Mini sandblasts for a small compressor

    Before the start of any painting work to achieve a qualitative result, it will take mandatory surface stripping from various kinds of pollution. For such a case, special mini sandblasts will be suitable, which can be used at home. In this article, we will read more specifically with the characteristics of such a compact sandblasting for a small compressor.


    This small device is designed to prepare the surface by the abrasive method. The directional stream of the jet of sand allows you to get rid of contamination, change the structure of the coating and engrave all sorts of drawings. In addition, such a technology, possessing high efficiency, makes it possible to clean different surfaces even in hard-to-reach places. After appropriate processing, the surface is ready for maximum clutch with paintwork.

    The most relevant area of ​​application of this method is the stripping of the metal surface during the car repair. Using high jet pressure, the old coating, rust, icy, is removed, and the perfectly purified plane is obtained. Details painted after such treatment serve quite a long time. Similar technology can be used in working with concrete, wooden and brick products.

    Small devices differ from industrial design characteristics and applied equipment for injection.

    No such device will make its work better than the sandblast model. After all, after the operation has done, there is no scratch, as in the case of the use of sandpaper, but the most difficult-to-reach places are cleaned.

    Principle of operation

    All sandblasting devices have the same design, which consists of the following details:

    • Compressor installation is the main device necessary to obtain air;
    • Receiver – designed to accumulate air under pressure;
    • Pistol – necessary to supply a mixture out of air, abrasive;
    • Special reservoir for backfilling abrasive;
    • a system that allows you to track the level of production of the working mass at the time of filing on the gun;
    • general control system;
    • connecting hoses that serve for air supply;
    • Wire for connecting to power source.

    The principle of operation of this sandblasting is as follows:

    • The compressor by discharge creates air pressure;
    • Air supply and the simultaneous supply of abrasive in the gun is occurring;
    • under pressure is made of an air-abrasive mixture;
    • Sand particles start working, removing contamination from the surface, at the same time its grinding.

    What can be done?

    For periodic work in domestic conditions, it is quite possible to do with a homemade device, since the model made with your own hands will cost much cheaper than industrial analogues. There is some options for such designs, taking into account what is available at the master. Next we will study several build options.

    Gas cylinder

    For the manufacture of this design, the following components will be needed:

    • Empty cylinder;
    • ball valves – 2pcs;
    • Cut pipe for a funnel intended for falling asleep sand into the chamber;
    • Tees – 2 pcs;
    • hoses with a diameter of 14 and 10 millimeters for supplying the mixture;
    • Clamps for attaching hoses.

    Production Procedure:

    • Clear and dry the inside of the cylinder;
    • Drill holes at the bottom for installing the crane and snowing sand;
    • hindle crane;
    • The crane lock the tee and the mixing unit;
    • A second crane is installed on the balloon unit, and behind him tee.

    For a more convenient and easy movement to the design, the wheels should be welded.

    High pressure washer

    Without having a cylinder under hand, such a device can be made of any detergent with high pressure levels. This will require:

    • The hose reinforced;
    • nozzle from ceramics;
    • Tee with a nozzle;
    • tube for capturing abrasive;
    • Adjustment block feed.

    A similar type of design works by electronic diagram. The incoming fluid moves along the mixing unit and at the same time creates a vacuum in the abrasive feed channel. High pressure, it together with the liquid is sent to the surface that is cleared.

    Purge gun

    This is the most compact model sandblasting. For the manufacture of this option you will need:

    • Pistol for blowing;
    • tee;
    • crane ball;
    • Hall with a nut clip.

    As a container for sand in this case, an ordinary plastic bottle is suitable.


    The following details will be needed for collecting this model:

    • Pistol with the principle of the mixing valve;
    • handle with a special device for air intake;
    • plastic sand container;
    • tee;
    • Crane Sharovaya.

    Assembly principle:

    • crush the pistol, bringing the outlet to the required diameter;
    • Fix the mixing tee to the gun;
    • to attach and fasten the supply and circulation hoses;
    • The volume of the plastic bottle is quite enough to purify the surface in a 30-minute period of time.

    Model from fire extinguisher

    This design corresponds to the above view from the balloon. Here to seal the tops should be installed. Two openings should also be done: on the bottom and on top. To the bottom, the leg is welded, manufactured mainly from the reinforcement. After installing fittings, the unit is fully ready for work.

    How to use the apparatus?

    This device cannot be considered safe, and in the case of assembly with your own hands, you should even think about the precautionary measures. In order to avoid the risk of injury, the following nuances must be taken into account:

    • Before you begin to clean the surface, it is necessary to check all compounds on strength and tightness, such actions must be carried out each time;
    • use equipment (glasses, gloves, respirator), which is mandatory for any wizard at similar work;
    • free up the nearby space, to drive both people and all living creatures;
    • Before starting the unit, open an abrasive valve should be opened;
    • Before connecting to the network, the device must be ground;
    • Carefully track the quality and dryness of sand;
    • prevent hose tension;
    • regularly monitor the state of the nozzle;
    • After each operation, prophylactic lubrication of valves and filters.

    In addition to compliance with safety, these measures will help extend the service life of the device.

    For the highest quality work when processing any surfaces, a direct angle is recommended.

    Now, having an idea of ​​the device and the principle of operation of a mini-sandblasting machine, anyone who wants, finding a set of components, can make a useful design.

    Mini sandblasts for a small compressor in the video below.

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