How to pull a dowel from the wall?

In the process of repair work, everything is not always successful, especially at beginner masters, so you need to know how to behave in any situation. Very often have to face that the dowels remain in the wall, if their size was incorrect, or the drill is too big.

To remove a dowel from the wall, there are a number of techniques that will help, without spending an extra time, quickly cope with the error.

Methods of dismantling

Using dowels need for better fixing fasteners in any surface. Dowels can be different forms, sizes and materials, so it is important to be able to work with them. In the event that the process of installing this element did not go according to plan, you need to know how to pull out a dowel from the wall. Reasons for such actions can be considered a few moments.

  • The need to extract a dowel from the wall, if there is no need. The outer part of the product can perform on a flat surface of the walls, which ugly looks in case of sticking new wallpaper.
  • Preparation of walls to putty and painting, why the most important factor will be the flatness of the surface, because you need to remove everything too much.
  • Using one item instead of the previous one. If a picture was posted on the wall, then a small dowel could be required to install it. When the picture is changed to a modern TV, then more powerful attachments are used for fastening, therefore old removal.
  • Changing the design of the bathroom, When the hinged shelves are cleaned, instead of which more spacious lockers are installed, and the need to remove all the excess of the tile appears.
  • When replacing a wooden window to metal-plastic It is necessary to remove not only parts of the product, but also a dowel, which hold the frame and windowsill.

The reasons why there is a need to withdraw dowels from different surfaces may be different, but most often they are associated with curvature or breakdown of the product.

In some cases, a nail or self-tapping screw can be rushed in a dowel, and if the broken item fails to get it, it becomes the basis for removing the entire design.

    Since the procedure for extracting dowels is quite common, it is important to know how it should be done. There are several popular techniques:

    1. Fucking fasteners protruding;
    2. the use of passatate or buds, which will be able to capture the edge of the dowel;
    3. melting the edge of the plastic part, which will allow you to remove it or deepen into the wall;
    4. the use of a metal tube equal to the diameter of a dowel, stinging the tube will allow you to remove the part from the wall;
    5. Surveys the surface near the stuck item to break it and grab it.

    Depending on the material of the dowel and the surface from which it is retrieved, the sequence of actions may vary.


    To get a stuck dowel, you must have certain tools with you and apply them correctly. For work will be useful:

    • Screw of the desired size or corkscrew;
    • hammer or displacement;
    • Pliers, nippers or nails;
    • Pretty acute knife and chisel;
    • soldering iron;
    • Bulgarian.

      For seizures of a wooden dowel need:

      1. Using self-tapping screw, try to screw into a wooden product, which will help remove the entire design;
      2. Other option – split the product into smaller parts, for which the hammer may be needed, a knife or a chisel;
      3. Remove those fragments that you split off and tightly sit in the surface;
      4. Due to the absence of part of the elements, it will be easier to break the remains of wooden dowels and remove them completely.

      After the wall is cleaned from wooden chips, you can sharpen it and completely align.

      To remove a plastic dowel from the wall, you need:

      1. pick up the self-dimensional dowel dimensions and screw in such a way to capture a part of this part;
      2. If there is no self-drawing at hand, you can try to take a corkscrew and on the same principle to screw into the plastic part;
      3. As soon as the object is captured, it can be carefully drawn to himself;
      4. If the product does not go and sits tightly, you can expand the hole near the dowel so that it is possible to break it out and move off.

      In the event that it was not possible to remove the plastic part, or the solemaker broke in the extraction process, you can try to drive everything into the wall to sharpen the surface, aligning it.

      To work with metal dowels it is worth using other measures:

      1. If the edge protrudes from the wall, On it, you can knock out from different sides with a hammer to break the entire design, which will help the easier output;
      2. If the surface is too durable, And it did not work out the metal part to stir, you can drill a few holes near it and repeat the first procedure;
      3. In case, both options did not work, then it is necessary to cut the edge of the dowel with the help of a grinder and sharpen this plot.

      If in the process of clogging a dowel, part of it broke off, and the base remained inside, it makes no sense to remove it, it is much easier to drive this item deeper, and use another element.

      Leaving metal parts in the wall, it is important to remember that over time they can give rust on the surface, because it is necessary to take care of the unnecessary subject as deeper.

      Precautionary measures

      To pull out the old dowel from the wall or replace the one that broke, you need to know not only the sequence of actions, but also have the necessary tools. It is important to understand the safety of these actions. Depending on how to have a task, you need to use protective devices. Using a screwdriver and self-tapping screw, it usually does not arise problem situations, but in the process of seizure of a dowel, it is worth being concentrated and not distracted in order not to be injured.

      The hammer in skillful hands is an efficient and safe tool, but the amator and beginner may occur. Most often, the hammer fall in their fingers, so it is important to keep them away from the hole with a dowel and not distracted during the work process. The most dangerous tools can be called a soldering iron and a grinder. Using a soldering iron, there is a risk of imagining yourself if it is accidentally touched the skin, in addition, it is a power tool, so it is important to comply with security techniques, working with it. Applying a grinder, it is desirable to wear protective gloves, as well as a mask that protects the face from sparks and small parts, which can operate in the process of work.

      Dowel extraction procedure is not a particularly difficult task, but even it is necessary to cope correctly, minimizing any risks, which will allow you to quickly perform work without risk for your health.

      Useful advice

      In the process of repair, there may be situations that require a dowel removal, which is located in the wall. If you fail to screw inside the self-sufficiency due to the fact that the debris of the old one remains inside, then you can use a soldering iron. Heating the tool, its edge relates to the balance of self-press, which leads to heating the entire structure, and the dowel begins to melt. As soon as the plastic becomes soft, you can remove all of the wall using forceps.

      In the event that nothing helps to remove a dowel from the wall, you can try to drill it. Best take a steel tube, the thickness of which will be as close as possible to the dowel. To drive the stuck part, at the end of the tube with the help of the noer, several sections like the drill are done. In the process of actively turning the tube, its metal will begin to warm up, which will allow it to pass through the dowel faster, it cuts off from the inside to it, and in some cases burning.

      In order not to situations, when during the work, you need to remove a broken or poorly entered dowel, it is important to adhere to several recommendations:

      • use only high-quality materials and tools;
      • properly pick up the drills so that their diameter does not significantly exceed the size of the dowel;
      • does not rush to work and assembled not to make mistakes.

      If the wizard works confidently and correctly, then the percentage of his mistakes will be minimal, and in other cases they will need knowledge to extract dowels and other items that have been established incorrectly.

      On how to pull out a dowel from the wall, see the following video.

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