Marble Plaster: Pros and Cons

Decorative putty is quite widely used in the interior. The material allows you to invent interesting and diverse models. Perfectly suitable for creating various surfaces – from the most modest to expensive. One of the options for such an finishing is plastering marble.


Marble plaster was used in the days of Ancient Rome and Egypt. For the history of existence, the coating showed all its best sides, so it is widely applied to today. The mixture is made of durable, high-quality and reliable materials.

In its composition acrylic polymers or minerals, Where are the rounded grains of granite or marble crumbs of natural shades or obtained by painting on special technologies. To enhance properties, the manufacturer adds substances that contribute to better adhesion, plasticity, resistance to high temperatures and various loads. Pearls, varnishes, sequins or wax can also be used for decor.

Marble crumb and stone dust as part of plaster create a view of natural material. But for their bundles, the manufacturer applies preservatives dissolving agents, water-repellent additives. Thanks to the content in the finishing coating of marble crumbs, the walls will have a grungy look. In addition to marble, granite crumb can be used as a filler.

Sometimes mixed production of marble crumbs with granite. Then the quality of the material does not deteriorate anything, but it turns out another composition with a special set of physicochemical performance characteristics. For example, marble has good adhesion and low strength, at the same time, the granite has a decent mechanical resistance. Therefore, the materials obtained will have good adhesion, and mechanical strength. Strengthening some properties possible and when adding many other beneficial substances.

Speaking about the colors of marble plaster, it should be mentioned that the variety of shades is reduced to natural color of natural stones. However, the change in the composition of the components can be obtained by a wide range of coloramic solutions of the product.

Currently, marble crumbs are used to embody the most bold design ideas: in historical, classical or trendy styles. Due to the possibility of technology to cast crumbs with artificial and natural pigments assortment of mixtures consistently wide. Various shades – from the brightest to the dark allow you to create original patterns, drawings, ornaments, highlight individual elements or leave the coating as a basis.

Marble finish has its own positive and negative properties. After all, there is no material in the world that only positive characteristics. Considering all the other nuances, you should choose this one finishing material.

Advantages of decorative plaster from marble crumbs:

  • Long service life due to high strength and ability to withstand mechanical damage. The material is reliable, however, the granite crumb has the strength indicators above. Properly applied high-quality solution can last up to 25 years.
  • Wide gamma shades. In addition, color can be mixed with each other and receive new options for creating a unique style.
  • The material has the ability to “breathe”, thanks to the vapor-permeable properties of plaster, like wood products. There will be no more moisture clusters on the walls.
  • Environmentally friendly material that allows you to use it in interior without health risk. Even at high temperatures, marble putty will not highlight harmful impurities and pairs to the environment.
  • Installation of plaster is an uncomplicated process that is possible at any climatic conditions. Wall finishing can be performed with your own hands.
  • An important point is that the surface does not require special care. It is easily clean and cleaned without any special fixtures. Interior premises are purified by a wet rag, and the outer surfaces – conventional water from under the tap.
  • You can not worry about the appearance of mold and fungi.

Disadvantages of marble plaster:

  • Vulnerability to some chemicals, such as hydrochloric acid.
  • Not the lowest price, so that you can not afford such a finish.
  • Long operation leads to gradual loss of brightness. To update the color it is possible to paint into any new tone to taste.

The value of the material depends on many factors to which the brand of products and the quality of the raw materials and the characteristics of individual components belong. The amount and price of the finish are completely dependent on the type of plaster used.


Marble decorative plaster is divided into 2 types:

  1. Venetian based on marble flour, which is a simulation of marble crumb;
  2. Marble – from genuine marble crumb.

The composition of the filler is of different shapes: faceted and spherical with natural shades.

Thanks to the natural components, it is possible to use such plaster for any kind of surfaces. Decorative finish looks presentable and stylish. Excellent option for concrete, brick, stone and wooden surfaces, as well as drywall and chipboard.

Marble plaster with imitation of natural stone is used for external and internal work, the coating is flat, it is seamless, which cannot but attract a look around by its aesthetic appearance.

The solution with good plasticity and adhesion ability allows you to separate complex, curves, uneven walls with various recesses.

Textured marble plaster is often used for indoor rooms Thanks to practicality and water resistance. Therefore, finishing from such material is relevant for objects with high humidity: in the pool, bathroom, terrace, gazebo, balcony and other places where the surface should have high resistance to atmospheric phenomena. At the same time, the use of granite putty is limited to these species.


For the first time, decorative plaster appeared on the market due to Bayramix. To date, the manufacturer is considered the founder of fashion in this area and produces different types of plaster, characterized by texture and texture. Putty of marble crumbs is a truly high-quality and durable product. The range of the company is wide: from the production of interior decoration to materials used for exterior walls.

The manufacturer’s competitors are very small, because not many companies are able to master the methods of manufacturing a unique type of cover.

Granulum It has recently emerged, but in a short time it was able to pass all the tests, certification, analysis of masters and experts. Studies say that this plaster is not inferior to its analogues, and in some cases it is even superior to properties.

The facing material of this company is characterized by high strength, elasticity, as well as the ability to “breathe”, which is important for the walls. Condensate drops will not accumulate on the surface. Granulum products differ long service life, do not smell, manufactured from environmentally friendly raw materials. Therefore, the marble decoration of the company can be used when cladding both facades and indoors.

The finished mixture is compounds of granite and marble crumbs mixed with a special adhesive solution. When drying, the mixture hides irregularities and roughness. In total, the company produces about 48 basic shades, but if desired, it is possible to obtain a kind of color gamut by mixing several colors.

Imitation of natural stone – one of the most complex technological tasks. The thing is that the use of decorative material in conditions of high humidity, temperature differences, mechanical effects contribute to the distortion of the texture of the product, as a result of which the naturalness effect is gradually starting to disappear. In this regard, marble coating for the better differs from other facing materials.

Various additives in the composition of decorative mixtures have a number of important characteristics, including high protective ability. Recently, additives with a frost-resistant and moisture referred effect began to be used to finish the facades, and for interior rooms with high humidity – antibacterial and hypoallergenic compositions.


Decorative plaster is highly appreciated among many users. A variety of facing materials have good characteristics, but truly original wall designs are obtained only with marble plaster. Thanks to this quality, the material stands out among others.

Reviews say that marble plaster almost completely repeats the texture of the real stone. Buyers also celebrate ease of use of material. An important role for buyers is also played by affordable pricing policies, environmental safety and a variety of colors.

Many consumers prefer the manufacturer of Bayramix due to affordable price, good operational properties and durability.

Beautiful examples in the interior

Marble crumb is able to extract any designer plan. She looks great both in the living room and in the bathroom.

Marble plaster in the bathroom can transform a boring interior and change it beyond recognition. Thanks to crumbs, the walls are obtained rough, with interesting pictures.

When cladding buildings outside the marble crumb will hob all flaws of walls. As a result, the original design is obtained, which will attract all its uniqueness.

About the pros and cons of marble plaster See next video.

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