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Impact wrench is a thing that is necessary for every motorist, because it is when repairing and disassembling a car and come across the most stubborn nuts that do not want to leave the spaced place. It is not surprising, because the concept of the machine’s work itself implies that all nuts in it will be firmly twisted, otherwise the car simply falls apart on the first bodice. Twist and twist such nuts with your own hands – the point is ungrateful, where it is better to trust his technique. Then the most difficult of what a motorist awaits, will be the choice of nozzles for wrench.


Before you start choosing heads, you need to choose the wrench itself. Today in stores you can find a huge variety of different models. Below are the most popular options.

  • Bosch GDR 10 – This is a mobile shock wrench from the manufacturer with a world name. Among its advantages, buyers highlight high power (for mobile model), long work without recharging and multifunctionality. The only minus is not the most successful design. The device is not suitable for industrial work, because it is applicable to private use.

  • HILTI SIW 22-A – This is a shock autonomous machine of high power, a real “beast” of the world of autonomous wrench. It is suitable for twisting screws and anchors with a diameter of up to 1 cm, as well as for nuts with maximum thread M16. It is quite powerful and at the same time very convenient and compact. The only minus is a high price.
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  • AEG BSS 18C. This model comes with a set of adapters to ½ and ¼ inches, as well as with a suitcase for storage and transportation. Its main advantages is convenience, high power and relatively low price. However, according to buyers, sometimes the quality of the supplied heads is not very high.

These models are the best in the domestic market, but not the only. There are still many models to pay attention to.


It is necessary to disassemble, what differs the usual heads for the wrench from the drums. Most users mistakenly believes that the difference lies in the wall thickness or the material used. However, this is not the case, because both types of heads of the same metal are made. The thickness of their walls is really different, but there are also thin-walled shock heads.

The main difference is a through hole in the impact head. It would seem, such a trifle, but do not underestimate its importance. Through this hole is a pin, with which the end head is attached to the wrench. Such an additional fastening is simply necessary, considering the load with which it will face.

How to choose?

The main thing is to pay attention to when buying impact heads, it is, of course, the size of the landing square. The size of the bolt planting square is measured in inches. Standard are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch sizes – the heads of such sizes must be in any set.

Of course, there are other dimensions, more rare, which are used in separate stamps of cars or special techniques. Before buying, it will not be superfluous to inspect all the techniques in the house and check whether it does not have a bolt with non-standard sizes.

When buying together with the impact head, a rubber ring, as well as a pin, so it is necessary to check their presence. In addition, the quality of the purchased parts should always be checked. A frequent problem is the curvature of the head walls, because they must be perfectly smooth.


Impact heads for wrench may differ in the most different parameters: from strength to form. Each individual view is suitable for different work, so, buying heads for a wrench, you need to understand how to use them for. There are several types of shock heads.

  • Industrial and garage. The main difference between the industrial head from the garage is the quality of the steel used. Industrial options have increased strength and elasticity, but cost more. If you need to use them to repair your personal car, you should not spend much. If you need to use a wrench on work, then it makes sense to think about buying them.
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  • Short and long. Usually short heads are used to twist bolts, and elongated – for screwing the nut on the screw. Ideally worth buying a set where both types will be ready to be ready for any situation. But if the budget does not allow, it is better to take long, as they fit almost for any situation, although less convenient.

  • Different shapes of heads. Nozzles may differ in the form of a hole – they are hexagon, twelve-marked, E-type (star-shaped hole) and non-standard. With the first three types, everything is clear: you need to see what form of nut and bolts by car, and buy a suitable option. If there is no confidence in the correctness of the choice, then it is better to immediately take hexagon, as they meet most often. The fourth type is used for nuts and bolts of unusual forms (triangular, five-marked and other options).

Such nuts are used to dismantle.

  • To twisting bolts with torn faces. There is a separate type of nozzles for twisting bolts, the faces of which were torn. They have small bulbs in the middle who cling to the bolt are not from above, but in the center.

  • Thin-walled. Thin-walled heads usually cheaper than standard thickness nozzles. But it is worth remembering that the wall thickness is the main factor affecting the reliability of the nozzle.

These are all kinds of nozzles that can be found in the store. Be sure to take into account all the nuances of the upcoming work before buying such products.

Buying nozzles, the most important thing is to take into account how they will be used. Different nozzles are suitable for different situations, and more expensive options should be taken only to those who are going to use wrench professionally.

Next, watch video reviews for drum guides.

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