Is it possible to sleep in earrings and why there are limitations?

The rhythm of modern life makes many spend a lot of time at work, performing at the same time several tasks. To cope with the work passing in such a rhythm, the body needs a full-fledged holiday at night. But living conditions in apartment buildings involve the presence of outsided sounds that are coming from the neighbors, which prevents to sleep especially people who are sensitive to sound.

Help sleep in full silence will help ear. The use of these devices will protect well from outsided sounds, and modern materials from which inserts make no harm to the ears.

However, if you use earnings repeatedly for several hours in a row, it often arises the question of whether such a long wearing is harmful for hearing organs, and whether they are addictive.

Benefit and harm sleep in earrings

If you use earnings correctly, they will help to fall asleep, as they can block the majority of extraneous noises and sounds, coming from neighboring apartments or a lively route outside the window. However,, High-quality earplugs will allow you to hear the sound of the working alarm clock, a phone call or a machined signaling.

Among doctors there is no unambiguous answer to the question, can I sleep in earrings all night.

Different professionals express different opinions about how useful or harmful use of such protection. Among the advantages of using the take-off at night are distinguished:

  1. The ability to quickly achieve silence and get rid of annoying sounds;
  2. help reduce the time spent on falling asleep;
  3. Modern materials from which are manufactured to sleep inserts have minimal pressure on the ear shell, thereby minimize discomfort in the ears.
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Despite the advantages from the use of takes during sleep, otolaryngologists do not recommend using them every day, guided by the fact that the repeated use of earliest can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Among the minuses of their constant use for sleep, a number of factors.

  1. The emergence of addiction. Some experts are confident that if you enjoy earrings during sleep for a long time, then the ear can adapt to such conditions, and over time, foreign sounds will be heard even during the use of. If a person cannot fall asleep independently, there is a sleep disturbance that can be cured without resorting to the use of liners.
  2. The presence of any otollingic diseases. Such states are contraindicated to use atrochet, since the foreign object in the patient ear increases the risk of developing pathogenic bacteria, which may aggravate the disease.
  3. Create a barrier for ear sulfur and interfere with its natural elimination. Therefore, before using anti-car liners, it is necessary to carefully clean the auditory passage.
  4. Increase the risk of developing diseases. This is due to the fact that dust, sinking or pollen of the plants that fell into the ear can not only accumulate in the ear aisle, but also to move inside during the introduction of. The accumulations of such contaminants are able to cause the growth of bacteria and lead to diseases of the ears.
  5. Unpleasant or painful sensations may occur during sleep, Related with excessive pressure taking on ear shell. In this case, you need to properly select the size and use only those devices on the packaging of which there is a mark on the possibility of their use at night.
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How to choose?

Reduce possible risks associated with the use of at night, as well as reduce the unpleasant sensations during sleep, it is possible to learn how to choose the right size and material from which the means of protection against extraneous noise. When choosing Night Burzhev, you need to be guided by several rules.

  1. For sleep, foster foster or wax earplugs. Due to the soft material, such earrupts do not have strong pressure, and are also able to change the form, adjusting to the individual features of the aurist of a particular person. Therefore, it is possible to get used to such earrings much faster than tougher copies made of silicone or polyurethane.
  2. Before buying, it is necessary to produce a visual inspection of products. They should not be irregularities, chips, cracks or scratches. If there are even minor damage on the surface of the takes, it is better to abandon them, since the skin on the inner surface of the ear passage is very thin, and the poor-quality product will easily hurt it.
  3. Give preference to sets consisting of several pairs. Since the soft material from which the night takes is made, has many pores, they are able to accumulate pathogenic bacteria. Such devices require frequent replacement, and copies made of wax are one-time option. Therefore, it will be convenient for a replacement pair, if you need to replace them.

Care rules

If wax earplugs are used during sleep, they require constant replacement, as they are intended for disposable use.

If preference is given to more durable products from Painropople, they require daily processing after each use.

Early processing after their use should be carried out in several stages.

  1. Clear earrage from the selection. To do this, they should be placed in a soap solution or hydrogen peroxide solution. As well as for purification, you can use a special disinfecting solution sold in pharmacies.
  2. Rinse flowing water.
  3. Wipe dry with a soft towel or cotton disk.
  4. Leave on a clean surface for 1-2 hours for complete burial.
  5. Remove for further storage in a sealed container.
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Thus, Correctly selecting the material from which earplugs are made, you can use these means to fully relax and sleep even if there are extraneous noise. And knowing how to clean and store earrings correctly, you can protect the ears from possible diseases associated with the reproduction of bacteria on the surface of the liners.

When you can not use earless, look next.

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