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Gloves for work and other daily needs – very popular product in our days. But even among all the diversity of products supplied to the market, there are genuine quality leaders in quality. To understand this and choose the right model, you need to get acquainted with the Overview of the MECHANIX WEAR gloves.


Immediately it is worth noting that This manufacturer has always been “on the crest of innovation”. Even his work, he began with the output to the market unusual then product – tactical gloves. This development of Mechanix Wear was presented in 1991, when Daytona 500 car rated. Firm’s headquarters is located in Valencia (California). Already the first products of it, despite the poor assortment, found wide demand in different parts of the planet.

The popularity of goods of this brand is not reduced. New research and technological searches are actively conducted. Mechanix Wear seeks to create impeccable functionality, size and dimensions of gloves.

But today they fully comply with the level of Hi-Tech.

Testing new products takes place in a wide variety of conditions, and the range allows you to find the optimal solution for:

  • motorcycle races;

  • car drivers;

  • working personnel;

  • police officers;

  • servicemen;

  • Personnel of gardens and parks;

  • representatives of rescue and fire structures;

  • forester;

  • Homemade masters.

The company promises to consumers:

  • impeccable anatomical design;

  • long use;

  • Modern execution;

  • ease of washing in domestic washing machines;

  • Flame resistance, various shocks and cuts.


Start a review appropriate with the shock exposure to tactical gloves 2010 M-PACT Covert Glove. Strengthened protection is achieved with rubber coating and fenic material overlays EVA. TPR cuff complements the finger zone from the same material. Effective protection of joints is provided.

The general conclusion is simple – it turned out a convenient and reliable product.

Full protection promises when using the model Armorcore Extrication Glove. Such characteristics, of course, led to a noticeable price increase. But the product is perfect for emergency and rescue work, even with fires. Palular zone covering reliably from cuts and punctures. The upper part is made from Kevlar, and the most vulnerable areas are reinforced with TPR.

Mechanix CG Polar Pro Glove – Excellent winter gloves, calculated even on extremely student days. A newly used TPR protection that protects from shocks without prejudice to mobility. The combination of natural skin and waterproof nylon is quite justified.

Tinsulate used as insulation.

In the universal category deserved gloves Mechanix Original Covert Glove. In the description, the manufacturer focuses on the original performance and high functionality at the same time. Thanks to the double-sided top, made from the spandex, adjacent is better than expectations. Special material Trek Dry enhances micheology. Adjust the volume in the wrist area helps the Velcro system.

For workers goals fit gloves The Safety Fastfit. Enhancement of visibility promotes the strip of reflective material and a particularly contrasting insertion. Long-length cuff simplifies and guarantees reinforced adherence. Additionally used strengthening panels between fingers and on the thumb.

The synthetic leather of the Clarino brand in the palm zone shows itself from the best side; As for the model Breacher, it is removed from production.

How to choose?

The main thing is to avoid cheap fakes. This MECHANIX WEAR product refers to at least the average price range. The position on the dimensional row is selected taking into account the length of the index finger and the width of the palm. It is worth considering that sometimes the size of the thumb is critical. In a good product there should be no bad seams and sticking threads. Otherwise, the requirements are understandable:

  • For construction and industrial work, the durability of cuts, injections and shocks;

  • Tourists are more interested in resilience moisturizing;

  • Equipment of hunters, fishermen, military and police are selected based on the sensitivity of the palm and the convenience of manipulation;

  • Be sure to take into account feedback;

  • Attentive people get acquainted with relevant recommendations on the forums and add only to specialized shops and official brand trading points.

Watch the video on how to distinguish the original Mechanix Wear from the fake.

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