Jacks to raise at home

    The peculiarity of any wooden building is that from time to time the lower crowns need to be replaced, because as a result of rotation processes, they simply fail. In our article we will look at the technology that will make it possible to raise the structure using a jack. This information will be useful to everyone who plans to repair the foundation.


    You can not only lift a residential building, but also a bath, frame shed or garage. We draw attention to the fact that with the help of a jack for overhaul, it is possible to raise solely single-storey buildings, made of a rounded log or bar, and is also allowed to rise in panel buildings.

    Timely repair is extremely important. Everyone knows that the structures of solid wood, such as larch or oak, can stand up to 100 years. Nowadays even preserved houses of pre-revolutionary buildings, and in good condition. But to achieve such durability, the lower crowns every 15-20 years must be updated.

    Unfortunately, buildings from modern wood cannot boast such operational characteristics. New houses are no longer as durable, because due to the deterioration of the ecological situation of the construction forest today is more subjected to rotting. There are several signs that make it possible to conclude that the lower part of the construction should be changed. These include:

    • violation of the founding of house-building;
    • deepening the foundation in the ground;
    • Sailing the buildings in the corners;
    • tilt at home;
    • Significant doorway and windows.

    If you have noticed at least some of these signs – you will certainly be thought about how to raise the construction with the help of a jack.

    In addition to the complete replacement of fallen crowns, homeowners often resort to the compaction of the foundation or its partial replacement. After raising the house, the jack is also recommended carry out prevention – process wood from fungus and protect against rotary processes, for this use specialized chemicals.

    Type review

    The rise of a wooden house on the height needs for repair work can be performed by different types of load-lifting mechanisms.


    Such jacks characterized by exceptional simplicity of design in combination with the reliability of the main lifting mechanism. In this case, the load is received by the reference platform, recorded perpendicular to the axis of the thread screw. Screw type jack has Increased lifting capacity, It is distinguished Compact sizes and easy operation.


    The principle of operation of the hydraulic jack is based on the ability of fluid under pressure, moving the device’s piston. Thus, with the help of a special pumping lever, you can give the necessary pressure. Hydraulic jacks are more complex from a technical point of view, if you compare them with screw devices.

    How to pick up?

    When choosing a jack, you should focus on such a parameter as its Lifting force or power. In order to determine the required parameter of this value, it is necessary to calculate the mass of housekeeping, and after that it is divided into 4.

    but When working with a small building, it is recommended to use a jack with a power that corresponds to half the mass of the building. The fact is that with the rise of overall houses, up to 10 points of the lifts installation are usually forming, and when the small lifting is only 4.

    Before lining the house with the help of a jack, you should also decide on the type of mechanism.

    So, for buildings, located low above the soil, it is better to use inflatable or rolling devices. Usually, before installing them, a 5 -10 cm thick is fixed on them. If the removal from the lower crown to the Earth is 30-50 cm, then you should use adjustable Scissor or bottle hydraulic jacks.

    How to raise the house do it yourself?

    Before you raise at home by jack on your own, you should perform A number of preparatory activities.

    Disable communications

    First you need to turn off all engineering communications suitable for the structure. It may be Gas, water supply, sewage system and electrical network. In addition, it follows Dispature or cut all the other pipes that are somehow linking the house with Earth, As they may interfere. If you ignore this stage, you can have a serious damage to your dwelling.

    Separate attention is the oven, since, as a rule, it stands on Autonomous foundation. That is why when lifting the structure of the jack It should be ensured the maximum free movement of the chimney through the roof. If the boiler is fixed on the floor, then all the eyelids and hoses should be disconnected from it, if it is located on the wall – it will not prevent work in any way.

    Preparation for the installation of a jack

    The method of installing the jack directly depends on the characteristics of the foundation. So, on slab and tape bases It should be cut rectangular niches on pile or bar foundations For the installation of the jack, put backups from wood.

    The place to install supporting structures should be loose and smooth – It is very important because a special metal stand in the form of tripod will be put on it.

    In no case should it slide, such a design will be required to adjust the jack in height.

    For work, you will be required Wood plates. It is desirable that their width is at least 15-20 cm. If you plan to fulfill the fulfillment of the foundation, then additionally goes metal chapels and corners – Of these, you can weld the temporary reference structure until the updated foundation does not take the necessary strength and fortress.

    Lifting at home

    Now let’s talk directly on how to raise a house of wood. This provides for the established procedure and certain rules that strictly adhere to. All work is desirable to start in the morning, so that in the evening you have to fully complete the rise and install all the required supports. In the first of all, the most requested fragments.

    First understand how to raise one of the corners of the house on your own so that the structure does not crumble. To do this, at a distance of about 1 m from the corner, a hole is digging, it is laying out a special flooring and install the first jack in it – it is supplied under the lower crown, putting a planing from steel. If the log is completely downloaded, you will have to cut out to the more dense layers of wood, it is in it that you will insert a jackt pin.

    Next you can proceed directly To the rise of the corner, It must be done as little as possible. The height of the lift at one time should not exceed 6-7 cm, then the struts should be inserted. In parallel, it is necessary to inspect the construction throughout the perimeter in order to prevent the appearance of unplanned deformations. After one of the angles you raised, the same procedure must be repeated on the second corner of the same wall.

    Then in the center of the lower crown put the third lift, it will be Rimmer center. Further, all the described manipulations should be carried out under the rest of the walls. After the structure around the perimeter is derived to the smallest height, it is necessary to evenly go down as long as you do not achieve the desired mark.

    After all work Jacks can be removed and replaced by their temporary backups.

    We draw attention to the fact that there must be quite a lot of them, since otherwise there will be too strong pressure on certain stroke points. And the house, which turned out to be without a solid foundation, collapses.

    Precautionary measures

    In order to correctly raise the house and at the same time not to cause damage to the structure and manipulation people, it is necessary to analyze a number of factors.

    • Mass structure. Each jack must give a 40% reserve of overall load capacity. To do this, it is necessary to calculate the total weight of the building: the cube of the box is multiplied by the proportion of wood (it is 0.8 t / m3), the resulting value of the roof and finishes are added to the resulting value.
    • Gabarites boxes. If the length of the structure exceeds 6 m, the probability of sorting logs and bars in the splicing site, then there may be an additional installation of the reference elements in the zones of their dusting.
    • Features of the inner cladding. If plaster or plasterboard sheets have been used for interior decoration of walls and premises, it can significantly complicate the implementation of all necessary works. In order to avoid repaid internal premises, it is necessary to additionally install boards with a thickness of 50 cm – they are placed in the corners.
    • Features of the soil. Depending on the type and structure of the soil, on which a jack is recorded, it may be necessary to use concrete blocks of an enlarged area. So you can fuse lifting mechanism from immersion.
    • Lift height. Usually the length of the working stroke is limited by the characteristics of the design of the lift itself. The use of special lopes from a solid timber in a rectangular cross section will make it possible to achieve the necessary movement height.
    • Repair work should be performed without a rush. The total duration of the lift and returning the house using the jack is determined by the level of complexity. Sometimes work is delayed – in this case, it is extremely undesirable to describe the structure on the racks, it is best to use temporary metal or wooden structures that have a fairly large reference platform.

    The process of raising at home by jacks, see the following video.

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