How to unscrew the nut on the grinder?

In our time, almost everyone who loves and knows how to make, there is a house such a tool like Bulgarian. The correct name of this tool is the angular grinding machine (EMS). Bulgarian is called due to the fact that the first mechanisms of this type were brought to the Soviet Union from Bulgaria.

In its classic variant, the angular grinding machine is a manual power tool with an abrasive circle in order to process the joints of the plane surfaces from the metal. But with the help of this simple mechanism, you can also cut sheet metal, reinforcement, ceramic tiles.

What to do if the nut jamble?

A frequent problem in the work of the USM is a jammed nut. The first thing to be done in such a situation is to determine the direction of rotation of the disk. In the same direction and it is recommended to unscrew the junction nut. There are several of the most efficient ways to solve this problem.

  • Use the horn key and the end head. To do this, it is necessary to drink on a 4 millimeter surface of the horn key, which has 17 millimeters. On the end head of 24 millimeters to sharpen four protrusions that are monitored with the holes of the flange nut. Then the horn key is placed under the disk, and the end head is placed on the nut of the angular grinding machine. After that, the ratchet should turn it in the direction of rotation of the disk.
  • Apply gas key. Knowing the laws of physics and using the gas key, you can increase the moment of force, as the length of the shoulder will increase.

But you should not make too great efforts, as you can remember the flange and damage the spindle rotation lock.

  • Use perforator. If you set the perforator to the loafing mode without the function of rotation, it will work on the principle of a hooker. Six-millimeter bumps put on a flange end and start working. After the nut goes, it can be easily unscrewed by a special key for the grinder.
  • Heating. If the nut heat the technical hairdryer or gas burner, then the metal will become more supplied. You will only stay to unwind the nut key. But in the process of heating, you need to ensure that not damage plastic parts and gearbox.
  • Disk destruction is an easy and fast way to unscrew the jammed nut without a key. It implies a complete discharge of the disk. For this purpose it is worth using hacksaw or pliers. When only an inner ring remains from the abrasive circle, heal the unnecessary metal plate in the vice (its thickness should not exceed the thickness of the disk). Next, it is necessary to start the ESM and throw the abrasive to the landing sleeve. Do not forget to use protective glasses and gloves. Then you can only unscrew the flange nut manually.

How to warn repeated clamp?

To continue not to fall into a similar situation, Carefully read the following recommendations of experienced masters:

  • When the disk nut is twisted, it is not necessary to make excessive effort by pressing the key, since the nut will be delayed at the desired level at the time of rotation;
  • Before putting a new disk, place the cardboard or plastic washer under the nut; It can be cut out of them of any rebuild material;
  • The side of the abrasive disk with the label should concern the support flange, and not nuts; If this condition is met, the metal ring of the circle will protect it from the jam;
  • We weld on the flange the usual hex nut, which can be unscrewed by a simple wrench.

Cutting stones or discs for the grinder do not always have a good quality and accurate size. This can lead to a situation when the nut jars. But if such a case happened to you, do not despair. Useful advice of experienced masters and their own seducker will always cut you out in a difficult moment and prompt what to do in this situation.

About how without much effort to unscrew the nut on the grinder, look in the video below.

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