If laminate sank

If laminate sank

If the laminate swelled, do not rush to completely change the floor covering or scolding the manufacturer. In many cases, this trouble is easily eliminated and does not require additional costs.

Before making any manipulations with boards, you should understand the root cause of the problem. Most often it is:

  • Errors made when laying laminate;
  • water poured on the floor;
  • Low quality material.

Depending on the nature of the bloating, each problem is eliminated in its own way.

Incorrect technology laying

Laminate under the action of temperature difference in the room can expand. For this, there are 1-2 cm gap between the board and the wall (at least on the one hand), which is successfully hidden by the plinth.

If the laminate swelled and went by waves due to the lack of this clearance, the following steps must be performed:

  1. Remove all the plinth;
  2. Find a place where the laminate rests close to the wall;
  3. Gently trimmed the lamellas in these areas so that a distance of 1-2 cm is obtained between the coating and the wall;
  4. Remove all objects from the floor that interfering with boards straighten up. Gradually laminate straightened himself.
  5. Sometimes bloating causes heating pipes. There is also a clearance between them and the coating.

Another reason why laminate swelled, can be screwed to the floor plinth, doors and other elements that require mounting to the floor. In this case, the plinth is attached exclusively to the walls. For other elements, it is necessary to pre-cut holes in the boards and fastening directly to the floor screed.

If laminate sank


If the cause of bloating is water, then you need to act quickly:

  1. Remove damaged boards. Great quality lamellas, top, can restore their former look. And therefore they can be returned to the place. Low-quality low-quality laminate is much swelling and rarely returns to the original form, so requires replacement.
  2. Wipe water accumulated under the boards.
  3. Replace floor substrate.

If laminate sank

If dried boards have retained their shape, they need to be returned to the place. Otherwise, spoiled laminate should be replaced.

If laminate sank

When the coating for several years, pick up the lamella in color and the texture is much more difficult. As an option, for replacement you can dismantle boards from under the cabinet or sofa, and put new slats in their place. Such a casting hidden furniture will not be noticeable to third-party eye.

If laminate sank

If the laminate on the joints was swollen due to the poor quality of the lamellas themselves, then the only way out – replacing spoiled boards

If laminate sank

How to prevent bloody?

Buy only high-quality material and correctly laminate laminate. Otherwise, over time, imaginary savings will eat the cost of repairing such a coating.

It is important to remember that laminate does not like wet cleaning. Therefore, the coating requires special care: surface treatment with water-repellent polyrollas or wax.

And in premises with high humidity it is recommended to retain a special waterproof laminate.

Another common problem is that laminate creaks. Eliminate the creaking also possible.

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