How to paint Phaneur?

Often there is a need to quickly and cheaply separate the room. In this case, you can use a simple plywood, and so that it looks attractive, it is worth painting in your favorite shade.

Compliance with painting technology will save on repair in the future.

How to paint Phaneur?

Than paint?

It is best to use waterproof plywood paint, especially if you plan to sow her room on the street. Moisture-resistant material and home, especially since he is odorless.

Most modern manufacturers try to imagine as much color solutions as possible, so as not to limit people in their fantasy. If necessary, no one canceled the kick. They are very easy to regulate color intensity.

How to paint Phaneur?

A semi-man and glossy finish is easier to wash and looks gorgeous. It is often used when designing shelves and staining doors.

It is easiest to work with acrylic-latex compositions on water based. However, if you want to have a semi-shy finish, you need to use acrylic enamel, and if glossy – then oil enamel paint. Both in the first case and the second requires preliminary application of primer coating.

Emale paints are better to use indoors where it is necessary to often restore order: enamel has good resistance to wear. So kitchen and bathroom cabinets are painted by them.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

The use of a semi-conjunction enameled finish applies to furniture and shelves located in children’s rooms.

For those places where special stability is needed, it is best to use paints based on epoxy resin, although they are expensive. In essence, it is a low-grade two-component epoxy compound, tinted for use as paint. After mixing the user has a little time to apply the composition.

At least work with such means and difficult, ultimately it turns out a much more durable coating than what could be obtained with any other type of paint.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

You always need to use only high-quality paint to achieve a better result. High quality paints have a high percentage of solids in the composition. Therefore, the proposed layer is obtained thick, and accordingly, and durable.

If we talk about latex paint, then sometimes it is better to apply two layers.

Power plywood sprayer is impractical in most cases, because it turns out a very thin layer. As a result, it is quickly wearing, plywood loses its appeal.

If we use such a painting method, it is preferably on a small surface area and in several layers.

In this case, first it is worth using the primer to seal the wood. Only so it will be possible to get the maximum result from the paint from the sprayer.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

When using the edges, the edges will need to be processed especially carefully, otherwise the coating will raise.

There is also an emulsion for plywood – this is plastic paint, mainly intended for use on plasterboard. Some masters are trying to apply it for plywood. It turns out not bad, but without primer to achieve the desired result will not be released.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to prepare the surface?

The first step in the preparation of the surface is the filling of holes, cracks, joints with a special composition. From the user you need to make the surface as smooth as possible. As a rule, holes and other irregularities are filled with wood smelting, but this is not the only material that can be used. However, none of the fillers is as durable as the first mentioned.

Be sure to get a wet rag before starting work. This will remove dust and dirt that worsen the grip between the paint and wood.

How to paint Phaneur?

At the second stage, they degrease the entire surface, apply a thin layer on plasterboard powder using a wide spatula. Give the composition to dry completely, and then smoothly grind the surface. For this, the sandpaper small-grained emotion paper is ideal.

If there are deep cracks, then after grinding them are re-filled, and so until the plywood becomes absolutely smooth and ready for the next stage.

About putty worth saying separately. Suitable:

  • gypsum;
  • cement;
  • polymer;
  • homemade.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

The most simple and affordable is the gypsum composition. It practically does not give a shrinkage, has the necessary plasticity.

Attractive moisture resistance has cement putty, but its big drawback is a large shrinkage and a complete absence of elasticity.

The polymer product is more expensive, it is not surprising because it does not sit down, does not crack. When using such a putty, there is no need to apply the composition again to cracks.

The homemade composition is made of PVC and sawdust of the shallow fraction.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

Keep in mind that any filler after complete drying is compressed, that is, it seems like. So do not be surprised if you have to apply more than one layer.

If it is supposed to use Phaneur outdoors, you can fill the edges of paint paint.

Finish grinding of plywood must be performed using fine-grained emery paper. If a lot of filler was used, it is better to start with a coarse sandpaper.

After the surface it will be necessary to wipe with a damp cloth again. Now you can apply primer. This composition is used to seal the wood surface. Unlike paint, it does not absorb her, but dries faster.

How to paint Phaneur?

Using primer allows to reduce paint consumption because it seals pores.

At the same time, the composition contributes to the binding of paint with a wooden surface. Some of the modern acrylic-latex dyes are a combination of paint and primer. If you use such a material, then there is no need to pre-prim.

Since the primer seals the pores, preventing paint absorption, the latter will accumulate on the surface, the shade will be saturated.

How to paint Phaneur?

Enamel products do not dry when applied directly on wood. In this case, the primer acts as a barrier and allows paint to dry correctly.

Applying any primer layer is as important as the application of the finish. Primer need to lay smoothly and evenly so that no droplets left, nor puddle, nor divorces. All these irregularities will be visible through the finishing layer of colored coating. You always need to move the brush in one direction using long smooth strokes.

After the soil dry, the surface will need to be checked for defects.

How to paint Phaneur?

Technology Painting

Inside the house or outside, you can easily paint the fane with your own efforts. The first step to getting good finishes – high-quality grinding, primer. Any defect will manifest after the tree is covered with color.

Some prefer to leave the effect of “under the tree”, just opening the Faneru. But often you can even meet the drawing on such a material.

If the sheet begins to paint after laser cutting, then it is sure to wipe on a damp cloth, the edges are desirable to treat coarse sandpaper.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

The most difficult to cover the laminated phaneer is usually used for furniture production. The thing is that the upper layer practically does not absorb paint, respectively, it easily leaves him.

Even old shelves or doors from plywood can be made beautiful, if you try to try a little. It is very interesting to finish under the gloss.

The easiest option is to simply cover the verse. By the way, she will even fall on the laminated surface.

Equally important to use high-quality brushes.

For latex based paints, a nylon brush is perfect. Bristles should be the same and carefully trimmed. It greatly affects the finish, since different lengths can lead to more divorce.

It is best to first punish the edges of plywood, and then the rest. Thus, droplets and implications will be less noticeable.

How to paint Phaneur?

Use a wet brush, and not dry. The idea is not to see how far the paint can be stretched, but rather to see how much it can lie before the appearance of spaces.

Always paint only in the direction of grain wood. It is better to immediately count on two layers, everyone should be good.

When painting plywood, which is planned to be installed on the street, there must be at least three layers. Only so it will be possible to avoid rapid powder paint.

Painted surface smooth, crossed strokes. The best way to ensure full coverage, no matter what tool is used – it is to do long strokes. Some prefer to move the tassel in the form of the letter “w”. So you can align the edges of each stroke, where, as a rule, there is more paint.

How to paint Phaneur?

Not all beginners manage to immediately perform work. If you follow the recommendations of specialists, then the painted plywood sheet will last long.

If the surface is big, it is worth using a roller. Good when it is made of foam rubber. From the felt can remain a pile, which will strongly spoil the impression of staining. Move and in this case longitudinally, in the direction of wood fibers.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to cover lacquer?

If it is decided to use varnish, then, in principle, the technology does not change. Before applying the composition, it will also be necessary to process previously. Processing is performed first with a damp cloth, after the primer, and only after that you can apply lacquer.

So that the product has acquired an attractive shine, it is definitely grinding sandpaper. Ideal for this work fits fine-grained material.

How to paint Phaneur?

How to paint Phaneur?

After dust necessarily removed with a cloth, otherwise the lacquer will fall uneven and will quickly flaps.

Varnish is allowed to apply and already on the previously painted surface. So the product will acquire a unique shine. But it is important to make sure that the paint is completely dried before lacquer.

How to paint the faeer, look next.

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