting fans are distinguished.

  • Summer high-temperature foam is used at a temperature of +5 to + 35ºС. It withstands temperature stresses from -50 to + 90ºС.
  • Apartment types are used at a temperature not lower than -10ºС. Even with minus weather, it turns out a sufficient volume. The composition can be applied without prior heating.
  • Winter low-temperature sealants are used in winter at air temperature from -18 to + 35ºС.


The quality of the mounting foam is determined by several characteristics.

  • Volume of foam. This indicator affects the temperature conditions and humidity of the environment. At lower temperatures, the volume of sealant is less. For example, a cylinder with a volume of 0.3 liters in spraying at +20 degrees forms 30 liters of foam, at 0 temperatures – about 25 liters, at a negative temperature – 15 liters.
  • Degree of adhesion Determines the strength of the compound of the surface and material. There are no differences between winter and summer species. Many manufacturers are trying to produce compounds with good grasp with wooden, concrete and brick surfaces. However, when using foam over ice, polyethylene, teflon, oil bases and silicone, the clutch will be much worse.
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  • Expanding ability – this is an increase in the sealant. The higher this ability, the better the sealant. The optimal option is 80%.
  • Shrinkage – this is a change in volume during operation. In the event that the sitting capacity is too high, the structures are deformed or the integrity of their seams is disturbed.
  • Excerpt – This is the duration of the full polymerization of the material. With increasing temperature mode, the length of exposure decreases. For example, winter mounting foam at a temperature of 0 to -5ºС freezes up to 5 hours, to -10ºС – up to 7 hours, from -10ºС – up to 10 hours.
  • Viscosity – This is the ability of foam to remain on the basis of. For ubiquity operation, professional and semi-professional assembly foam are produced. Semi-professional options are ready for use after installing the valve to the cylinder with foam, professional – apply an assembly gun equipped with a dispenser.

The advantages of the assembly line include the following:

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Heat-, sound insulation properties;
  • tightness;
  • dielectric;
  • resistance to temperature differences;
  • long service life;
  • Easy application.

Disadvantages of sealant are represented by the following features:

  • instability to the effects of ultraviolet and high humidity;
  • a short shelf life;
  • Some species are capable of rapid ignition;
  • difficult to remove from the skin.

Mounting foam is a universal product that performs several functions.

  • Tightness. It fills the gaps, insulating interior premises, removes emptiness around the doors, windows and other details.
  • Gluing. It records the door blocks so that there is no need for screws and nails.
  • Fastens the base for isolation and insulation, for example, to cover the buildings of the foam optimal option will be the mounting composition.
  • Soundproofing. Building material struggles with increased noise when ventilation, heating systems. They close the gaps between pipelines, the plots of air conditioners and exhaust facilities.
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Terms of Use

Experts recommend adhere to several rules when working with mounting foam.

  • Since it is not easy to eliminate with the skin of the mounting foam, you must first arm the work gloves.
  • In order for the composition to mix, it is necessary to thoroughly shake it for 30-60 seconds. Otherwise will come from the balloon resinous composition.
  • For the speed of adhesion, the workpiece is moisturized. Then you can move directly to the application of foam. The balloon must be kept up to the bottom to displace the mounting foam from the cylinder. If this is not done, the gas will be frowning out without foam.
  • Switching is carried out in slots that have no more than 5 cm wide, and if more, they use polystrile. It saves foam and prevents extensions that most often lead to the destruction of the design.

  • Rented from the bottom up with uniform movements, filling a third of the slot, because the foam freezes with the extension and fills it. When working at low temperatures, it is possible to work only heated in warm water foam to + 40ºС.
  • For quick grappleness, it is necessary to spy the surface with water. It is forbidden to spray at a negative temperature, it is impossible to get the desired effect.
  • When accidentally hit the mounting foam on the door, windows, the floors need to be eliminated using the solvent and rags, and then wash the surface. Otherwise, the composition will freeze and remove it without damage to the surface will be very difficult.
  • 30 minutes after using the mounting lineup, you can cut the surplus and stack the surface. To do this, it is very convenient to use a hacksaw or a knife for building. Fully grappling foam begins after 8 hours.
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Professionals are recommended before work with the mounting foam carefully familiarize yourself with the precautionary measures.

  • The sealant can lead to skin irritation, eyes and respiratory tract. Therefore, it is recommended to work with protective glasses, gloves and a respirator with poor ventilation. After hardening, foam does not harm human health.
  • In order to avoid acquisition of fakes, we should use some recommendations: ask the store certificate for products; explore the quality of the label. Since fakes are trying to produce with minimal expenses, printing does not attach much. On such cylinders, the label defects are visible to the naked eye: displacement of paints, inscriptions, other storage conditions; Manufacture date. Overdue material loses all its main qualities.


The construction market is rich in a variety of sealants, but this does not mean that they all comply with quality requirements. Often, foams are in stores that have not passed certification and do not meet the necessary requirements. Some manufacturers are not fully poured into a balloon, or instead of gas use volatile components that harm the atmosphere.

The most popular manufacturer of winter species of sealants is considered Soudal (“Arctic”).

Products have the following characteristics:

  • use temperatures – above -25ºС;
  • Foam yield at -25ºС – 30 liters;
  • exposure duration at -25ºС – 12 hours;
  • Foam heating temperature – no more than 50ºС.

        Another equally well-known manufacturer of building materials is the company “Macroflex”.

        Products have the following properties:

        • use temperature – above -10ºС;
        • base of polyurethane;
        • stability in size;
        • Exposure duration – 10 hours;
        • Foam yield at -10ºС – 25 liters;
        • Noise insulating properties.

        On the rules for applying a mounting foam at a minus temperature, see the following video.

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