Modern tendencies in the interior: Loft tile

An increasingly popular interior design becomes the design of various residents of the dwelling in the style of “Loft”. Often for cladding walls and floor in this stylistic direction applied various types of tile. What are its features, what kind of design will suit this style? Let’s figure it out.

On the direction

Loft style was inspired by the decase industry in the United States in the 50s of the last century. Many factory premises surrendered under housing. They were filmed by the poor people who simply furnished the room with brick walls and pulling communications so that you could live.

Designers saw the originality in this, finalized in accordance with modern materials, and created a separate style in the design of interiors, which began to use insane popularity.


Several types of tiles are used to finish the premises in the style of “Loft”. It can be divided by the type of material. Here are three groups here:

  • Ceramic tile. It is made of clay, sand and mineral supplements. Burns and covered with icing.
  • Ceramographic. Wear-resistant and durable material. Excellent option for laying as an outdoor coating.
  • PVC. This finishing material is made on the basis of vinyl. The disadvantage of such a coating is his bad moisture resistance.

Also, the tile can be divided by destination. Here you can highlight the wall tile, which is designed to finish partitions of the room and outdoor, intended for floor facing. The second type of tile is thicker, has a larger layer of glaze to protect the material from chipping, as well as its coating more wear-resistant.

When placing a “Loft” style, a tile is used that mimics various industrial surfaces:

  • Of course, the most popular design here is brickwork. It can be both redhead and white, gray tone and other colors. The difference between such a surface from natural brick consists in ease of care for such a finish.

It can easily wipe it with a cloth without fear that the surface is causing.

  • Another popular surface in the style of “Loft” is concrete. Tile of such a design can be put in almost any designer solution, it will be a neutral background in the interior. Tile under concrete is often used to finish the floor, but also on the walls in this style it is relevant.
  • On the facing materials market can be found and Porcelain stoneware with imitation of a metal surface. Copper, brass or bronze surfaces are able to add brutal notch to the interior.
  • No less demanded option is and Imitation of plasters. In the design of the tile, it can be performed in different types and shades.

Also, natural surfaces will be appropriate in this stylistic solution:

  • Often in the style of “Loft” used Tile, imitating tree. Natural board is not always acceptable for use, for example, in the kitchen, the tile also has high moisture-resistant and wear-resistant properties and is quite suitable here. Facing design is most often used with scuffs and imitation of stuffing paint.
  • Also quite popular Tile under stone. Here is most often used clinker tiles, with a matte surface. Popular sandstone imitation, quartzite.

Where to apply?

Loft tile can be used in any housing room:

  • On the kitchen Practically do not do without ceramic facing. It is used not only for the design of the apron, but also on the floor, since in this room, pollution of surfaces are not excluded, and the tile makes it possible to quickly clean them.
  • In the bathroom The room is also a ceramic tile in priority. Usually she is finished completely all the room, creating the necessary accents with the decor.

But individual zones may be lined with water as much as possible with water, for example, in shower.

  • In the living room More popular is PVC tile. Most often with this type of cladding, create brickwork on the walls. But some design solutions in the style of “Loft” offer the use and ceramic tiles. Porcelain stoneware, imitation of plaster on the walls here will also be appropriate.
  • For the decoration of the bedroom tile is used quite rarely, but you can still apply it. It is preferable to imitation of natural materials, such as a stone or tree. This will help create comfort in the room and maintain a neutral background for the situation.

Manufacturers, Reviews

In the finishing materials market, you can find a large assortment of tiles of various manufacturers, which is perfect for decoration of the Loft style. Here are some interesting samples that will help create an extraordinary interior in your home:

  • Ceramographic Silo Wood From the Italian manufacturer Vallelunga will help create a milk surface on your floor. Tile design created by the time itself. The dilapidated paint, which peels off the tree, more than years, creates a unique picture. It is possible to choose the color of the tile, depending on the design of your room. There is a white, beige, gray, blue, black shade. The price of this porcelain stoneware is quite high and is about 2500 rubles per square. M. Reviews about facing materials Very good. High quality, ideal forms of each element will make it easier to work on its laying.

  • Porcelain stoneware for walls Brennero Cooncrete (Italy) Imitate concrete surface. This sample is made in several shades, such as white, sand, light and dark gray. The cost of porcelain is far from budget and is about 3,500 rubles per square. M. Tile reviews high. There are simply no shortcomings of this sample.
  • Ceramographic Urban Avenue From the Italian manufacturer of Ceramica Fioresese will help you to simulate completely different surfaces. Here you will find both brickwork, and cramped tile, and the surface, imitating boxes at the factory, which are collected in the rack near the wall. The cost of products is also high and is about 3,700 rubles per square. M. Buyers’ reviews about this product are also high.

The extraordinary design of this tile creates an original interior indoors, and there are no complaints to the quality of buyers.

  • Ceramographic “Vesuviy” From the collection “Stones” from Kerama Marazzi (Russia) will help you create a surface imitating a lava that has come down after the volcanic eruption. Pretty large format of elements (60×60 cm) will help create an original coating on the floor. The cost of the sample is much lower than Italian models and is only 1390 rubles per square. M. Reviews about this facing material are high, although some note the difference in the size of individual elements, but the price-quality ratio is completely coincided.

Interior ideas

Modern designers often design interiors in Loft style. Here are some interesting ideas using a different type of tiles on the walls and the floor:

  • In the bathroom, a brutal unworthy brick wall softened with a glossy white small tile, laid out a rotary. Such a design is pretty easy to perceive and does not oppress.

  • Vinyl tile under the concrete on the floor in the living room will not only support the factory style room, but will not be cold as ordinary porcelain stoneware.
  • Variation of a felling parquet in the lobby. Mrochion of the situation soften a large window and bright furniture.

In the next video you will learn even more about concrete tiles and cement, perfectly suitable for Loft style.

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