Liculmonation of larch: pluses and cons

Lining – in demand coverage, popular due to the fact that it is the basis of her natural tree. It serves for the inner and outdoor walls of the walls, used in the construction of baths, arbors, balconies and veranda. The material “CHTIL”, created from larch, is distinguished by special properties: the wood of this breed is not exposed to temperature differences and humidity, such products have a lot of obvious advantages, although the flaws are not deprived.


Lining “CHTIL” can be performed from such wood as alder, oak, linden, as well as from coniferous breeds – pines, spruce and cedar. The difference of lumber from larch is its flawless geometry, a smooth smooth surface without relief and beautiful patterns formed by strips and annual rings.

Products are boards treated according to the latest technology from all sides. This causes a more expensive value, which fully justifies itself due to undoubted quality and numerous advantages.

  • The material has a dense, solid structure, has increased strength.
  • Products calmly carry any atmospheric conditions and temperature differences.
  • Larch liner is resistant to the effects of chemical compositions and ultraviolet.
  • When assembling joints between the boards, invisible, so the result is a monolithic canvas.
  • Coating can be combined with other facing products.
  • Material has low flammability;
  • The lining has a high heat resistance – it does not allow the resin even at very high temperatures, therefore, it is successfully used to cover the sauna and bath.

Such wood has beautiful golden brown, deep yellow, reddish tones, is distinguished by the variety of shades, a specific natural pattern.

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Materials from the larch “CHTIL” are made with longitudinal deepening on the inside – This makes it possible natural ventilation, as well as moisture discharge when evaporated. The simplicity is different and the assembly of the coating is also different, and due to the lack of spiles along the edges of the wooden panels and the presence of deeply connecting locks, the surface looks organic and holistic. In addition, the Euro woman is distinguished by a long service life.

From the disadvantages you can allocate resistance to different types of dyes, but does it make sense to paint such a coating, because it already has a decorative appearance.

Views of lumber

Wooden profiles of larch are produced with a standard thickness of 13-14 mm, although it is possible to make a board with dimensions to 20 mm by individual orders. The width of the products may vary from 85 to 140 mm.

Evrovagra from larch differs from ordinary lining high quality wood used, has a deeper puzzle compound and internal samples. For this reason, the service life, and without that considerable, significantly increases (up to 100 years).

The shtail panels differ in their bestness: This is the material “Prima”, “Extra”, “AV”. The grade depends on the number of such impacts present on the panels, like cracks, roughness, irregularities, swirls, hearts with resin. Based on the percentage ratio, the class class is determined, and therefore its value. Consider in more detail each of the varieties.

  • Extra class material – impeccable products of the highest grade that does not have defects. Accordingly, has the highest value.
  • Class “A” – With a general high quality, it is allowed to have bitch (one on one and a half of the board meter), but it is difficult to call it a defect product, since such inclusions even decorate the panels.
  • Category “B” assumes the presence of four bitch and one spots, different – such a board looks beautiful, but not for the classic interior.
  • Class “C”, In fact, it is a marriage, as it has many shortcomings, therefore not in demand and is considered as an option only for such premises, like a basement or hozblock.
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Features of the material category “Extra”

Products of this class from larch are not inferior in their technical and operational characteristics even an oak, however, the cost is much more affordable. Partly for this reason, many choose it to finish their country houses, and sometimes apartments. In such rooms it is easy to breathe, warmly, they look aesthetically looking, the coating is well tolerated with increased humidity and is not amenable to rotting.

The Lining “County”, made of Extra Wood, is recognized as most professional builders of one of the best due to its high thermal insulation and strength qualities.

In addition to the original and original appearance, the sawn timber has other useful properties.

  • It is not susceptible to breeding fungus, mold and other microorganisms.
  • Larch is pure natural material, safe in its composition.
  • Products are immune to cracking and deformation at large rises of critical temperatures.
  • For strength, this ailomaterial is close to the highly solid wood species.
  • Creates a healthy microsphere in the room due to the content of plant phytoncides and antioxidants.
  • Has sound insulation qualities and durability.
  • Material is moisture resistant, so it can be used to finish the premises with high humidity.

For different purposes, a certain thickness of the boards and the method of their processing are selected. Some larch varieties can be painted, apply oil-wax on them, give any texture.

Brassed lining with texture ornament is especially valued, so the need for additional decoration of the material with impregnation, varnish and paints.

Brachified Eurovanda

Due to the great popularity of “retro”, “Country” and a vintage style in the home interior, decoration for a noble old age of facing materials is becoming more and more sought after. Special love enjoys high-quality brushing Eurovantia, which takes more and higher positions in the construction market.

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Braching, that is, artificial composition of the wood material is capable of making it unique. The technology provides for drying panels, removing the soft layers of wood with the help of special equipment, due to which beautiful scuffs appear, giving the boards exquisite and aristocratic species. The boards are covered with special mastic with a wax content, in such a way the texture of the material is emphasized.

Since deciduous rocks are often fading, the brash is appropriate for coniferous trees, and the larch is ideal for this material that does not fade, and is also not afraid of mechanical damage.

In general, the lining “CHTIL” is durable, reliable and beautiful products, which is resistant to steam and moisture, differs in fire resistance, not susceptible to sunlight and thermal exposure. This is natural, natural wood, which is easy to lay and repair, in addition, it is not toxic and heat resistant.

Textured lining can give the room a special, harmonious atmosphere, emphasize the common style, add sophistication.

About how to make lining with your own hands, you can learn from the video below.

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