How to unscrew the nuts?

With unscrewing the rusted nuts face in life many. Often, the part is stuck so firmly that it simply fails to move it from the spot. How to eliminate the problem and unscrew the rusted item, putting a minimum of effort, will be discussed in this article.

Required devices

Due to the interaction of metal products with oxygen in conditions of high humidity on the surface, corrosion may appear, that is, simply rust.

Forming, it increases in size, which leads to the “swelling” of the nut.

The appearance of rust is not the main reason for the bad rejunction of the part – there are others.

  • With contamination. In the event that the carving is covered with a layer of dirt, dust or metal chips.
  • With a strong tightening of the bolt and nut Metals are accumulated, which makes it difficult to unscrewing parts.
  • When using poor-quality tools. If the work is used to use a wrench or other fixture that have waste edges or a different defect, then unscrew the item is unlikely to succeed.

If the item has greatly closed, it can be unscrewed in different ways: using chemicals, mechanically and physically.

Selecting the appropriate tools in the form of a cape key, as well as an ends of an either a mechanical wrench, you can solve the problem. You should not unscrew the rusted item, using power, otherwise it will be the likelihood that the thread will be reduced either during the work tool breaks. The use of a precipitated hexagon key will help solve the problem.

Chemicals will help cope with the task. Experts recommend:

  • use WD-40;
  • Match the part kerosene or choose the brake fluid for this;
  • Apply gasoline or carburetor cleaner.

A good tool that allows you to remove the scurvous thread, it is considered WD -40. When used, you need to take a rigid brush and remove the dirt from the details. Then you should pour into a small amount of rusty items and wait a bit. If you cannot unscrew the nut immediately, the procedure must be repeated.

You can also solve the problem with the help of ordinary vinegar, alcohol or beverage in the form of “Coca-Cola”, which contains orthophosphoric inorganic acid.

Her presence in Coca-Cola has low concentration and low activity, so it will help to remove small corrosion.

Which way to unscrew?

Fasteners can be with the right or left thread location. With the right location, unscrewing the part is made counterclockwise. At the same time, the detail with the left thread needs to be unscrewed in the reverse order, that is, in motion.

To decide which way you need to move, you should carefully inspect fasteners. The nut is moving to the side where the “raising” of the thread is observed. This will allow you to choose the right direction and unscrew the item, and not tighten it tight.

How to unscrew different nuts?

Many are interested in what you need to do if the nuts rusty very much, and how easier at home to unscrew such details at home. There are quite a few ways to remove rust. In each case, it is better to use certain defect correction methods.

There are mechanical and physical methods that allow you to cope with the task: it is tapping and using the lever. When tapping, they take a regular hammer and cut off the nut, trying not to remember it. This is usually enough so that the “bipigation” moved and the connection has succumbed.

If the problem did not dare, you need to take a screwdriver and send an effort to the part. It is important not to beat it on the thread, otherwise you can remember the part.

It will help to solve the issue and use of chemicals that contribute to the dissolution of clogging and removal of rust.


The kitchen and plumbing rooms are high humidity premises, so rust can be formed here on some products. In that case, If the plums have clogged in the sink or corrosion appeared on the toilet tank or on the pipe, it is advisable to use “Coca-Cola”. By the way, home to get rid of rust will help the use of any concentrated acid. For this purpose, a lemon powder or acetic essence is suitable. Applying a few drops will eliminate the problem.

If you need to unscrew the item on the mixer, you can spend it using. Using a small hammer, you need to strike the edges. So, moving in a circle, you need to walk in the detail several times. Such a process leads to the formation of mini-cracks in the metal, then to deformation and rapid destruction of the corrosion layer.

It is impossible to produce strong blows on the basis, otherwise the deformation will be very strong.

To remove the accurate part, you should take one of the above chemicals and apply to the treated surface. It is important to richly moisten the element to the agent and leave it for 20-30 minutes. After half an hour, you need to take the tool and try to unscrew the nut. If the item is strongly accurate, it is recommended to handle it once again to the selected tool and give it a little more. For better interaction, it is recommended to take a small rag, moisten it and shut directly to the nut.

The work process is as follows:

  • You need to take a metal brush and clean the threads, then apply the WD-40 lubricant to the hub nut;
  • impregnate the hub;
  • give to stand 20-30 minutes;
  • To put on the part the head from the key and hit it with a hammer, increasing the strength of the strikes;
  • unscrew the detail.

Remove the accurate detail will help the change of directions. Before developing connections, you can try to screw them.

To speed up the unscrewing process, you can easily knock on the product with a hammer. If there is no result, you can try to move the part with a strong jerk. For a small element, the way of unscrewing “Empty” will suit, that is, moves back and forth.

It is quite difficult to unscrew the scurvous, the nailed nut on the exhaust manifold or on the silencer, as they are strongly accurate due to the effects of high temperature.

Many understand how difficult it is to remove the hub nut. To speed up the process, you will need steel tools in the form of a powerful screwdriver, iron tube, rigid brush and WD -40.

With alternate impact in different directions, the rusty layer will be deprived of.


If all previous options were useless and the edges of the part were torn, it remains only to cut it. You can make it with a grinder, with metal, chisel or electric drill.

You can also hold the torn item in the vice, clamp, take pliers for work and unscrew the pipe key.

If the verge of the nut turned out to be the jammed, you can score the part with a large size, then drill a deepening, after insert a durable metal rod and try unscrew fasteners.

In addition, you can take a welding machine and weld them two nuts, and then unscrew the top item along with the welded.


Usually plastic nuts have a different shape and size than metal.

Given the compliance of such a material, it will not always be possible to use the pipe key or vice in the work – in this case, you need a larger perimeter.

To unscrew the plastic part, you can take:

  • Special factory key;
  • puller for oil autofilters;
  • Pliers having a wide disclosure.

If you press the part on both sides with wooden pars and at the same time hit with a hammer in the direction of twisting, you can easily unscrew the plastic element.

In a hard-to-reach place

If the details are in hard-to-reach places, they are quite difficult to unscrew the usual key. In this case, it is better to take:

  • ratchet;
  • a key having a short handle;
  • ratchet having the maximum number of teeth;
  • Extension and flexible wire for heads.

You can lengthen the handle or select a longer “knob”, wear a metal pipe. Perform such actions will allow you to unscrew the connection. It is important to do work carefully not to hit the face.


To no longer suffer a question how to unscrew the broken nuts, when installing them, it is important to handle the thread with a special lubricant. Can be used graphite, silicone or teflon. Many masters are not recommended to use Litol or Solidol. Such means are more suitable for dynamic, and not for static nuts and bolts. Choosing them will lead to the fact that such a lubricant will soon zaznify and will interfere with the rapid unscrewing parts.

Experts recommend working by the method of heating the part. The change in temperature leads to the expansion of the metal and, as a result, to the destruction of the corrosive layer and the loss of the thread connection fortress. It is better to get a soldering lamp for heating. A construction hairdryer or lighter is also suitable.

Highlight items should be careful, it is not recommended to use the device near wooden coatings. The nut during operation is warm up hot, and then unscrew the key.

You can unscrew the rusty item with a wax cup. To do this, take some wax or children’s plasticies and make a product in the form of a mini cup. The height of the sides of this product should exceed the height of the nut. In the improvised cup of sulfuric acid and add part of zinc. Due to the interaction of the components, a galvanic effect will come, while rust will begin to collapse. After carrying out this operation, unscrew the nut will be much easier.

Using one of the listed options, you can easily unscrew the baked nut. More attention still should be given to prevention and use special tools that prevent corrosion of the metal.

How to unscrew the nuts, look next.

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