Mirror panels for walls

One of the stages of the interior update is the design of walls, ceiling and other surfaces in the room. Greater demand in this area uses mirror panels for walls that are offered in a wide variety. These finishing materials possess a number of quality characteristics and attract their advantages.

      Thanks to such panels in any room you can create a pleasant atmosphere, visually increase the space, and all this with small investments.


      Mirrored panels are offered in different versions, but first of all the main advantages should be selected that they made them so popular. No special skills and special equipment are required for installation. Panels are suitable for designing any surfaces. Due to the mirror reflection in the room, more space is visually created, which is relevant for compact rooms. Care for the surface easily and unpainted.

      It is worth noting that Panels are flexible, so they can be mounted even on curved surfaces, whether it is a column, a furniture part or arch. The product is perfectly combined with other elements of the decor, so you can upgrade the interior and make freshness. As for other characteristics, the installation of mirrored panels will improve noise insulation. There are various types of panels on the market, mirrors can be conventional, tinted and even with the effect of aging. If desired, the reflecting part can be seal, which allows you to get an individual decor.

      For the manufacture of such a finish, modern technologies are used, due to which various materials can be used. The most common are acrylic panels. Plexiglas can be molded and extrusion, but the characteristics are practically no different. The main characteristics are high stroke strength, increased moisture resistance, resistance to high temperatures, ultraviolet radiation and excellent mirror. However, the material is easily scratched, so with such a cladding you need to handle neatly. Acrylic sheets are offered with a maximum size of 3050×2050 mm and a thickness of 2-3 mm. These are decorative materials that are offered in different design solutions.

      Mirrored panels are made of polystyrene, which includes rubber. The property of such a decor lies in flexibility, resistance to chemical impacts, high resistance to impacts. Thanks to the rubber and composite material, microcracks are not scary, moreover, to process such a surface is quite easy. The thickness of the sheets varies from 1 to 3 mm, if this figure is greater, the flexibility is deteriorating, the material becomes much fragile.

      For interior decorations, such panels are best suited. Plastic wall panels are used to decorate bathrooms and rooms where there is high humidity, as the material perfectly copes with such conditions. In case of water, plastic is not deformed, it is resistant to chemicals, so you can take care of different detergents.

      Such panels are easy to drill, bend and silent by conventional tools that will be in any home. Plastic facing are released in rolls or tiles.

      Scope of application

      Mirrored panels from different materials are used to finish the walls and ceilings, Perform the task of decorative elements in the internal design. Despite the fact that they cannot replace ordinary mirrors, yet they stay at the peak of popularity thanks to the ability to make the original interior design. Plastic panels are most often used to cover the ceilings, the masters love to combine them with drywall structures. In this case, the elements are located in the center, the mirrors glue diagonally or create a mosaic to get the original drawing. Thanks to this mount The light will scatter around the room and visually expand the space.

      Wall products can be used For hallways, living rooms and offices, combining plastic and acrylic panels. However, the material for the entire surface is not recommended, since the coating is imperfectly smooth, therefore The product is placed on a specific area, can be framed by baguette. It is worth noting that the mirror panels can accommodate ventilation channels and communication, which is another advantage.

      How to choose?

      Due to the wide variety of types of mirror panels and their design, decide on the choice is not so easy. To begin with, it is necessary to develop a plan for designing the premises, given its features, conditions and other factors that may affect the finishing material. If we consider plastic products, you need to pay attention to the rigidity indicator that the ribs evidence. They affect the strength of the decorative material. To choose to be correct, it is necessary to learn the product. On the front side should not be visible to the ribs of stiffness, but what they are more, the increase in the station.

      The plane of the mirror panels should be smooth and smooth, it is important to take into account the thickness of the outer surface, which speaks of the quality of the material. Docking grooves affect the speed and result of assembly work. It is important to make sure that the material is not damaged, otherwise the decor will no longer look perfect and presentable. If a lot of ultraviolet falls into the room, it is better to stop your choice on acrylic panels, which perfectly cope with such conditions. In addition, the material has a self-adhesive foundation, which means that the installation does not take much time. Such facing products can be used outside, as they perfectly cope with weather conditions and temperature drops.


      Despite the fact that the installation of mirror panels is one of the easiest, and everyone can cope with it, to begin with, it is necessary to study the instructions and recommendations of specialists to get a qualitative result. With a material on a self-adhesive basis it is easy to work, it seems that it is enough to remove the protective film and attach to the surface. However, it is necessary to keep care and be careful. So, several rules that will help make high-quality decorative facing.

      • First of all you need to clean the surface and make sure that it is perfectly smooth, otherwise there will be a distortion on the mirror, and the decor no longer looks beautiful. For sticking fit concrete, stone, tree, cardboard. Rolled plastics roll on the plane and left for a day to straighten – it is an important step.

      It is not worth putting something heavy, as it can leave scratches and damage the panel.

      • During installation it is necessary to understand that Composite material can expand and narrow at different temperatures, so it is important to leave the gap between the mirror panels in 0.5 mm. But if we are talking about the bathroom or kitchen, it is better to leave 1 mm. Do not worry about the fact that the gaps will be visible, as they are practically not noticeable. Cutting plastic need from the front side, for processing it is better to use high-speed tools. Delete the protective film is necessary directly before installing the panel to the surface.

      • Depending on the type of panels, there are different installation options. If you use plastic products that will be attached to the framework, you need to use metal brackets, screws or curvators. Such a fastener method is perfect for working with long-length products, which will be facing the wall. Liquid nails or glue are often selected for working with more flexible mirror panels. In such cases, it is necessary to pre-align the plane, remove the bulges and close the failures. This method is used in operation with acrylic panels that differ in soft base.

      • Any of the listed methods is simple, so the installation can be done independently. The use of such panels allows you to significantly save, as they are much cheaper than other types of facing. In addition, during the installation process, dust, construction garbage or confusion remains, and this is a significant plus.

      Beautiful examples in the interior

      To understand how the room may look with mirror panels, You can familiarize yourself with the design options and see examples.

      • Here is an option with a lining of acrylic mirror panels.

      • Installing panels in the kitchen Rombami.

      • An example of how the mirror facing can visually expand the space in the compact bathroom.

      • Panel with decorated mirror, which will decorate any bedroom and living room.

      • Original and affordable room for design.

      How to install a mirror panel on the wall, look in the following video.

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