How to repair Makita’s puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

Makita Perforator is a Japanese repair of equipment for repair, which can be used both at home and in professional activities. In the assembly of this power tool, only qualitative materials corresponding to international quality certificates are used.

What you should know about Makita tool which information has, consider further.

How to repair Makita's puncher?


The difference between the ordinary drill and the perforator is that the perforator has a strong shock function, which helps to work with stronger materials. Power tool push allows the wizard to waste less physical force. One of the reliable assistants in the economy, solving household and repair issues, is the representative of the electric technology Makita.

Makita device consists of mechanized and electrical parts. His body is divided into two colors: black and green. Under the black part there is a mechanical node, and under the green – an electric installation node.

How to repair Makita's puncher?

Mechanical half is responsible for the following functions:

  • Torque feeding shaft;
  • torque;
  • shock push;
  • Transferrsion from the rotor to the tool itself.

How to repair Makita's puncher?

Electroscheme is represented by a rotor, stator, coal brushes, brush holder, switch.

Power Tool Makita – Powerful Building Equipment for Heavy, Intensive Loads, which has three functions: drilling, crushing, drilling drilling. The device has anti-vibration, which is characteristic of not every tool. In the assembly there is an individual safety system from dust.


  • Weight – 2.04 kg;
  • The SDS system makes it possible to mount the borants;
  • beats per minute 4500 shots;
  • Motion power – 2.7 J;
  • Power supply from the network – 780 W.

How to repair Makita's puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

How to repair Makita's puncher?

The order of disassembling and assembling tools

Before proceeding with the analysis of the perforator, you need to stock up tool without anything: hexagons, screwdrivers with different cuts (minus, cross, curly), special puller for bearings, vice.

    It is advisable to have spare parts at hand, which may be needed on the replacement of old, as well as lubricating, cleaning agents.

    Always use:

    • lubricant, solvent;
    • Spare brushes (if you need a replacement);
    • Copper wire suitable cross section.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Disassemble the unit is quite simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions and be as attentive as possible. Safety technique should be followed by turning off the tool from the network before starting work.


    First you need to remove the quick disconnector. After dismantling, remove the four screws that fasten the “torso” of the gearbox of the mechanical part. Next click on the frontton shaft, remove the black cover. Then pull out the mechanized block from the green side, This requires the following manipulations:

    • In the handle, take out three screws that hold the lid;
    • lid dismantle;
    • Remove coal brushes, freeing the springs of briefs.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    After all the actions produced, pull out the mechanical block of the stator. Release rotor.

    Then to disassemble the block of mechanics of the shock node, unscrew the bolties located in the foundation.

    Now it is time to remove the intermediate shaft, it will be necessary to remove it in order:

    • Ring, bearing;
    • gear straightforward;
    • friction bearing;
    • Flat washer;
    • 606 Bearing;
    • Ring S-7 lock;
    • Spiral compression;
    • clutch coupling.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Next to remove the shaft of the trunk of the mechanism. It is necessary to remove it from the inside of the case, and from the shaft itself to remove the cylinder.

    Continuing to perform a sequence of parsing, dismantle it by following the following instructions:

    • knock out the piston connector;
    • remove flat washers;
    • Extract striker.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    To decompose the shaft itself, you will need to remove the washer, compression and ring springs, steel ball, gear straightforward. And from the inner cavity to eliminate metallic and rubber (2 pcs.) Rings, ring spring, ring, flat metal puck.

    Observing all the rules of the sequence of disassembly, we turn to the dismantling of the electrical part, which includes the following details:

    • stator;
    • switch;
    • rotor;
    • coal brushes;
    • Brush holder.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Then you need to remove the two self-tapping screws.

    To remove the stator, simply knock on the end of the green case from its side, for example, wooden bar. The remaining parts of the electrical device are pulled out quite easily, as they do not attach anything.


    Before returning all the details, which consists of a perforator, in place, you should apply a new layer of lubrication. Clear body with gasoline. If necessary, change all the parts in need of replacing the details, cover the coil. Collector Degrease with a cotton disk, moistened in alcohol solution to avoid dust sticking on a lubricated bearing. Collect everything in reverse order.

    It may be necessary to repair, serving, carry out prevention or even replace any details.

    You need to know not only the rules of disassembling and assembly, but also to be able to eliminate small malfunctions.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Causes of breakdowns

    Even very good quality devices with long exploitation fail, westing, need to be replaced by various spare parts. Before starting repair, you need to complete the device, as well as understand the causes of the breakage.

    Imagine several options for frequent problems:

    • filling mud, dust, moisture;
    • The lubricant inside the apparatus is hardening at a long resolution, respectively, it does not work as intended;
    • After time, the instrument begins to publish an excessive noise, which indicates that the repair is required;
    • Large loads, long use in building needs, overheating, from the inside comes unpleasant odor;
    • Frequent switching of modes with time leads to an oblast switch buttons.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Owning this information, you can avoid serious breakdowns, as well as prevent their appearance, while providing repairs.

    How to change the patron?

    Before changing the cartridge, it is worth trying to repair it – in most cases it happens enough. But if individual details were damaged, and the cartridge itself was much worn out, then it should be replaced, By completing the following steps:

    • Crop the cartridge on the drill;
    • insert the screw into the nest;
    • tighten using a screwdriver.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    How to insert a drill?

    Perform this operation is completely simple, the main thing is to comply with the correct sequence of actions:

    • insert drill into a clamping cartridge;
    • rotate the upper part clockwise until you stop;
    • fix drill.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    After the actions performed, be sure to check the stability and quality of the drill fastening.

    Replacing brushes

    The need to replace brushes on such signs, as a significant overheating of the installation site, where electrolates are located. It is recommended to replace them only if they are completely erased. Replacement is performed using an electrical screwdriver. The process will not take a long time if disassembly is correct (disassembly steps are given above). Pre-acquired new brushes are inserted into place of worn.

    In some models, Makita has a clamping mechanism – the spring in the form of a spiral, so during the replacement it will be necessary to remove it.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?


    No matter how reliable and high-quality Makita tool, breakdowns and failure. Any damage can be eliminated if timely executing preventive repair. Could fail both mechanical and electrical parts.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Does not twist the cartridge

    If the equipment is running during operation, does not twist the cartridge, then it may have occurred in the engine. In order to understand the cause, you will need to disassemble the mechanics. If the problem is not in the engine, then most likely in the motor.

    Options: Launch button layer, coil closure.

    Using the tester, you can point to determine the causes of failure and eliminate them.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Does not hold the burrow

    Disassemble the cartridge, finding out what the problem lies. Most likely – this is aging, damage the cartridge. Maybe she kicked the fixation spring, lost the shape of the ball and so on.

    Usually the replacement of obsolete or failed parts allows you to correct this kind of breakdown.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Replacement of anchor

    Remove the anchor is easy if you follow a certain sequence:

    • Disconnect the back cover, depart brushes;
    • unscrew the gearbox body, clean all the detail from dust;
    • Next, it should be removed anchor, having rushing it with himself, and put a new item in his place;
    • Before placing a new anchor, do not forget to wear rubber shock absorbers, change the air intake plate;
    • In the reverse order to place all the details taken earlier.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    The tool is not dolrabit

    Most likely, a floating bearing broke, it will be necessary to replace it. The problem may be associated with impaired impact. Appears with a long service, because of what a split brisk. In this case, it must be changed.

    Another type of breakage – aging of the piston group. Need to replace the piston and sleeves.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Replacing the Start button

    The process includes the following steps:

    • remove the cover covering the equipment;
    • disable the contacts of the conductors;
    • pull out the button of the button from the place where it is, and put a new button;
    • attach contacts by collecting everything in reverse order.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    Overheating when used

    If you observe all the rules for using the perforator, namely: take breaks during use, to work out the device to be frightened, then overheating will not be. But if it already happened, then you need to check the electric motor.

    If the smell occurs, Gary must urgently disable the tool from the network.

    Disassemble the device after full cooling, check the integrity of the motor, and if it is damaged – replace it.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?


    With proper care and periodic cleaning of the tool, its service life will increase significantly. We will not be observed to comply with some rules of operation of the perforator to reduce the risk of faults.

    • Before use, inspect the state of the device.
    • Upon completion, clean the device from dirt. You can use the air jet, for example, from a vacuum cleaner.
    • If it takes it to work with the electrical device in the cold period of the year, before use, let it be done (the lubricant must exhaust).
    • Adhere to the rules of operation specified in the instructions.
    • Keep the tool in warm, dry room.
    • Do not allow moisture from entering, as well as condensate from air.
    • If the device is not used for a long time, it is better to store it in polyethylene and a cardboard box.

    How to repair Makita's puncher?

    How to fix malformation in Makita perforator – next video.

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