How to unscrew the screw?

The need to understand how to unscrew the screw, occurs even in experienced masters, who collided with a breakdown of a slot or other problems when excavating fasteners. Such situations occur quite often and when using power tools, and with manual installation of hardware. I do not always fail to correct the problem. How correctly unscrew the triangular and accurate screw, with a torn crossbar under a screwdriver and with the linked faces, it is worth telling more detail.

How to unscrew different types?

The main difference between different types of screw fasteners is the types of their slot and shaped hats. The outflow rules are also different, since it is necessary to act in each case according to the characteristics of the metric:

  • Straight. And big, and very small easily twisted with a regular screwdriver with flat sting. The main rule of work with such methms is a dense landing of the tool tip. The slightest clearance increases the chances of breaking the slot.

  • Conducting, or Phillips. A distinctive feature is the pushing tool during screwing. This increases the likelihood of a breakdown. It is crucible options – champions on problems with discerning. When working with them, it is better to comply with the definition rule.

  • Pozidriv. Conducting with notches and parallel faces. This option does not have the problem of pushing the sting tool, with more effort with the final screwing fastener. Visually Pozidriv differs from Phillips only by seas. But the bits for them are used different, like screwdrivers, otherwise the slaughter of the slot will be inevitable.

  • Hexagon. Inner slot in the form of hexagonal recess in the screw head. For its correct tightening, the correct selection of the key or screwdriver is important – the tool must sit tightly, without gaps. In the presence of an air layer, the sting of the tool will turn, stealing slots.

  • Star, or Torx. Appeared as an improved alternative to hexagon. The screw withstands a lot of effort when tightening, centered. With the right selection of the bits to break it will be quite difficult.

  • Three beam. An option considered to be anti-vandal due to its small prevalence. Sometimes different shapes: Y-Type, Ti-Wing. In the first case, the slot looks like a line of the same name, in the second – on the turbine blades.

  • Anti-Vandal Torx Plus. The slot of this screw is performed in the form of a five-beam star with a central pin. Anti-vandality is that only a special bit is used for mounting, it does not enter standard tool sets. Other tools screw do not unscrew.

  • Anti-vandal triangular slot (TA). It looks like a deepening in the screw head, can be rotten not only with a special tool, but also a hexagon or a slotted screwdriver of a small diameter. The probability of breakdown is low, the bit is easy to make yourself.

  • One Way. Screws whose head has only direct move. When trying to unscrewing a screwdriver or bit, just throw away from the groove. Impossible to turn out the usual ways.

  • With outdoor slots. To work with them, use a special tool with a removal corresponding to the form and size of the fastener. There are square, pentagonal, hexagon, Torx, 12-point or twelve marginal. To work with most of them, fastened wrenches are suitable, the pinching of the head often occurs when an excessive effort is applied during the work process.

These are the main types of screw fasteners, with which problems occur when unscrewed. About how to solve them should be disassembled in more detail.

How to unscrew the problem screws?

Unscrew the screw if it is broken by the cross, – not the task not from the lungs. Mysted methiz may be on a laptop or hold the wheel of the car, and after all there are still baked and rusty bolts, options with a torn head and left-thread. All of them are quite amenable to twisting, if you correctly approach the case.

Replacing the tool

If we are talking about usual screwdriver, Her face can be raised during the previously performed work. If the contact is clearly bad, you need to try to change the tool. It is selected by the one that tight sits in the slot. It is worth paying attention to the marking: For pH and PZ, you need screwdrivers with different types of stamps, they are non-violent.

The main rule: if the screw falls too hard, you need to stop and stop breaking it even more.

Using pliers

The method is relevant only if the screw head is located on the surface of the material, is not recessed into it. Pliers are captured by side parts of the cap, rotation is made to the side counterclockwise. If the screw succumbes, it is not necessary to hurry – it is better to act slowly and neatly.

Power tools

If you manually remove the stuck screw fails, you can try Dismantling with a screwdriver or electric. To do this, its cartridge is released from the bit, open and fix the hat in it. It is important to remember that in the power tool must be a reverse mode – it is working in it that. If there is a hat outside, it is the easiest way to remove a problem screw.


With a weak contact with a recessed deep into the material with a hat to unscrew the problem fastener becomes too difficult. Solve the task sometimes helps the use of additional layers between materials. For example, for these purposes, it is possible to use a piece of thin rubber, leather or abrasive part of the shopping sponge. The gasket is fixed over the hats, improving the clutch, the screwdriver or bit of the screwdriver is inserted from above.

Formation of notch

When torn the slice can unscrew the screw by making a bowl on it with a grinder or hand tool. After that, a screwdriver of a suitable flat-tip size is performed Fastening fasteners. Even easier to relieve twisting will help Short-term heating of methiza. Thermal expansion will help slightly increase the diameter of the hole, will make it landing more free.

Cutting faces

With the outer type of torn slot, a simple solution may become Slicing on it new faces. Proceed with a file or a grinder, with a metal hacksaw. Even 4 faces will allow you to use the key of the right diameter to get rid of the tight screw screw.

Application of special tools

When other ways do not help, you can use an extractor, screwing it into the body of the fastener, is it works, even if the hat flew off. Some similar devices require Pre-drilling hole.Extractor You need to swap in the screw, and then turn it together with the problematic methome. The material is not damaged at the same time, it is possible to use such work technology on all types of fasteners, except for the screws of hardened steel.

Cold and hot welding

Torn Hat or Ledshed Slots often do not allow to solve the problem of removing the interfering screw. To restore control over the threaded connection, You can welcome or glue the type “Cold welding” type to its surface. In this case, the screw will be able to remove using Caid or ordinary wrench.


It allows you to completely remove too deeply recessed screw. Works this method with wooden surfaces. You can simply drive the hassle itself, later replacing it with a new one. In addition, a good solution can be the use of a cork nozzle capable of pulling the solid part of the wooden surface along with its contents.


Screw or a short-sized screw with torn slots (most often cruciform) can be tightly connected with a screwdriver using soldering. To do this, the fastener is applied to the fastener head, the sting of the tool is immersed in it. Need to give a compound to cool and cool well. You can then easily unscrew the screw, which has become a continuation of the screwdriver, clean the tool from the trail trails.

Skipped and rusted screw

It also has to fight with the consequences of the connection. Remove rust it is possible with special compositions, there will be several drops. Then used Impact screwdriver (can be replaced with a chisel) and the hammer. In the shock load, the accurate and the pruring parts of the screw become movable. As soon as they fall, you can change the tool and unscrew the problem threaded element in the traditional way.

Knowing what to do if not unscrewed or completely fell off the screw cap, you can unscrew almost any problematic hardware. Sufficiently stock patience and act neatly. Then unscrew even the screw with torn edges under the Cross screwdriver will be quite easy.


Useful when unscrewing different types of screws tool better to purchase and keep at hand. Especially relevant this moment for the owners of garages and personal vehicles. Here Extractor for unscrewing broken hardware will be maximally useful – the type of design is better to choose a universal, with a shortened working part. With it to unscrew the problem fasteners can be even in hard-to-reach places.

To reduce the chance of a breakdown of faces or a slot, you can use a number of simple tips.

  1. Select exceptionally high-quality fasteners with tempered head.
  2. Reliably fix the sting of the tool in the slots. When slipping a screwdriver or bits protruding faces are erased – it will be more difficult to recall such methols.
  3. Maintain tool in working condition. On the key or screwdriver, the face is also often jammed, which greatly interferes with normal fasteners.

Considering these tips, you can avoid problems with the unscrewing screws of various purposes from the parts bonded by them.

In the next video you will learn how to unscrew any screw.

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