Italian wallpaper in the interior

The design of the walls forms the entire image of the room. Italian wallpapers bring a special charm in the interior, making it luxurious and elegant.


In the Russian market, wallpaper manufacturers from Italy occupy a special place. Their products are considered an elite and often used in expensive design projects. This status of Italian wallpaper is explained by their indisputable advantages.

  • Quality. Production uses the most modern manufacturing technologies and the best materials. Wallpapers are distinguished by increased strength, resistance to humidity, temperature differences and mechanical effects. They do not fade in the sun, keep their impeccable appearance and brightness of paints for a long time. In addition, such products are unpretentious in operation. With the appearance of pollution, the surface of the wallpaper can be easily cleansed with a wet sponge.
  • Safety. Environmentally friendly raw materials guarantees absolute safety of wallpaper for people and animals.

  • the beauty. Assortment of Italian Wallpaper. Common features of all collections is the perfect combination of shades, sophistication and expensive appearance. A variety of color gamut, prints and textures allows you to find an option for any interior. You can choose the sophisticated tenderness of flowers, elegant royal luxury or shocking. Developed by designers with world names, Italian wallpapers will be a real decoration of your walls.
  • Variety options. In addition to the diversity of design in the Italians collections, various types are presented. Vinyl, paper, textile and other options can satisfy any requests.
  • Wide price range. Despite the chic kind of Italian wallpaper, this luxury is available not only to wealthy citizens. In addition to elite expensive models on sale there are options with a relatively democratic price.



This type of wallpaper is very popular due to excellent appearance, simplicity of sticking and coating strength. Such wallpapers have 2 layers. The first can be paper or fliseline. The top layer is polyvinyl chloride. It provides products originality of texture and splendor drawing.

Vinyl models are practical and unpretentious in care. They allow dry and wet cleaning, and high wear resistance rates ensure the preservation of the initial appearance on the wall to 10 years.

A wide range allows you to choose a vinyl version for every taste and style of the interior. Many models mimic fabric, plaster, brick and other finishing materials, which opens up wide design opportunities.

The only disadvantage of this type of wallpaper is bad breathability.


This type of wallpaper is one of the most expensive. He also has two layers. A special textile coating is applied on top of paper or phlizelin. Various materials can be used as a fabric.

The main feature of textile wallpaper is the large size of the canvas. Some models have only one seam when finishing the walls of the whole room. Watching such wallpapers just luxuriously. At the same time, they are absolutely environmentally friendly, have excellent wear resistance, ensure noise and thermal insulation.

As for the shortcomings, it is possible to note here the need for a professional approach to sticking.

In addition, such wallpapers are unstable to moisture, easily absorb pollution and smells. Therefore, it is not recommended to make them a kitchen or a hallway.


This type of wallpaper is three-layer. The basis can also serve as flizelin or paper. The middle layer is created by spraying textile or acrylic fibers. Finishing coating is the fixing transparent varnish.

Such a coating provides good heat and noise insulation, it is easy, durability, durability. The material “breathes”, resistant to ultraviolet and temperature drops, is safe for humans. Velvety texture creates a cozy atmosphere, dishes surface flaws.

The minus is only the impossibility of wet cleaning, which eliminates the use of flock models in the kitchens and bathrooms.

Color solutions and design

The design of the wallpaper of Italian producers is varied. Many brands represent classic collections with exquisite venselters. First of all, these are medallions and damasters (repeated ornament) used in baroque styles and art decor.

Floral and vegetable motifs perfectly fit into the premises of the stylistry Provence and classics, as well as in modern romantic interiors. Especially Italians like to portray on the canvas lush roses.

Geometric shapes and stripes are suitable for modern style. Monophonic textured models are universal. Such wallpaper you can place premises in High-tech styles, minimalism and any other.

Wallpapers that create the appearance of wall decoration by another material – the original solution. Italians represent models with simulating plaster, brick, wood, leather and other options.

Some designer wallpapers depict animals, landscapes, beautiful buildings. Such models may well replace the photo wallpaper, becoming a full-fledged wall decoration.

The color range of wallpaper from Italy is also diverse, but calm shades still prevail. In collections, many light, muted and deep dark tones. Bright paints are found, but infrequently.

Most of the classic options are made in beige, pale pink and brown gamme. Italians love and gray, and dark deep shades of green, burgundy and purple. Some modern prints are performed in black and white contrast.

As for the textures, they can be velvet, silk, matte, glossy and even shiny.


Zambaiti Parati

This Italian brand releases luxurious vinyl wallpapers. More than 30 collections represent elegant models for various interior solutions.

There are exquisite ornaments, floral and vegetable print, urban topics and monophonic textured options. The texture is also diverse – matte coating, shimmering, silk smoothness, expressive relief.

Each collection is withstand in a single style. Color gamut includes mainly pastel tones and calm noble shades. Although some options have a very bright and rich print.


Sirpi – one of the most ancient factories of Italy. Today it is one of the top three and most popular wallpaper manufacturers in the country.

Brand Collections include vinyl wallpapers. In the production of models, silk-screen printing and a special method of embossing. Thanks to the latter, a clear and reliable imitation of wood, plaster and other finishing materials is ensured.

The company’s range is distinguished by a great variety. Here and golden patterns in the spirit of Baroque, and gentle flowers for premises in the style of Provence, and atmospheric wallpapers in Loft Stylistics.

Large success is the brand panel. Architectural compositions, landscapes, images of animals and beautiful ladies of the Middle Ages can make the interior of the room unique.

Emiliana Parati

The main feature of the vinyl wallpaper of this brand is the increased thickness, which increases their texture and strength level. In addition, the special micropore technology allows you to “breathe”.

As for the design, and here Emilia Parati goes to the lists of leaders. In collaboration with famous designers, the brand creates incredible models worthy of the most luxurious premises.

For example, a joint collection with Roberto Cavalli surprises with golden lace patterns, leopard prints, delicious flower compositions and stylish panels on the subject of animal world.

The main collections of Emiliana Parati include both the wallpapers of calm shades with unobtrusive prints and bright decorative panels to create unusual interiors.


This brand is produced under Emiliana Parati. Wallpaper companies are weathered in the refined color scheme. Gentle shades and unobtrusive prints make products suitable for most interior styles.

Sophisticated ornaments, imitation of plaster with golden and silver spraying, texture of expensive fabrics in the style of the Renaissance, Elegant Art Nouveau Patterns – there is everything.


Decori & Decori brand represents six collections of high-quality wallpapers that can be called real works of art.

Fine ladies, architectural prints, bizarre floral ornaments in neutral colors fit perfectly and in the “palace” style, and in modern rooms. Wallpapers Firms are represented by a wide sizernary nearby.


This brand has arisen due to the Italian Selecta Parati factory. Wallpapers Portofino are represented by various kinds, including options with flock spraying.

The collection of collections includes three main directions: monophonic textured wallpapers, stripes, and vegetable and floral prints. In a wide range of presented pastel gamma, cold shades of gray and blue, saturated burgundy. There are wallpapers and in warm brown and yellow tones, contrasting black and white options.


Limonta produces washable vinyl wallpaper excellent quality. Brand products are distinguished by a wide color palette, including neutral, and bright colors. Design is also varied. Abstract geometric drawings, stripes, images of medieval locks, gentle flowers, classic ornaments and monophonic wallpaper with various textures allow you to choose an option for every taste.


This brand offers textile wallpaper premium class. Production uses machines repeating the technique of jacquard weaving. The result is striking and tactile sensations, and visual effect. The model range is represented by striped models, as well as wallpaper with small and large patterns.


Domani Casa – PRIMA ITALIANA Factory Brand. The range of the brand includes wallpaper of gentle shades with vegetable and floral motifs, as well as monophonic textured options.

One of the most popular collections is “Alta Gamma” from Sirpy. Smoky tones, interesting textures and fashion shades are ideal for modern premises.

Subgroup “Alta Gamma Loft” is interesting to the image of the shelves with books, facades of old buildings and a reliable imitation of a tree. Alta Gamma Evolution is focused on plant and animal theme. Alta Gamma Home is surprised by panoramas of megacities and panel of high-rise buildings. Alta Gamma Sempre created for romantic interiors.

Collection of “Gardena” from Limonta, including wallpapers in a strip of juicy shades and bright flowers, loved by romantic agents.

And the connoisseurs of royal luxury prefer the IMPERATRICE, IMPERIALE and PRIMADONNA collections from Esedra, imitating expensive fabrics with exquisite patterns. Such wallpapers are simply created for interiors in the style of “Classic” and “Art Decor”.

How to choose?

When choosing wallpaper, it is worth considering several main points.

Room size. Small area is better to make blond wallpaper.

This technique will allow you to visually increase the room and fill it with light. Based on the same parameters, the wallpaper size and number of rolls are chosen.

Style. Classic style is characterized by the wallpaper of discreet colors with elegant patterns. Art decor admits contrasting combinations and bright tones. Provence suggests tenderness and ease. Floral and vegetable motifs of light tones are appropriate here.

In the premises decorated in a modern style, animal prints, stripes, urban landscapes and other drawings perfectly fit. Monthly wallpaper universal. They look great in any interior.

Type of room. For living room, bedrooms and other rooms are suitable for any types of wallpaper. For hallway and kitchen it is better to choose materials allowing wet cleaning. Bathrooms rarely wake up. But if you still want to do this, here the waterproofing indicators should be in the first place.

Quality. In order not to get a fake instead of a branded Italian quality, it is important to pay attention to some points. First of all, wallpaper from the famous Italian brand can not cost cheap.

Secondly, pay attention to the presence of clear labeling. Information about the manufacturer, the date of production, the number of the party, the name of the collection is often written even in several languages.

Thirdly, it is worth assessing the integrity of the packaging and the absence of strangers.

Behind the purchase it is better to go to a well-known specialized store or make an order from the official dealer of the manufacturer. This will reduce the risk of obtaining fake goods and will give the opportunity to make a claim for quality in case of its inconsistency.

Presentation of stylish Italian wallpapers from Roberto Cavalli, look in the following video.

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