How to make vice for drilling machine with your own hands?

For a full, comfortable and safe work for the drilling machine to the master or novice worker, such an additional device from metal, as a vice, is simply necessary. They allow us to conveniently and securely fix a simple, complex item, safely perform the desired list of technological operations in the desired sequence, strictly observe the dimensions.

Tool Features

With accurate drilling and subsequent processing, the part is very important to use such a tool to achieve high product quality. Make technological holes, bring metal, wooden bars in the hands are inconvenient and dangerous. therefore If a man is engaged in a plumbing, carpentry or creative work on metal, vice is needed.

Many borlarders working in an equipped garage or barn, Use metal devices purchased in the store, that is, manufactured according to the approved standards. Meanwhile, such a device, along with an obvious advantage, the lack of need to collect independently, has a large number of shortcomings.

Standard vices sold in retail outlets:

  • cost expensive;
  • very heavy;
  • bulky;
  • Not always comfortable.

Also often come across low quality copies. The question is especially relevant for modern realities when each manufacturer is trying to save maximum on the production of finished products. Due to the listed and other reasons, an experienced master over time comes to logical conclusion that the manufacture of plumbing vice for a drilling machine – a conscious need.

Another reason to make a device without assistance – Purchase of an inexpensive machine for drilling work or the purchase of a used mechanism, where there is no required adaptation. To order a vice separately, let’s say, in the online store leads to additional costs, therefore it is more profitable and more reliable to show a mixtalk and make a product yourself.

Tools for drilling machines made with your own hands must comply with the requirements: Blinders, joiner, locksmith or home master who will work for a long time with a tool, perform technological operations – roll up, glue the boards, plates, fixing in the sponges of tees. The list of main functions of tees must include the possibility of reliable fasteners to the metal workbench. Otherwise, the exploitation of a simple product will lose all meaning.

Vice, manufactured by personnel can be easily adapted to perform different works, not only drilling. Essentially, this is a universal tool, with which it is available to perform technological operations – drill, draw, remove burgers with sharp faces, clean the holes, toolt the edges, to make grooves in the details, glue different surfaces.

The device of vice is sufficient:

  • Lower fixed stand;
  • Stanna with a fixed bar for clamp;
  • Metal screw with large or fine thread;
  • Movable element with sponge.

Clamps are provided in the product (usually three handles) for reliable attachment of adjustable parts. Also there are holes to lubricate the rotary, sliding elements and fasteners, with which the vice are mounted to a plumbing, joinery. If you plan to clamp large parts in devices, you need to think about the manufacture of massive vice with a large stock of the movable sponge. When banal works are planned, you can pay attention to the drawings, where the development of small products for home use is shown. When oriented to accurate drillingings with a clamp of fragile, soft details should be closed to the hoding screw with a small step of thread and provide for the equipment of sponges with elastic overlays.

Necessary materials

Fixer vice, depending on the model, are made of cast iron or metal. Carpentry – from woodworking products, that is, characteristic bars of certain sizes. If you take homemade fixtures for a joinery workshop as an example, you first need to place the required number of parts and cut bars according to the drawing.

For the face, an array of wood is suitable. Prepare three bar. In the first and second, drill two vertical holes to secure bars to the bed. Take the bolts of the required length and do the action described above. In the first bar, drill a horizontal hole under the undercarriage screw.

Insert it into a prepared hole and attach to the moving sponge (third bar). At the other end of the running screw, make a pre-loop, weld the metal rod or come up with a handle for rotation. Finished design fix on the workbench.

It is the simplest vice. If the master at hand everything is necessary, what is required, it will reach the goal in one day. If you plan to make machine vice, it will take time significantly more, and also have to look for metal parts, profile pipe and buy a set of professional tools.

Sequence of work

Visits under different specifics of work and drilling can be done by calling for the help of smelling, hard work and a small experience. Master must prepare hollow inside, metal rectangular box with high edges, two plates and clamp for sponges, lever, screw, bolts, nuts. When the drawing is ready and studied, and everything you need is prepared, you can implement the assembly process:

  • Drill from the end side a longitudinal hole for a threaded screw;
  • Run 6 holes under the fastening of tees to the workbench;
  • to the frame to weld a fixed sponge of metal;
  • screw screwed into the longitudinal hole;
  • attach to the screw on the other side of the movable sponge;
  • From the free side of the screw to make a hole under the handle.
  • As a handle, you can try a thick bolt or metal rod of characteristic length.

Vice without a turning mechanism to make much easier and easier. They are quite suitable for use in simple works that do not require special accuracy. Even inexperienced master make machine vice with your own hands. But in a difficult question, it is necessary to thoroughly consider drawings, measure the dimensions and only then prepare for use the materials:

    • Steel Schwell (profile);
    • a metal sheet;
    • corner;
    • hairpin;
    • Bolts, washers, nuts.

    Tool for performing work:

    • drills of different diameter;
    • Correiler;
    • Sander;
    • drilling tool;
    • Metal welding machine.

    It will also be necessary to draw diagrams to simplify the further process. The nut should be welded to the schwellor, and the end planes hide under metal sheets. Make a characteristic hole in the bar. It is necessary for smooth stroke. Grinding machine Cut the plate and a couple of corners. Corners attach to the profile of the other side, and on top of putting metal pieces. Ensure that the design is reminiscent of the letter. Designed product is the basis.

    Take a metal sheet. Drill on each side of 4 holes and make 6 technological holes in the designated above. Perform welding nuts to the bed, and on the sides of the stop. Cut from steel sponges for vice. One weld to mobile, and the second to the fixed part.

    Before drawing drawing, collect materials, prepare the tools and start making a vice, you need to carefully consider a difficult question for what purposes and tasks they will be intended. Not in each case you need to do big, heavy vice. To drill a hole, clean the sandpaper sharp edges or cut the edge, small, but functional products made with your own hands.

    How to make a vice with your own hands, look in the video.

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