Mosaic produced by Spain in the interior of modern housing

Mosaic tile enjoys fairly widely popular. However, not all manufacturers of this material are equally responsible for their work. Exception represent products manufactured in Spain. About them are worth talking separately.


Spanish tile is made from first-class materials of natural origin. For the manufacture of ceramic products, a red clay of a carefully selected sample with additive polyester resins is used. To ensure relief, demonstrate texture features, the same reception is used – adding minerals in small fractions. With their help, it is easy to form luxuriously looking, aesthetically full and unique finishing materials.

Elements of Spanish compositions can serve as glass, marble or ceramics.

They may have a glossy or matte surface and certainly high strength and elegance of execution.

Mosaic – the original solution in the interior, which made it possible to decorate the house with real art. There are many collections, each of which demonstrates innovation and helps to organize a personal space with the most comfortable, rational way.

Modern options are distinguished by:

  • whole – no matter how much parts, they form a dynamic, free picture;
  • harmonious view – creating an inseparable plot or limited border;
  • color saturation;
  • formation of extensive, bulk space.


    Consumers can choose a mosaic immediately from several collections, which helps to form a truly unusual appearance, a unique atmosphere. Marble products, such as Dune Tobler, externally laconic and even Surov, has a mass of pattern variations. It’s not difficult to buy solutions for ultra-modern and old-fashioned interiors.

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    Stone gives ample opportunities for traditional design, And for modern readings. In any case, the popular concern about the cold and heavy species is not justified. On the contrary, manufacturers have learned to produce products literally pouring heat. Developers embody their original thoughts and aspirations, operating particles of various sizes.

    There are products with calm tones, embossed textures and a soft shinkee, visually expanding the space in the room. Unique stone mosaics from Spain can form a feeling of frozen water droplets or any other effect at the discretion of technologists.

    In the kitchen you can easily choose some kind of sample and enjoy its operation as long as possible.


    Spanish industry has a number of well-known manufacturers, each of which has proven itself in the market.

    So under the brand Venis There is a tile of atypical size, the design of which is exceptionally original. GRESPANIA products also become the result of numerous experiments, but at the same time the company acts as legislator in the industry.

    Comparatively recently, goods under the brand appeared on the market Azahar, which are specifically optimized to facilitate the installation and creating an attractive plot. Sturdy position has a concern on the market Aranda, established the release of a variety of collections of mosaic products. The technological process is continuously improved and goes forward.

    Brand Ceramica delivers elite tiles. Everything that is produced under this brand is ideally suitable for the embodiment of the most noble, aristocratic compositions. Buyers Aparici may not refer to the products of other firms, because one company is able to offer up to 2,000 versions of mosaic compositions. Moreover, each of them is impeccable natural and strictly meets all established security requirements.

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    Regardless of the specific brand, the Spanish tile is able to transfer the destructive effect of abrasives and aggressive substances. She is very hard and calmly worried about strong overheating. Chips and cracks almost never darken her surface. You can not fear that a random blow to a heavy object will negatively affect the finishing material. This fully applies to products Vidrepur, Ezarri, Onix.

    Tips for choosing

    Best of all the Spirit of the “real Spanish” expresses a catchy and bright mosaic. The most sought-after recently turn out to be blue, purple, green and pink tone. The least motley and energetic among trendy colors deservedly considered beige. Competition is brown, although the color is quite changeable and implies the combinatoriality. Consumers A wide range of patterns and vensels, products with photo printing.

    Contrary to popular opinion, the Spanish mosaic is not so expensive Compared to Italian products. The main thing is to clearly distinguish elite and mass products. Covered a significant area will help concrete mosaic, it will be useful in social and industrial premises. Save funds will be able to choose a ceramic coating compositions.

    Place mosaic tiles in the interior

    In the living rooms it is advisable to lay out the mosaic in the format of panel. Most often it is installed above the sofa or chair, and in some cases even the whole wall is fully filled. But such a step needs to be taken with caution to prevent serious mistakes.

    About how to put a mosaic right, look in the following video.

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