Moroccan Style Tile: Oriental Notes in the Interior

Eastern style is now in a fashion trend, and in itself ceramics with a national flavor attractive and unusual. Moroccan tile will be not only a high-quality wear-resistant type of finishing in the house, but also create an atmosphere of majestic interiors of the eastern palaces of Viziers, Khanov and Padishakhov.

Distinctive features

Moroccan pattern – distinctive features of Morocco tiles. According to the laws of religion, representatives of the Islamic faith are deprived of the right to decorate at home by the guys and animals. But wise Arab artists found expressive replacement – ornament. In the decoration of the tile, a complex liner of geometric and vegetable ornament is used: six-pointed stars, abstract flowers obtained by weaving geometric shapes.

The Moroccan pattern is complex, mathematically extinted, it consists of a large number of elements on a specific algorithm, strictly observing the rules of symmetry and a combination of colors.

A variety of floristic motifs and patterns of the Muslim world, depicted on the surface of the tile, successfully compensate for the lack of African fauna, create a feeling of coolness and freshness in the house.

In the decor, finishing elements prevailing a bright color palette inherent in this eastern direction in the interior. Saturated natural shades picturesque look at a neutral light background: snow-white, pearl, beige, gentle blue.

Application in the interior

In eastern houses, tiles are used everywhere in large quantities. Our mentality requires to abide by the measure and put it only where there is a need.

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Oriental motifs of unique ceramic material may appear in your home in different variations:

  • Tile in the Moroccan style can be used for cladding the accent wall of the room, podium or steps, decorating and complementing the appearance of the room;
  • Ceramic mosaic carpet with an oriental flavor, decorated with figure abis and floral ornaments, in the hallway on the floor will be an indicator of a high aesthetic taste of the hosts of the house;
  • The tile is ideal for the room of any functionality, but most often in residential space it is used for the design of the kitchen apron. In a duet with a tabletop furniture headset, decorated with a mosaic with a national Moroccan pattern, he will be the key link of the entire design concept.
  • Moroccan tiles saturates the interior with bright colors, perfectly combined with monophonic furniture facades;

  • No less impressive sink decorated with multi-colored mosaic painting. It can be both a leading element of the bathroom and an excellent addition to the facing of the font, floor or walls of the room;
  • To date, it is fashionable to use a tile for decorating a bath or spa beauty;
  • A traditional Moroccan ornament on a fireplace or stove will look very colorful.

Moroccan tile is optional to spread in a drawing like a mosaic. Ethnic motifs and famous Arabic liners permissible to combine among themselves, creating the most unexpected combinations.

Ceramic tile can act as separate fragments, and can form a solid plot fabric. Designers use a unique type of finish for projects in different style directions.

Benefits of material

Moroccan tile has a number of advantages that are so important when working out at home:

  • This type of finish is a completely environmental material, which allows it to be widely used even in nursery;
  • Tile has excellent performance, long service life and wear resistance;
  • The material produced on an industrial scale is in the affordable price segment;
  • Its laying and cleaning do not cause significant trouble;
  • The unique oriental flavor of the tile is able to revive even the most profound room;
  • Finishing material for home or apartment is easy to choose even without the help of a designer.
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To date, many large companies are engaged in the production of Moroccan tiles. Among manufacturers most popular Spanish and Portuguese factories. They regularly create all new collections with high artistic requirements that meet all the parameters of European quality standards.

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