Makita electroplated features

Makita – Japanese company with countercake production of professional tools for repair and construction work. Under the Makita brand, drills are produced, perforators, screw and wrench, chain saws and laser equipment. Equipment runs from electricity, on gasoline and battery. There are more than 350 types of tools and over 4.5 thousand accessories to them.

Brand features

Makita Corporation products are represented by a thousand items of all sorts of construction and repair devices. Each of them has a wide model line, having a well-deserved demand for consumers throughout the world.

The manufactured equipment of the Japanese brand Makita is distinguished by impeccable quality, functionality, productivity and convenience. This production has established Japanese specialists in Germany and China, and after – opened plants around the world.

Makita devices are distinguished by high power and excellent performance. They are productive and highly efficient.

The chain electrical saw produced under the Makita brand uses specially popular. It is valued for reliability, available cost and high quality indicators. Electro saws designed so that it is convenient to change spare parts on it yourself, not referring to the service center. And all accessories for working with this tool are always available in free sale.

Characteristics and device

Chain electropulovers – good replacement of gasoline devices. They are distinguished by a more quiet work, the lack of harmful exhausts and easy operation, the efficiency of electric saws does not reflect low temperatures, paralyzing the operation of gasoline analogues.

Under the housing of the electric saws, a powerful motor. Through the gearbox it is attached to the tire to which the chain is stretched. The motor can be located longitudinally along the housing or transversely. On the case also placed buttons for starting and locking. There is a screw, fixing and regulating chain tension.

Before the front handle, the saw is equipped with a protective screen. It serves as a manual chain brake – when it is blocking or break, it will prevent damage to the hand holding the tool.

Another important component in the design of the device – the tank under the oil with the pump, carrying out lubrication of all rubbing parts. The lubrication system warns premature wear of components. Electropolis. But over time, the replacement may require a gear and anchor – working components of the instrument.

Advantages and disadvantages

Makita is not descended from leading positions, first of all, due to its quality products. The electric copies of this brand has a number of significant features, highly valued both by professionals and amateurs:

  • small mass and dimensions;
  • stability of thrust characteristics;
  • Operation at minus temperature;
  • reduced noise level with minimal vibration;
  • Ergonomic handle design;
  • simple service;
  • Affordable repair.

    Of the minuses, judging by the reviews, it is worth noting:

    • Some models spend a lot of oil;
    • Oil leaks in non-working condition;
    • insufficiently long network cable.

    But all these shortcomings are easily solvable by using the extension, wiping the housing from oily traces and the use of oil testing for savings.

    What are there?

    When working with a metal or a wooden surface, it is often necessary to be needed in a smooth dice under a certain degree. The usual Bulgarian without a certain experience and skill with this task will not cope. For such purposes it is better to apply a cutting pendulum saw for metal.

    This power tool consists of an engine, a cutting disk, strivine with the clips of the saw blade, a hinge connection (for adjusting the disk) and protective casing.

    In the manufacture of any metal structures have to cut a blank of a certain size. For example, steel corners, profile pipes and t. D. With this work, Bulgarian copes with this work, but for the perfect perpendicular cut, it will not fit (especially if such cuts need to do several dozen). In this case, the mounting saw will be an indispensable tool.

    Installation saw (pendulum) is a mobile machine with small dimensions to alleviate the sawing metal blank at an arbitrary angle. This is a sought-after tool type, often used in construction and repair manipulations. Differs in mobility and simplified device. Pendulum mechanism produces cuts exclusively at right angles, without the possibility of changing degrees. For comfortable work in the design of such tools, a belt drive is used, allowing to act smoothly and without jerks.

    Pendulum saw with an electric motor for metal work does not have practical differences from identical tool on wood. The only difference is the type of circle used.

    Regarding the transverse and longitudinal location of the engine there are many different opinions and facts. But in operation, the efficiency is demonstrated by both types of electric saw. However, some nuances when choosing need to take into account. First of all, you need to focus on the fact that you have to use a saw. For cutting tiles need a diamond saw. For spilivation of branches of trees and bushes, especially sitting on a tree, a compact narrow gasoline saw with a longitudinal engine is suitable. It is maneuverable and designed to work at any angle and in any plane. This is a tool with an ideal balancing, which during operation does not “lead to the side”. But it sometimes swallows when it starts with a small jerk to the side.

    You should look for a tool with a smooth start system.

    For sawing logs, it is better to use a saw with a transversely located engine. Suitable any combined model. It is not so compact, but much more powerful, more reliable and cheaper than a similar tool with a motor located longitudinally. Productive tool work with minimal load on the back due to light weight – explicit advantages for free cuts of massive chocks. Despite the displaced balance, such species saws the best speed and productivity of work.

    Rating models

    The Japanese brand allows you to choose the best and appropriate, including among the wide range of chains. They are divided into professional and domestic tools. The following is a brief list of models with good reviews. They have the most understandable design and management, which makes them the most suitable for private use.


    Model of the Romanian assembly. Intended for domestic use.

    Distinctive features:

    • Electric drive – 2 kW;
    • Sorrifying cutting unit;
    • Weight – 5.6 kilograms;
    • comfortable handle;
    • Oil pump with an increased resource, automating system lubrication process;
    • Longly located engine and perfect balancing;
    • Safety of work in wet environmental conditions due to reinforced insulation of conductive nodes.

    The device perfectly copes with spilling of tree trunks, seeding firewood, during the construction of various structures of wood.


    Power tools with a capacity of 1.8 kW with a forty-dietary tire and weighing 4.5 kg.

    Is different:

    • ease of self-tensioning chain;
    • comfortable handle;
    • High quality assembly.

    Lights with a big step allow you to use a saw on building production or for domestic purposes. Due to the low weight, the electronics is convenient to use with high-altitude work. In response, users are recorded only on a slight minus tool – generous lubrication consumption.


    Electropilated with a power of 2 kW, weighing 4.4 kg and with a hundred-duct tire long. Collected in Romania. High-quality cut is ensured by a large chain step. Reviews of owners celebrate the quality of cutting saws on the tree and the work process itself.

    This is due to several parameters:

    • high capacity with modest dimensions;
    • autotlifting with a sudden snacking chain;
    • durable nodes withstanding metal;
    • speed brake, stopping the chain in a couple of seconds;
    • reduced power with network voltage instability.

    So that the oil is not spent excessively, it is necessary to correctly choose its consistency. The lubricant is too liquid consistency consumption faster, and with overly thickness there are difficulties during operation.


    Model power model in 1.8 kW, weight – 4.4 kg, typical width of 40 inches. With such a tool it is easy to treat wood in large quantities (even logs with a cross section of 40 cm).

    Is different:

    • low weight;
    • high performance;
    • economical oil consumption;
    • Convenient tension of the chain.

    About this model Electric saws there are laudatory reviews. Design and characteristics do not give a reason to criticize the instrument for the quality and efficiency of work.

    Additional accessories

    All necessary components for ensuring high performance Electro saws Makita. The manufacturer took care that it was additionally possible to acquire protective covers for the tool, tank caps, clutch cups, plastic wedges, tire guides, tire chains from 16 to 74 cm and files for high-quality chains sharpening.

    Special lubricants for gearbox, silicone paste, engine oil are offered to ensure smooth and high-quality cutting. Using mounting tools and canisters for fuel and oil, sets for chain saws, depth limiter, radial rings and guides, spark plugs and filters Care and exploitation are made easy.

    User manual

    To use the electroopers to be safe, you need to follow the recommendations from the instructions attached to the device. Operation rules usually do not constitute complex requirements and precautionary measures.

    • Use saw with breaks in work. If the tool is heated, it means it is time to pause to avoid overheating and breakage.
    • The tool must be chosen consciously, depending on what kind of purpose it is purchased. You should not use the saw not as appointed. For example, weak on the parameters of the model are not intended for drinking forest plantations.
    • The chain is also selected to perform certain works. A large link step promotes rapid cuts, but in parallel, oil consumption and electricity costs increase. A smaller step of the links slows down the process, but makes it more economical.

    To cut the wet wood of medium density, choose a chain with a wide link, and for dry wood and cutting branches you can do the little link.

    • If the model is not protected from moisture, it is not recommended to operate during precipitation and in foggy weather.
    • Before starting work, you need to make sure the integrity of the canvas, the quality of the tension of the chain and brake reaction.
    • Working with a saw is needed in a steady position, with both hands while holding the tool.
    • Not all models lock the circuit occurs automatically after pressing the shutdown button. A saw of wood needs to be withdrawn from a tree after its complete stop.
    • It is not recommended to use the working saw above the shoulder level.

    • For safety reasons, it is strictly forbidden to include the device under the existing cord damage.
    • During the work, it is necessary to control the location of the cord, not allowing it to intersect with the working web.
    • It is important to use high-quality wiring. Modern high-power devices can lead to the ignition of the old wiring.
    • On time you need to replace the oil, change the exhaust details.
    • Important and correct installation of spare parts for places. Replacement can be done independently. Also easy to fill the oil for lubrication to the tank, pull or remove the chain.

    Tool care

    The electronics requires a certain care, as for any electrical appliance. After completing the work and before long-term storage, the device needs to be cleaned of sawdust, drain the oil residues, remove the chain for subsequent sharpening and the tire for convenient purification of the inner cavity from dust and dirt.

    With a frequent operation, all working items must be periodically checking for possible wear and damage, bearing and sprockets to lubricate from time to time.

    Periodically need to check the condition of coal brushes. It is necessary to maintain the maximum thrust in the saw blade. For each brush, a special notch is applied, denoting the border of erasing.

    It is important to take into account the fragility of coal brushes to do not damage them during check or replace them.



    Possible malfunctions

    All Makita tools breakdowns can be divided into two types: requiring repair under warranty and not warranty. In addition, the tool breakdowns are part of mechanics and electricians.

    Faults under which warranty service is possible:

    • The rotor breakage due to the closure between the turns in the winding (when there are no signs of invalid treatment with the tool and the integrity of the stator).
    • Weakened the place under the impeller (with the exclusion of interference in the form of foreign objects.
    • Disturbance of work due to the breakage of the rotor when the bearing is destroyed and confirming the absence of the facts of incorrect use of the tool.
    • The breakage of the rotor with the destruction of the collector (loss, deformation of the lamellae) – subject to the detection of the inter-touch closure in the winding and integrity of isolation.

    • Some kind of winding does not work when the trigger on the body or in isolation between the turns, the cliff of the winding itself without mechanical breakdowns.
    • Contact damage – when installing the fact that the rotor is intact, and the saw was not overloaded and the conditions for its operation were not disturbed.
    • Breakdown switch. The tool fails to adjust the number of revolutions (when there are no connection cord damage). There are no damage on the switch, and there is no abundant contamination on its case.
    • Disabled block in the absence of visible damage on it and on cable, cracks on the housing.

    • The speed has ceased to regulate, the saw does not start or marked unstable work.
    • The brush holder does not work in the absence of mechanical breakdowns and contaminants on its body or on a network cable.
    • There are no external signs of mechanical damage, as well as the fracture, hall and stretching of the network cord, but it does not work.
    • Facility with a heating element with a broken spiral.

    Problems for which the repair is not guaranteed:

    • Full wear of the rotor collector from long-term operation of the instrument or the use of non-original coal brushes;
    • malfunction of the rotor and stator due to abundant pollution, ventilation disorders or overload;
    • a breakdown of a mechanical switch or due to the accumulation on its body of the remnants of processing and construction dust;
    • failure of the function of regulating the number of revolutions due to contamination, dust, incorrect handling of the device;

      • Wire of the network cable due to the use of the extender with a rosette damaged or not suitable for a plug, which resulted in its melting;
      • The destruction of the heating spiral from overheating tools, mechanical shocks or disruption of the conditions for the correct handling of the saw;
      • Damage to the switch due to late stop or bursting spiral heating element.

      It also happens that the lubricating oil is not supplied to the tank with the pump, as a result of which parts are not lubricated or oil is not supplied to the chain.

      These breakdowns also have the reasons for. Then it can be understood whether the service center compensates for the warranty or will have to deal with the problem independently.

      Another possible malfunction – when loading the chain turns. You need to check the power of its tension, the probability of jamming and the state of the asterisk. Small repair tool quite really spend on your own.

      Chains of this manufacturer – a tool that fully justifies its price tag. Simple service, ease of use and high-quality assembly allocate brand among the impressive number of competitors. With all obvious advantages and a large assortment allows you to make an optimal choice for household needs, without overpayment for unnecessary characteristics and the name of the promoted brand.

      Additionally about Makita electric copies, see the following video.

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