Metal stepladers: what it is, how to choose and apply?

The stepladder is a very useful and desired device that simplifies the solution of many household problems. Such products produce many well-known firms.

What it is?

Stirring – that’s Special portable models of stairs, which can be folded and lay out Based on the tasks that are assigned to them in a specific situation. The designs of these products may vary depending on their size and modifications. Produce modern launches from various materials. Metal models from metal are solved by the most strong and durable. Their popularity is due excellent performance and convenience of use.


Modern stairs made of steel or aluminum enjoy the survicated demand. These devices are very convenient and reliable in use due to their main characteristics.

  • Between the side guides at the top of any ladder should be gap, 11.5 inches component (or 29.21 cm) in accordance with European standards.
  • All modern stepladders Must be equipped with strong metal struts or reliable locking elements of suitable parameters so that all sections are well retained in the open state.
  • Steps of metal stairs must be made of non-slip or embossed materials, otherwise the design will be unsafe.
  • Platform width In such structures allowed from 45 cm.
  • Modern sliding designs Metal is equipped with special locks, designed to prevent arbitrary addition of stairs and stepladder during work.
  • In metal models equipped with wheels, There are always special locking clamps that do not give rollers spontaneously move.
  • At the level of abdominal nise The user’s larders in most designs there are a special safety arc. It is needed to keep the stepladent. Often the models with this detail are equipped with an additional platform.

Most often on sale metallic stepladers consisting of 2-3 sections. Each of them is located from 6 to 8 steps. However, experts claim that it is quite possible to do with the product equipped with 4-7 steps: it will be enough to get to the ceiling in the average apartment.

Of course, you can find in specialized stores and more impressive models that have at least 9 or 10 steps, but they will take more storage space and cost more.

Pros and cons

Iron ladders in many parameters are ahead of wooden or plastic structures that are not designed for frequent use, and the high weight can not withstand. Metal products have many advantages.

  • Their main advantages are reliability and durability. Mechanical damage to most such structures are not scary, especially if they are issued by famous firms.
  • Many designs are not susceptible to the appearance of rust.
  • Metal models can be used regularly. With frequent use, they are not threatened by the raw wear, they do not begin to creak and become less resistant, such as, for example, wood products.
  • Due to impressive weight (especially when it comes to steel model) such structures are very stable.
  • Such models can be fixed.
  • These designs can be used not only in everyday life, but also for professional work.
  • Assortment of products is great: You can choose the perfect model on any wallet.

There are metal stepladder and its weaknesses.

  • Because of the big weight It is not very convenient to work with them: move them to a new place may be difficult.
  • Aluminum structures can carry out current. In addition, the sections of these products may be broken even with the most strong impact.
  • High-quality Metal models, especially if they are professional, are expensive.
  • Wear Most often occurs in places of compounds and additional fasteners.


Metal mobile swirkers are different. Depending on the material of the manufacture, they have different characteristics.


Stirring from aluminum is widely distributed today. These options have the following differences:

  • They are characterized by a slight weight, so they can be easily moved from place to place;
  • Since there is a coating of a natural oxide film on aluminum, this material becomes more resistant to the formation of destructive corrosion;
  • The designs of aluminum stepladders are simple and comfortable;
  • Models are distinguished by versatility and security.

Supports of such models in most cases are equipped with special non-slip materials, and the steps are made relief.


Steel patterns of the stepladder do not have fundamental differences from their aluminum analogues. However, they more reliable, strong and durable. Can withstand more weight, and mechanical damage is not terrible.

But due to its gravity, reinforced steel options may not be the most convenient. According to users, such double-sided copies do not boast of great mobility – it is difficult to rearrange them from place to place.

How to choose?

Metal stepladder should be selected based on the purposes, to achieve which you are going to use it. Usually, aluminum models have a higher cost than steel, although inferior to them in many parameters.

  • If you plan to work In the conditions of small areas, it is necessary to purchase a model from aluminum. Similar structures are easy to fold and laid out, have a small weight, which ensures their high mobility.
  • If you are going work professional work, it is better to buy a reliable steel model. It will be more sustainable due to high-strength profile. The service life of this design will be longer even subject to frequent use. On such a staircase, it is allowed to work with a perforator.
  • It is advisable to purchase Branded metal stepladers of suitable size. It is worth pickingthem in specialized stores, if you want to buy a really high-quality, sustainable and reliable product, safe in use.

Terms of application

Use the metal stepladder, so that all work passed as safe as possible.

  • First you need to examine Striving for damage. The design should not have defects, chips or chances. Check all the fasteners: they must be reliable and strong. If you have any problems, we can not use the staircase for security purposes.
  • Never put Step next to the doorpass.
  • Cannot rise on the stepladder together at the same time. It is designed only for one user.
  • Necessary is correct Determine the form that will be convenient for the planned work, and put the design in the right position. Be sure to check the reliability of fixing all available sections.
  • Preferably ask someone to progress you while using the stairs.

Care and storage

Metal string requires proper care and storage.Only when complying with all the necessary conditions, we can talk about the durability of the design.

  • Measure the stepting parameters. It is recommended to store it in a dry and clean space, which will not be too narrow and close: nothing should put pressure on the design so as not to provoke its deformation.
  • After the end of the work Be sure to remove all pollution from the product.
  • Steps recommended to keep in place, Inaccessible for children and animals. Even the smallest structures weigh at least 5 kg. In case of fall, they may cause serious damage.
  • If a stepder of metal It is not stored in a private house, but in the apartment, it is better to keep it in Chulana, pantry, on the balcony, loggia or in a separate cabinet of suitable sizes.
  • Keep a metal stepladder (especially if it is aluminum) as far as possible from salty water. Under its influence, the design can start rust and will become more vulnerable and fragile.

How to choose a metal stepladder will tell the following video.

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