Makita battery screwdriver selection

Screwdriver – the necessary tool in every home. With it, it is easy to screw or unscrew various fasteners. However, the use of a manual tool is inconvenient if the master is coming large-scale work. To facilitate such a task was created an electrical turnover. Its use allows to reduce energy consumption and reduce work time. Electrical screwdrivers are produced by many manufacturers, but won the trust and respect for consumers not all. Makita – one of the few brands that the buyer appreciates reliable and functional electrical shots.


Makita rechargeable screwdrivers are suitable for professional and semi-professional use. With their help you can quickly collect furniture, tighten the shelf, install windows. In addition, it is often used by masters when fixing small and large household appliances.

Most models presented by the manufacturer have a universal handle on hinged fixation. This means that it can be given to the desired form – from a straight line to the pistol. Such screwdrivers transformers are convenient in operation. With their help, it is convenient to install fasteners even in hard-to-reach places. Handles of all models are rubbering. This softens the level of vibrations, provides a good equipment capture and allows the master to work for a long time without a feeling of fatigue in the brush.

Some Makita electrical screwdrivers can work in shock mode. Such a tool is suitable for solid wood.

All models are made of shockproof plastic. Such enclosures reliably protect the inner electronics from mechanical effects. All Battery Machinery Japanese is famous for its productivity, ergonomic, long and uninterrupted work.

Makita produces several varieties of electric screwdrivers. They differ in appearance, functionality and technical parameters. Consider the most popular models implemented by the manufacturer.

  • Makita TD022DSE. Device designed to work with such materials as: plastic, thin metal, various breeds of wood. Supports two operating modes: shock and unstressed. This model is reversible. Can not only twist, but also unscrew fasteners. The device is equipped with backlight, at the expense of which work is possible in conditions of limited lighting. The device runs from the battery type Li-Lon. Included with a screwdriver there are 2 power sources, charger, case for storage and careful transportation.

  • Makita DF 010 DSE. Reversible screwdriver with removable Li-Lon battery. Has 2 speed modes, spindle lock. To work with poor lighting there is a backlight. The device has an ergonomic handle on hinges, changing position relative to the case.

  • Makita 6723dw. Budget model with a hinge rubber handle. Differs in low weight (420 grams) and compact sizes, which provides convenience in. The benefits of the device include illumination, reverse function, brush engine. Nickel-cadmium battery, no spindle lock option and torque adjustment options are distinguished. Included to the electrooper is a set of bits (80 pieces).

The company offers an extensive range of screwdrivers in which any home master can be confused. To make the right purchase and do not regret your choice, you need to get acquainted in advance with the important characteristics of the equipment. They will depend on the speed, quality and convenience of work.

Choice rules

Before choosing a tool, it is worth decreasing for what works it will be destroyed. To solve the professional tasks, the electric power planets are practically not suitable. For these purposes, it is best to look at the screwdrivers with the reverse function. If a battery screwdriver is needed, it is important to pay attention to some parameters.

  • Type of power source. Makita manufactures screwdrivers with nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries. The first is distinguished by the available cost, the possibility of operation at various temperature modes. Their main minus – the effect of the memory of the battery, which is due to the wrong charge the battery will quickly lose its container and will become unsuitable for use. Most Japanese production models are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries are not prone to self-discharge. They have a greater capacity and durability, but, unlike lithium cadmium, not such budget.
  • Voltage AKB. The performance of the instrument depends on this indicator. The more voltage, the more powerful and sweaty will be the equipment.

  • Battery capacity. The indicator affects the duration of the operation of the screwdriver without recharging. The lower the container, the less time the tool will work.
  • Maximum number of revolutions. The greater the value, the faster the operator can screw or unscrew the fastener.
  • Additional functions. These include the spindle blocking (when activated it is possible to touch the fasteners manually with the desired force), reverse, LED backlight, operation modes.
  • Ergonomics of handles. Before buying, you need to hold the instrument in the hand and decide, it is convenient for it in the work or not.


    Makita electric screwdrivers buyers leave positive responses. People celebrate the convenience of the instrument in the work, its low mass-dimensional characteristics, capacious batteries. Consumers like the rich equipment of most proposed models. When purchasing them there is no need to purchase Akb, Case, Bit and Charger Set. Having bought the equipment, they can immediately use.

    Of the disadvantages there is a high price, the inability to disable the impact mode in some models, the formation of the “blurred” light spot when the backlight is turned on. Cons not so significant. According to buyers, Makita’s company has already been able to keep the leading positions on sales due to the release of a high-quality instrument that will not submit to a responsible moment.

    Overview of one of Makita battery screwdrivers models See next video.

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